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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on FOX
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A trip to the dentist for the Glee clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany's psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears' greatest hits.

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  • It's not that it's bad, it's just not Glee anymore

    Ok, so I'm not done watching this episode but I just have to agree with some of the other viewers. It's like Glee's lost it this season. I know it's just getting started and I'm not even through the second episode but I notice such a difference. I like the songs, don't get me wrong, but they used to mean something. It seems like now they're just singing. No plot line, no character developments. It's getting just a little too musical for me. I really hope they turn it up a little and we get back to the Glee we all love.moreless
  • I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.moreless

    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.

    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.

    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.moreless
  • Oops, they did it again. If Episode 1 was a swing and a miss, Episode 2 was a foul tip. This season is not looking good so far.

    Well, Episode 2 was certainly better than the season premiere, but only because the premiere was so bad that the show had nowhere to go but up. For all the hype the Brittany/Britney episode received all summer long, it had no option but to be a disappointment, but not on the grand scale of the season premier. Unlike the Lady Gaga tribute episode in Season 1, this episode was much more contrived, but palatable given that all the songs were in dream sequences.

    Here are some conclusions that I came to during the episode:

    - Brittany is, without a doubt, the best female dancer in the group. While she has a decent voice, her value to New Directions is with her dancing, not her singing.

    - Santana has a great voice and is being underutilized. We heard glimpses of her vocal capabilities last season, specifically during "Bad Romance" and "To Sir, With Love." But her duet with Brittany in this episode really allowed her vocal abilities to shine. Hopefully the writers will provide her more opportunities to sing rather than be the background eye-candy.

    - Rachel is a bit darker this season than in season 1. Not sure that's a good thing. I was glad to see her kinda of come back to her perky little self with the closing song. While she has an excellent voice, the song selections for her thus far have not been good choices for her voice ("Telephone" and "Oops, I Did It Again" specifically).

    - The writers really don't know what to do with Will, or Artie so far this season. They've made Will into this insecure and inept caricature of himself, and they've limited Artie to attempting the ridiculous in his desire to be on the football team (which they seem determined to try). While's Artie's "Stronger" sequence was strangely appropriate for what he hopes to accomplish, the fact that the writers are attempting to make us believe it's possible is somewhat condescending in my opinion.

    The writers again ventured off into a distasteful and unnecessary path with the whole "look who got caught masturbating in the library" side-story. Not only was this disgusting, but completely unnecessary. And the fawning of the student body over New Directions version of "Toxic" seemed extraordinarily over the top. Is Britney Spears really that relevant to today's 14- to 18-year-olds?

    Again, I hope the upcoming episodes get better. Actually, they have to because the first to entries were rather poor so far. I do hope they give John Stamos a chance to show off his song-and-dance capabilities, but not in a corny gimmicky way that the writers seem to be stuck on so far this season. Given the way the writers have handled the episodes so far, I am wary of the episode with Javier Bardem, and I really hope they don't completely screw up the Rocky Horror episode.

    Please, get back on track Glee.moreless
  • Very boring

    What's going on with Glee, this was surely the weakest episode in the entire series so far. No plot and no character development to speak of, it seemed and felt like just an excuse to string together a bunch of Brittney songs and shoehorn them into the show without any meaningful context or reason. I was looking forward to Brittney's cameo appearance especially after seeing what a wonderful comedy actress she could be in her small cameo on How I Met Your Mother, but here she just popped up briefly as part of some dream sequences. Uninspired and uninspiring, I believe the writers can and must do better in order to keep the interest alive in this show.moreless
  • Say whatever you want you bunch of haters, but the Britney/Brittany episode was great!

    Let me start by saying Heather Morris is Awesome!

    I've been wanting the produce to show more about her since forever, and she didn't let me down. I mean, the girl can sing and dance! Use her! She totally stole the night for me.

    Britney Spears is a pop icon, I'm glad Glee paid tribute to her. I loved every single one of their performances, they were brilliant.

    For those of you saying there was no storyline, come on! Did you miss the point? It's all about being yourself and fight for what you want, simple.

    They were trying to demonstrate that people don't need, no get new things, change their outfits or do one specific thing to shine... That have always been what Glee is all about.

    And the fans loved it... highest rating Glee episode anyone?moreless
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John Stamos

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Britney Spears


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Harry Shum Jr.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Brittany performs a solo for the first time in this episode.

    • The pamphlets that Emma is arranging at the beginning of the episode are: "Wow! There's a hair down there!"; "I still breastfeed … but how old IS too old?" and
      "Proper Wiping: As Easy as 1-2-3"

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "I'm A Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears
      "Me Against the Music" by Britney Spears
      "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears
      "Stronger" by Britney Spears
      "Toxic" by Britney Spears "Only Exception" by Paramore

    • In this episode we learn that Brittany's full name is Brittany Susan Pierce (a.k.a. Britney S. Pierce) and she doesn't like to use it for fear of living in the shadow of Britney Spears.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Rachel: I'd like to dedicate this song to my boyfriend, Finn. I was wrong, I shouldn't try to control you. I've just, I've never been this happy before. And I realize that I was trying to hold on to how you were making me feel so much that I was strangling you in my hands like a little bird. I get now that in order for this relationship to work, I have to open up my hands and let you fly free.
      Brittany: Finn can fly?

    • Will: You need me to stay with you or anything?
      Rachel: No, I've been drinking herbal tea and taking anti-anxiety pills and reading the unabridged biography of Britney Spears. I look forward to the day when paparazzi provokes me and I attack them.

    • Finn: How do you feel about me not being on the football team anymore?
      Rachel: I'm actually kind of happy about it. Now I don't have to fantasize about what song I'd sing at your bedside if you were in a coma.

    • Emma: You're such a great teacher, Will. No, probably the best in the whole school. So why would you want to be someone else when the someone that you already are is so amazing.?
      Will: Because the boring someone I already am... wasn't good enough for you.

    • Brittany: (examining Joacob's hair) It looks like a Jewish cloud.

    • Principal Figgins: Quiet, please, children. Quiet now. First, students who ate the ravioli today and are not up-to-date on their tetanus shots should see the nurse immediately. Welcome to our homecoming pep assembly. Because of last week's grisly train derailment, the dulcimer club is on hiatus until further notice. But do we ever have a treat for you. Fresh off their last place finish at the Regionals, please give it up for the New Directions.

    • Lauren: Mr. Shue, let me be your Britney!

    • Will: How you doing, Sue?
      Sue: Not sure if you heard, William, but my spinal column was ruptured in a sex riot.
      Will: Sue, you pulled the alarm. Everything was going fine!
      Sue: You know, William, that's what one Hubert Humphrey said back in 1968 at the start of the Democratic National Convention. But then hippies put acid in everyone's bourbon. And when an updraft revealed Lady Bird Johnson's tramp stamp and tattoos above her ovaries, Mayor Richard J. Daley became so incensed with sexual rage that he punched his own wife in the face and spend the next hour screaming 'sex party' into the microphones of all three major networks.
      Will: Okay. I'm pretty sure none of that happened.
      Sue: You can expect a call very soon from my lawyer-Gloria Allred. I'm gonna sue the pants off you, Will. I'm gonna take your house, your car, your extensive collection of vests. I mean, seriously, you wear more vests than the cast of Blossom. And I'll see you in court.

    • Sue: It's like an ink blot test that butt sweat stain. Stare into it William and you'll see the light of all that is good leave this world.

    • Will: (to Emma) You're calling me uptight? The woman who buys hand sanitizer by the barrel?

    • Carl: I'm gonna put you under a little general anesthesia. You won't feel a thing.
      Brittany: Like roofies?
      Carl: Yea, totally.

    • Brittany: Can I have a blue toothbrush?
      Carl: I'll give you a hundred toothbrushes.
      Brittany: Are you a cat?

    • Brittany: I'm more talented than all of you. I see that clearly now. It's Brittany. (pause) Bitch.

    • Brittany: I would just like to say that from now on I demand to have every solo in glee club. When I had my teeth cleaned I had the most amazing Britney Spears fantasy. I sang and dance better than her. Now I realize what a powerful woman that I am.

    • Santana: (to Rachel) Hey dork, did anyone ever tell you that you dress like one of the bait girls on To Catch a Predator?

    • Azimo: (to Rachel) Ooh, baby, you can hit me as many times as you want as long as you got that on!

    • Finn: You see what I'm talking about? They're personifying you!
      Rachel: Objectifying.

    • Terri: (to Emma) Oh, hey home-wrecker.

    • Santana: (to Rachel) Well, congratulations. Normally you dress like a fantasy of a perverted Japanese business man with a very dark specific fetish but I actually dig this look. Yay.

    • Sue: William, I realize you're still mourning the loss of that bony, redheaded hominid you're in love with …. You're flailing, William. Now, I'm secretly hoping it's a midlife crisis which means you're halfway to an early death affording me a blissful, demented convalescence spent peeing on your grave.

    • Sue: (to Will) Don't let your own recklessness blind you to the fact that Britney Spears is a genius pop culture provocateur and a gateway drug to every out of control impulse ever created.

    • Brittany: Please don't pull out all my teeth. I'll look like an adult baby, but with boobs.

    • Brittany: This room looks like that room on that spaceship when I got probed.

    • Brittany: I don't brush my teeth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist.

    • Santana: Can I just say you are the hottest dentist I've ever seen?
      Carl: I get that all the time.
      Santana: You can drill me any time.

    • Finn: How can you get caught between the moon and New York City? They're like a hundred miles apart.

    • Will: Who can tell me who Christopher Cross is?
      Brittany: He discovered America.

    • Carl: I love that look of instant panic each time I try to change your routine.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although credited Mike O'Malley (Burt Hummel) does not appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 28, 2010 on Global
      Australia: September 29, 2010 on TEN
      Latin America: November 25, 2010 on FOX
      United Kingdom: January 17, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Sweden: January 26, 2011 on TV11
      Czech Republic: August 27, 2011 on Prima LOVE
      Slovakia: September 18, 2011 on JOJ


    • Santana: Leave Brittany alone!

      This is a reference to a famous viral video defending Britney Spears that was originally released in 2007 by YouTube celebrity Chris Crocker.

    • Rachel: Is this real life?

      This is an allusion to the youtube video "David after Dentist" in which a 7-year-old boy is extremely loopy after a surgery at the dentist's office.