Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • Favorite Episode so Far

    I loved this one! This really had the perfect blend of humor, character development, and unity. When Emma was mesmerized by Will's performance I laughed, when Quinn had her moment with her parents I empathized, and when they all came together at the end my heart soared. Glee is great when the melodrama and the conflict serves a purpose and ultimately creates a strong bond between the cast. My feelings for all of the characters grew immensely with this one and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Should be sorry for them but...

    Poor Will, he got into trouble all by himself! He put the rope around his neck. But it's his fault, since he's so damn charming. I couldn't stop laughing with his scenes with Rachel, I mean sitting her in the backseat? LOL!

    I don't know how far Quinn will take her charade. She's putting Finn in a very difficult situation and she is just playing him for a fool. It was really sad to see her parents kick her out.

    I just couldn't believe how right Suzie Pepper was and the fact that she was giving the advice? Well, she learned the hard way and those therapies did pay off. But she was right and in the end, everything was back to normal.

    The last scene was very nice. There are many differences among the kids, but when it comes to give a helping hand, they're learning to be there for the other.
  • Mr. Shue tries to get the members to express their emotions through ballads. Due to a member's absence, Rachel and him are paired, causing her to see him through new eyes. Things quickly get out of hand. New baby drama for Quinn as Finn meets her parents.

    This was top 3, if not my favourite episode. The initial ballad of 'Endless Love' was extremely well done. I loved the voice overs where you got a glimpse into some of the character's minds. Mr. Shuester's facial expressions were priceless in response to Rachel's love crazed ones. Suzy Pepper, the constant awkwardness of the situations and the 'Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close to Me' mash up made this a very memorable episode for me. Not to mention the baby drama and the emotional scene with Quinn and her parents. I bawled. When her father got up, I assumed (well, hoped!) it was to hug Quinn, but when he kept walking, I could really empathize with Quinn. I would have been heartbroken and felt so betrayed. And the fact that her own mother wouldn't stand up for her in her time of need was devastating and sad. I thought this episode gave strong insight into Quinn's life and gave the audience a chance to get a better understanding of her character by seeing her homelife and meeting her parents. It made me respect Quinn more as a character as I was able to observe the type of parenting she has had and the expectations her parents have had for her. The whole purpose behind the idea of 'Glee' is to over emphasize stereotypes and make fun of them. The characters are way over the top, and Rachel's obsession was hilarious because it was so exaggerated. When discussing 'Glee" with peers, this episode always comes up. Two thumbs up. I loved it.
  • The Glee club are paired up to sing a ballad, starting with Rachel and Mr Shuster singing endless love, which leads to Rachel developing a crush on him! Meanwhile Finn goes to Quinn's parents house for dinner, but things don't go well.

    I love Glee, but this is one of the weakest episodes so far IMO. Rachel's crush on Mr Shu was just stupid. The show is a comedy, but Rachel - while neurotic - isn't usually this daft. I didn't buy Finn suddenly being Kurt's best friend either. The Finn/Quinn storyline looks like it might peter out soon as Puck blurted out he's the daddy to Mercedes - another out of character moment.
    However, for me the biggest weakness of this show was the insipid songs. For a ballad episode, we had only one real ballad duet - Endless Love. I like Finn but he is the weakest singer, yet we get two songs from him. The only song I really liked was the group Lean On Me.
    I still love this show, it is so much fun, but we need better songs, more Sue Sylvester and not so much out of character behaviour.
  • You know that scene in a movie where it's so embaressing you almost have to look away thats this entire episode.

    You know that scene in a movie where it's so embaressing you almost have to look away thats this entire episode. All of this was to much, rachel in love with Mr Shou ( out of know where), Finn being stupid enough to think it would all be ok if he told the fobray's through song that she got there daughter knocked up ( i don't think so ) just a bit of a silly episode all together, i think this show usually has a much higher standered then this and is meant to me a touch more realistic than some of the other thing we see on the tv. The only grounding storyline for this episode was Quinn's pregnancy and her fear of telling her parents i found that really believable and was sad right along with her, hopefully the next episode is an improvement because this show is fast becoming one of my favourites and i would hate for it to become to crazy.

    see you next week fellow gleeks
  • Lacked some of the energy that I've grown to like with this show.

    This installment of Glee wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, but it was sluggish at times and lacked a lot of the humor that the show has used in the last few episodes. It probably didn't help that Jane Lynch was missing in action for this episode, and after all the things we've learned about her recently, it makes me wish they would've kept her around.

    There was still some good parts. I really liked how they finally confronted the Quinn/Finn pregnancy, by having him sing a ballad to the parents that conviently informs them that Quinn is pregnant without actually saying that SHE is.. You'd have to see it for yourself because it's an excellent use of song.

    I also enjoyed, for the most part, the little plot between Will and Rachel. Will's song, combining the police with that other song, was awesome. Other then that, I wasn't a huge fan of the ballads whatsoever. Like I said before, the energy was somewhat lacking and the jokes fell flat sometimes (the few jokes that were there at least)

    Hopefully next week's episode will be a little bit better.
  • Fun but lacking

    To be honest, I love Glee. It's strange for me to admit it as I'm a 17 year old straight male so I'm not sure if I'm really in their target demographic but it's just a really fun show.
    And this episode continued the trend that successfully mixes comedy, music and drama but this episode kind of lacked the comedy that I'd been getting used to in a show like this. The reason for this could either be the writing or the fact that Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) did not appear. Each one of her lines is hilarious usually and I don't know whether she improvises or if it's written but this episode really could have used some of her lines. Other than that though, I did really like this episode (Particularly Mr. Schuester's cover of the Police) but I hope that next week Sue returns and the writing improves a bit.
  • Not the best episode but still entertainingly fun!

    Glee sing their ballad! Finn's mom find about the pregnancy, Puck told Mercedes he's the baby's father, Rachel has a crush on Mr. Schuester, and Quinn's parents find out about the pregnancy, ...and oh yes the ballad. This Week is all about the story with no fantastic musical numbers. Though, this episode offers some midly funny lines and entertaining plot, but the absent of the real "music" is dissapointing. The songs used were good, but not used properly- in other words they are handle badly. The episode title is misleading because it's not about ballads at all. Overall, this episode is still fun to watch, but damn it, more musical numbers please!
  • Barring the unnecessary Glenn Beck promo, this was another perfect installment....

    I am not sure if Fox wanted to advertise for Glenn Beck, or if the writers thought that bit would strengthen our assertion of Quinn's right wing conservative family. Either way, as a politically neutral dude, those lines were unnecessary.

    So, this was another musically charged, mildly funny, sort of heart-wrenching, feelgood one hour of television. Will's idea of random selection of couples for the ballad sectionals wrecks havoc at all levels. Puck confesses to Mercedes that it's his seed that caused Quinn's pregnancy. Finn meets Quinn's parents and breaks out the news of her pregnancy by singing a ballad. Kurt finally gets some quality time to spend with Finn. And Rachel falls in love with Will. And finally after a truckload of confusion, all is well that ends well.

    Great episode.
  • Will makes a big mistake when he assigns ballads to couples in the Glee club and because one person is missing he ends up singing with Rachel. During their duet of Endless Love Rachel falls for him. The kids try to support Quinn and Finn.

    Excellent songs in this episode with plenty of music packed into the hour. The numbers were all very good this week especially Will's mash and his duet of Endless Love with Rachel. Unfortunately they had voice overs during the duet of different peoples inner monologues which was important in a few cases, but distracting otherwise. It was great as Rachel drew him in and Will realized what was happening. The look on his face!

    Finn drops the big one in song in front of Quinn's parents and you get to see the big difference in his single mother who is widowed and Quinn's parents who are obviously snooty to say the least. The final number sung by the rest of Glee in support of the two of them was good as well.

    A much better week than the last few with plenty of music to move the story along which is when this show is at its best. It is interesting they already have a best of Glee Volume One out and I understand Volume 2 is being released December 6th. Can anyone say marketing dollars! Actually I'm surprised no one has done this before. Most of these "kids" have great voices and do a credible job, the question at times is how believable are adults playing high school students.

    An enjoyable episode with memorable performances and well thought out songs. I hope we see more of this in the future. Thanks for reading...