Season 4 Episode 2

Britney 2.0

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • The more things change, the more they stay the same

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Oh, Glee. You never disappoint. Just when I think you zig, you zag! And then when you've made me think that you might zag again, you zig! Which is my obnoxious way of saying that even in a new year with new characters and a new city, glee still did what it does best; deliver a great episode, and follow it up with an episode that just makes you sit and think "wtf did i just watch?"

    I did not have high hopes going into the season 4 premiere, what with adding new people, the absence of most of the old people, seemed like it wouldn;t work. But it did, impressively. So much I was looking forward to the second episode.

    That was a mistake.

    This episode was just... off. On so many levels. For one, we all know Brittany is dumb, and in a logical sense, it makes sense Sue would kick her off the Cheerios. But in a Glee sense, it is surprising they would acknowledge it, because if they wanted to get logical, that doesn;t explain the rest of the episode.

    Second, and this is another plot hole in the road of Glee which is literally so filled with them you can;t take one step without tripping over one, this is not the first time Brittany has given up her high pony. It's not even the second, techinically. When Will pulled the old seduce-and-destroy on Sue in season 1 and she fell apart, the Cheerios were all lost souls and didn't know what to do with themselves. However, the unholy trinity all stopped being Cheerios in season 2 and while Brittany admittedly dressed oddly, she could still function. Maybe it's because this time she was given the boot, but this is not the first time she stopped being a Cheerio.

    Also, this really shouldn't have been a "tribute" episode, because as a tribute, it was just mean. It was a "look at the all the mistakes you made and how much of a trainwreck you were and we all had a good laugh about it" tribute. Yes they still sang Britney songs but it;s not a tribute if you have your character act out all the mistakes whoever they;re tributing made for a laugh. That;s a Dean Martin roast, which is supposed to be funny, but just makes the audience uncomfortable and makes the "tributee" feel awful.

    My next problem with this episode was they wanted to tell us everything as opposed to showing us. Unique basically just comes up to Marley and says "We;re besties now; deal with it" and then there was the whole Jake and Marley thing. Don;t get me wrong, they do seem like they;d be a cute couple and their number in the bleachers was great, and Jake putting his jacket around her was adorable. BUT it seemed like in the premiere they were setting up Marley and Sam to get together. Maybe it;s the whole she;s a sophmore he;s a senior thing but their "Dude, you can sing" scene? Reminded me a lot of the season 2 scene where Quinn cleaned slushie off Sam, where sparks were flying and a romance was blooming. But in this episode they had Sam also be the one who saved Brittany from her spiral which was sweet but also odd because it's like, now they don;t have a girl for Sam so he;s going to go around and be the savior for all the glee girls when they need one? Or are they trying to make him the new Finn in the way that he;s trying to keep the club together?

    Speaking of Jake and Marley, the he and Kitty are dating thing really came of nowhere. Seemingly they weren;t dating at lunch that day so when exactly did they have time to get together? And even though Jake is such a "womanizer" they;ve portrayed him as a tough guy with a sweet soul, so would he really be attracted to a vapid girl like Kitty? That was another tell instead of show, for which I;ve only come up with two possible reasons: either they want another Finn-Quinn-Rachel-like love triangle, but the problem with that is Finn and Quinn were already together when the show started, and we have no idea or reason for why Jake and Kitty are dating. The only other thing is that you think they;d want Kitty to join glee and this would be her way in, but it still doesn't seem likely, even by glee standards.

    And the biggest facepalm of the night goes to "How I Met My Half-Brother." When it was established Jake was Puck's half brother I, like most fans was excited to see when Puck would find out and how they would evantually meet. And being glee, they did it in the cheapest, most unsatisfying way possible. First off, I don't know when the last time Ryan Murphy and the creators of Glee looked at a map was, but California and Ohio are not exactly close. Unless Puck is charging a hundred dollars for every pool he cleans, how did he make it to Ohio from L.A. and back so quickly? One of glee;s biggest vices has always been that they claim to be so poor, but they have flashy new outfits for every number. that is the kind of suspension of disbelief i can swallow. but being able to believe that someone who just graduated high school is able to fly halfway across the country and back? the charatcers of gossip girl would be able to do that (not that they ever would) but the characters of glee? i don;t think so. They should;ve found another way to get Jake into glee, it shouldn't have come from will. If the show cared about their fans or their characters or the actors portraying them, Puck should've met Jake around Thanksgiving or something, when it would;ve the tiniest bit more plausible.

    I;m not even going to get in to the Rachel and Kurt stuff because as much as it sucks to admit it, the show is at the school, and the other stuff just feels stiff and forced. Like some of the stuff at the school, but still.

    I still like the new characters and will be watching to see where it goes, but Glee is still up to its old tricks.
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