Season 3 Episode 15

Big Brother

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2012 on FOX

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  • Brotherly Love: Glee Style!

    Wow this episode was a great way to put us right smack back in the Glee-verse!

    I really liked this episode a lot but of course there was some drawbacks.

    We find out that because of Quinn's car crash that Rachel and Finn ended up postponing their wedding. I didn't like how Quinn had such a perky attitude about being partially paralyzed as usual she faced it with utter denial but I was happy that Artie tried to reach out to her and help her to cope.

    After 7 weeks of utter anticipation we finally meet Blaine's brother Cooper!

    I have to say that Copper was super funny, I loved how he was such a egotistical self-absorbed jerk, but he sorta of hid that behind a face of sincerity not very well however.

    Sue is in major save the Cheerios mode from Coach Roz who made a really funny cameo this episode.

    When Cooper came to town Sue was starstruck just like everyone else in Lima. She asked the older Anderson if he could help the Glee kids with their acting skills.

    Before the acting class Sue introduced Cooper to New Directions. Everyone was psyched to see him everyone but Blaine.

    The Duran Duran mash-up that Blaine and Cooper did was a amazing highlight of this episode, we saw the brotherly rivalry front in center and Blaine was utterly embarrassed and annoyed.

    Cooper's breeze into town visually and deeply upset our favorite Warbler and it was really cool to see the usual self-confidant Blaine be completely self-conscious and frustrated. Growing up with a brother like Cooper I can totally see why Blaine is the way he is.

    I loved the "Master Class" that Cooper taught he was just so over the top and radically unhelpful it was hilarious!

    Blaine blew off the class and went to the gym for a boxing session to get all of his anger out, he sang "Fighter" while he worked out his frustrations over his older brother. Once again Darren Criss was amazing to watch and listen too, he really sold the performance and I didn't find it hokey or stupid at all.

    Finally the end performance between Blaine and Cooper was so fantastic I liked how they made up in the end, and I really hope that Cooper makes a

    re appearance in the fourth season!
  • Did not live upto the expectations...

    First of all, I have to say that after the long wait we had to endure preceded by Quinne's apparent fatal car crash, I was expecting a more Quinne focused episode rather than what we got. I mean, the cliff-hanger was brilliant at the end of the 14th episode but, the what we got in this episode did not live up to what I expected.

    Because, I for one did not expect, or was happy to see, Quinne bounding back to school on a wheelchair and not caring one bit about the fact that she's crippled (maybe permanately) or the fact that the episode started with Rachel and Finn discussing the accident with a clear lack of emotion.

    Then the other fact is Blaine's brother.

    Now for an avid fan of White collar and Neal Caffrey, this episode would've been a sort of kick in the face. Well, it was for me. I mean, Cooper Anderson is the complete opposite of what we've come to expect from the charming, witty and sincere Neal Caffrey.

    I understand the fact that the writers wanted to show the conflict and total variation between Cooper and Blaine, but that could've been done without making a Cooper a self-fish, idiotic jerk whereas Blaine is the perfect, flawless golden idol. The writers could've actually settled for a conflict between the two without making Blaine perfect, because that's the one of the themes in Glee; no one is perfect, and no one is without flaws.

    But, the songs were good, and Blaine was incredible as always. Three cheers for that!
  • Quinn

    I hate what they did to her (the writters). She has to walk again and dance all around, go to Yale and be Big. She can't be on a wheelchair, not fair.
  • pffff....

    I think they hit rockbottom. That was super awkward and lame :(