Season 4 Episode 2

Britney 2.0

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Was Britney 2.0 good KiKi?

    I actually loved this episode, Although Marley and Unique are my new favourites I found Womanizer a little pointless and rushed, and the storyline between Marley and Jake doesn't interest me. Jake now dates Kitty,(The new Finn and the new Quinn) Which can only mean she will eventually get pregnant. However, Brittany was amazing, I found it genious of how they turned her breakdown into Britney Spear's with her Lip-synching, I felt like they understood how annoying it is when Britney doesn't sing live. People who are big fans of Britney may find this episode offending as it goes through her Britney's breakdown such as the shaving hair. If you are a Britney fan you really shouldn't be offended because the whole concept of the story was showing that what Britney went through and she came back stronger, and thats what Heather Morris says. I'm not a big fan of Britney and I loved what they did. Rachel and Brody's storyline was great too, we see how Finn and Rachel's relationship is weakening and Brody and Rachel's relationship is getting stronger. Puck returning was a little strange that he just turned up, but it was fantastic for him to finally encounter his half brother and give some advice. The ending was heartbreaking for Brittany as she is waiting to Skype Santana. Overall this episode was amazing and I can't wait to see what more is in store and see the originals return :D
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