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  • It's not that it's bad, it's just not Glee anymore

    Ok, so I'm not done watching this episode but I just have to agree with some of the other viewers. It's like Glee's lost it this season. I know it's just getting started and I'm not even through the second episode but I notice such a difference. I like the songs, don't get me wrong, but they used to mean something. It seems like now they're just singing. No plot line, no character developments. It's getting just a little too musical for me. I really hope they turn it up a little and we get back to the Glee we all love.
  • I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.

    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.
    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.
    I agree totally with Floripaoliver. Put the storyline back onto the characters and quit this music video stuff. Hated the brit ep. Wasn't wild about the season opener either. Hope it gets better.
  • Oops, they did it again. If Episode 1 was a swing and a miss, Episode 2 was a foul tip. This season is not looking good so far.

    Well, Episode 2 was certainly better than the season premiere, but only because the premiere was so bad that the show had nowhere to go but up. For all the hype the Brittany/Britney episode received all summer long, it had no option but to be a disappointment, but not on the grand scale of the season premier. Unlike the Lady Gaga tribute episode in Season 1, this episode was much more contrived, but palatable given that all the songs were in dream sequences.

    Here are some conclusions that I came to during the episode:
    - Brittany is, without a doubt, the best female dancer in the group. While she has a decent voice, her value to New Directions is with her dancing, not her singing.
    - Santana has a great voice and is being underutilized. We heard glimpses of her vocal capabilities last season, specifically during "Bad Romance" and "To Sir, With Love." But her duet with Brittany in this episode really allowed her vocal abilities to shine. Hopefully the writers will provide her more opportunities to sing rather than be the background eye-candy.
    - Rachel is a bit darker this season than in season 1. Not sure that's a good thing. I was glad to see her kinda of come back to her perky little self with the closing song. While she has an excellent voice, the song selections for her thus far have not been good choices for her voice ("Telephone" and "Oops, I Did It Again" specifically).
    - The writers really don't know what to do with Will, or Artie so far this season. They've made Will into this insecure and inept caricature of himself, and they've limited Artie to attempting the ridiculous in his desire to be on the football team (which they seem determined to try). While's Artie's "Stronger" sequence was strangely appropriate for what he hopes to accomplish, the fact that the writers are attempting to make us believe it's possible is somewhat condescending in my opinion.

    The writers again ventured off into a distasteful and unnecessary path with the whole "look who got caught masturbating in the library" side-story. Not only was this disgusting, but completely unnecessary. And the fawning of the student body over New Directions version of "Toxic" seemed extraordinarily over the top. Is Britney Spears really that relevant to today's 14- to 18-year-olds?

    Again, I hope the upcoming episodes get better. Actually, they have to because the first to entries were rather poor so far. I do hope they give John Stamos a chance to show off his song-and-dance capabilities, but not in a corny gimmicky way that the writers seem to be stuck on so far this season. Given the way the writers have handled the episodes so far, I am wary of the episode with Javier Bardem, and I really hope they don't completely screw up the Rocky Horror episode.

    Please, get back on track Glee.
  • Very boring

    What's going on with Glee, this was surely the weakest episode in the entire series so far. No plot and no character development to speak of, it seemed and felt like just an excuse to string together a bunch of Brittney songs and shoehorn them into the show without any meaningful context or reason. I was looking forward to Brittney's cameo appearance especially after seeing what a wonderful comedy actress she could be in her small cameo on How I Met Your Mother, but here she just popped up briefly as part of some dream sequences. Uninspired and uninspiring, I believe the writers can and must do better in order to keep the interest alive in this show.
  • Say whatever you want you bunch of haters, but the Britney/Brittany episode was great!

    Let me start by saying Heather Morris is Awesome!
    I've been wanting the produce to show more about her since forever, and she didn't let me down. I mean, the girl can sing and dance! Use her! She totally stole the night for me.

    Britney Spears is a pop icon, I'm glad Glee paid tribute to her. I loved every single one of their performances, they were brilliant.

    For those of you saying there was no storyline, come on! Did you miss the point? It's all about being yourself and fight for what you want, simple.
    They were trying to demonstrate that people don't need, no get new things, change their outfits or do one specific thing to shine... That have always been what Glee is all about.

    And the fans loved it... highest rating Glee episode anyone?
  • I was Glee Fan from S1 but now I ask myself if the Glee responsible forgot everything. Second Season starts of weak(very weak) how ever Britney/Britney was the bottom line for me. This is not the fault from her or her music but Glee made it really bad.

    First Season was funny, innovative and good music. Now things are going bad...

    The problem for me is that Glee lost somehow his story and the characters come weak over the screen. There is not real story anymore in each part and it appears to be more some kind of odd MTV music video clips instead of any sense full weekly story or even better allover Season Story like first Season. I am really disappointed with the direction Glee went in the new Season. I hope the Glee responsible people focus again on some storyline and build up and work with the current characters instead of popping wild music videos together.

    This episode was the worst so far, i don't think Glee can afford to be worse than this or they are going to loose not only me as fan.
  • Garbage.. Glee was a good show for the 1st half of season one...

    I really liked Glee at first because they did GOOD music. The first episode started out with all kinds of classics. Towards the end of season 1 i could tell they were trying to appeal to all the younger audiences by doing Gaga songs and a lot of hip hop garbage. Now i understand Britney Spears was/is a big star for our time but did they really need to dedicate an entire episode to her music? Maybe I am biased towards the recent episodes because I have never been a fan of pop commercial music, and always felt it was the worst thing to happen to the music industry. Either way i originally thought Glee was going to just be a down to earth show that had good comedy, writing, and payed tribute to the great MUSICIANS of our time. Not sell out and start dressing all the girl characters like sluts and singing pop/rap music every episode. What happened to doing cool stuff like the Bon Jovi/Usher mashup or singing Journey and CCR songs?
  • Felt like I was watching kiddy porn.

    Yes, the actors are all of legal age - BUT - this is supposed to be a high school and we are supposed to believe they are not of legal age...

    Jacob naked in Sue's office??? Come on - she wouldn't be "suspended" - she'd be in jail. And pulling the firealarm at a rally - again - she'd be in jail. Just not funny.

    Pushing boundaries is one thing - but an episode like this make me re-think recommending it. Heck, an episode like this makes me wonder what I found so charming about the show in the first place.
  • Dear Glee writers, If you have a Britney theme, stick with it. It's weird when you throw in a Paramore song at the end, no matter how popular it is.

    Dear Glee writers,

    If you have a Britney theme, stick with it. It's weird when you throw in a Paramore song at the end, no matter how popular it is. It was the same thing with the Lady Gaga episode. It could have been great. I was so pumped for it. But then they started singing Kiss, and it just wasn't as good as it could have been. Now, for the Britney/Brittany episodes... I really liked it... although, was it just me, or where was "Oops I Did It Again?" That was the theme of my second grade year... "Circus?" "Womanizer?" "If U Seek Amy?" All right, that last one probably wouldn't work, but the others would. Instead, they chose to do "I'm a Slave 4 U" and "Me Against the Music," which aren't as recognizable of Britney songs. I think the music choices could have been much better. That one girl (I totally forget her name) singing "Womanizer" to Artie would have been perfect. And Quinn should have sung "Circus." But that's just me thinking out loud.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode thoroughly. But... is it just me... or does it feel like they should sing "Airplanes" (B.O.B. ft. Haley Williams)? I'm hoping it'll be in the duets episode. Duets I'd like to see are "Airplanes," "Magic," and (even though there's no chance in h-e-double hockey sticks that this could ever happen) "Love the Way You Lie."

  • Great episode!

    This was probably my favorite episode of Glee yet! I thought all the Britney Spear's songs were amazing. I especially liked "...Baby One More Time" and "Toxic." I thought Heather Morris (Brittany) was pretty great in this episode. I like how we finally are getting to know a little more about her (Brittany B. And I love that we finally got to hear her sing. She's not as strong of a singer as the other female cast members, but man, that girl can dance! I also really liked John Stamos' character. Even though I am a Will/Emma fan I hope he sticks around for awhile. He's just so likeable! I thought the ending was great. I loved Lea Michele's version of "The Only Exception!"
  • Brittany shines in this episode..

    Not much is known about Brittany until now, we not only find out her full name - Brittany Susan Pearce, but we see how talented she is with her dancing, and her singing isn't that bad either..

    Despite peoples concern re: the dream sequence, the dancing was fantastic, the girl can dance and she's not a bad singer either..

    Kirk was a bit annoying this episode, and I want to know what the writers are doing with Rachel? she's turned into a whiney, overbaring spoilt brat..and as one reviewer said, she should never do Britney..her rendition of One more time was woeful!! I think this episode is one you either like or don't...and I liked it, and Im not a big Britney fan..
  • Where'd the love go?

    Okay, I liked the Paramore song, and I liked seeing how they took Britney's videos and made them Glee...but, I feel like Glee is losing the essence of what it was. Yes, Rachel has always been selfish and a diva, but where'd the girl from Laryngitis go - the one who gave singing lessons to the crippled boy because it made her feel like a better human to give back? Sending Sunshine to a crack house -- how is that funny? So, I'm not giving up on the show just yet....probably not til after the RHPS episode in a few weeks, but I miss the HEART of the show. I can understand it's high school and that breeds drama, but they're a family (or so they claim).
  • Heather Morris Rocks! This episode not so much

    Im not the biggest Britney fan so I wasnt exactly thrilled with the idea of an episode dedicated to her. In the end the musical numbers werent that bad. Especially "Im a slave for you", "Me Against the Music" and "Toxic". I mean, dancing Matt Morrisson is always a win, no matter the reason or the song. And I liked Artie singing "Stronger". As for teh storylines, I wasnt that thrilled. I wasnt sure what to think about the Rachel/Finn drama and I was really angry half way through the episode but in the end it all made sense. They still have insecurities, they wont grow out of them overnight. But they want to be together and that is the one thing they are not ashamed of, the one thing they are sure of. On the other hand yet another triangle involving Will & Emma is just ... Im so over it, really. Even Uncle Jesse cant make this one right. Im just not interested anymore. And Kurt really annoyed me.
  • Boring

    This episode is very boring. Glee used to be fun and the songs used to contribute to the storyline. In this episode the songs seem to be the only purpose with the story as something to glue them together, at which the writers fail horribly. Please writers: get the story back in Glee! I hope the next episodes of Glee will be the quality they were during series 1. I want to look forward to every new episode like I did last year. If this continues I will have lost something to look forward to. Please writers... do what you used to be good at! Don't let the success get the better of you. Songs are nice, dressing up the actors is good too... but don't forget the heart: it is ultimately about the story.
  • The only episode of Glee that made me LMAO all the way through, and it has a lot to do with Heather Morris!

    The Glee writers really hit big in creativity for this one, bringing in both Britney Spears and John Stamos guest appearances in a very amusing junction. Heather Morris deserves to be given half the credit for this one, considering her character constantly delivered one liners that were extremely funny and in some way advanced her character/story. The growth of Harry Shum Jr.'s character input was welcoming, while Lea Michele's Rachel developed through her storyline with Finn. In terms of set use, the Britney Spears dream sequences were extremely well done, especially "Me Against The Music". The only downfall of the episode was the writers inclusion of Paramore's The Only Exception which, even though it is a good song, was very random and a terrible conclusion to a fantastic episode. A simple use of Britney Spears "Sometime" would have sufficed.
  • Yes! Redemption time!

    After last weeks disappointing episode (I know many of you disagree), they finally came back as the "good, old gleeks", we love and adore. Loving all the covers, lovelovelove John Stamos as Carl! I even liked Britney as herself, as I was kind of worried of how she was going to be written into the show. Kurt beef with Will was unexpected, and I also appriciated seeing more of Rachel/Finn. He is such a sweetheart, though a quite dumb one. Happy to see Emma and Terri again, their kinds of crazy are really special kinds. Really, after seeing this episode, all I wanted to do was watch it again!
  • A trip to the dentist for the Glee clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany's psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears' greatest hits.

    I was really expecting a lot from this episode and I was not disappointed at all... I think this episode is my favorite or at least one of my favorite! This episode was really good thanks to the talented Heather Morris who shows us that she is an important key of this show. This episode is a kind of explosion for this character and I think that the writers kept all this stuff from us on purpose. In this episode we have everything that make Glee so special : good dancing, good singing, a lot of stereotypes, really funny quotes...

    Terry is back and she is better than ever! John Stamos' s character is the perfect match for Emma! Sue is Sue as usual! Every character is at the perfect place and the idea of the hallucinations is really good because it allows to recreate Britney's video clips and to introduces her in the gleeks dreams. Britney Spears is a good guest star in tv show and she is as good as she was in How I met your mother.
    I don't know what to add but I really love this episode in all the aspects of it!!!

    By the way, I really like the ending song from Paramore because at this point of the episode the Britney stuff was over and they have to start other stuff and this song was a good conclusion to the Finn/Rachel storyline. Don't you think?
  • Awesome episode, terrible ending

    Seeing brittany come out of the box was probably the best moment of the whole TV series. Santana surprised a lot as well although I think Quinn (who should have shown up more btw) would have made a better job instead of Santana on the duet with Brittany. What's with Terri showing up on the episode? o.0 Rachel....just dreadful really on the 1st act. Way better singing Paramore although it wasn't really the best song to finish the episode; not to mention a britney episode. Footbal court was so so, Arty did ok I guess. And the on-stage performance was pretty cool as well eheheh. Good acting from John Stamos.
  • Britney Spears ..John Stamos.. Brittany S Pierce? What an episode.. a lot going on.

    One thing that bothers me, and this about the series in general, is that they have way too many characters. And then, the new season starts, and there is more.

    I love all the main people and I think it impossible to focus on each character every episode. The problem is that it is going to get harder to follow with new people.

    I think the writers should give Rachel a break and let others shine for a while. Her and Finn is already getting tired and it is only the 2nd episode of the season.

    On to the review.

    Nice catching landing John Stamos. He is like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. He is my eye candy for the show. Finn and Puck are hot (IMO) but I love Uncle Jesse. Could he please sing Forever?

    Oh Mr Schue, you missed out on your chance with Emma. Move on. That carried on a little too long in the episode. Umm... wth did Terri come from? That was random. I'm sorry, I don't like her. She does remind me of Gina from Nip/Tuck.. since she also played her too. I think the character is dead in the water. I liked him singing with the New Directions. I actually miss him singing with the Acafellas from early Season 1.

    Rachel/Finn... I think their relationship needs to build more. Them whining about each others misgivings is like stale bread. Lets drop them for a few episodes and catch up on other characters.

    Kurt, Quinn, Tina etc. Great characters, they need to be expanded on. I like it when Quinn is a full on b**ch. Asian fusion? Priceless!
    (from the promo for next weeks episode I see that Kurt is heavily featured, this is promising).

    Where was the new guy from the last episode?

    Brittany, loved the dancing and the one liners. She is perfect for that. How often does a background/extra turn into a major player? Her singing was okay, but I have a feeling they won't let her sing solos very often.

    The episode was very entertaining, which is why I gave it the score I did. I would've given it a 10 if it hadn't been so forced and a bit of a mess. Kind of neat to see Britney Spears in the episode.. but I don't feel that the plot advanced in anyway. For the future if they are going to focus on one singer/band then (the writers) need to incorporate the regular storyline so we [viewers] don't feel like we missed out for the week. After all, there are only 22/23 episodes a season, I want to get as much out of it as possible.
  • Our Glee clubbers end up being visited by a dentist and while under the influence they travel into a Britney spears dream world where they recreate some her popular music videos.

    First of all, Britney Spears is the worst entertainer the world of pop has ever created. Not going to lie though some of her tunes are catchy and fun, especially Toxic and Stronger. Second of all, Heather Morris is 10 times better than Britney Spears ever will be!Last, Lea Michele should never sing Britney Spears songs ever again...It was a major assailing to my ears when she sang "Hit me baby one more time". Yuck!

    The recreation of the videos were so out of character for the show, because usually they take songs and they blend them with in the story and they create their own choreography for it. As fantastic as Heather Morris was in those videos, they were pretty much a bust. BUT that doesn't mean the story wasn't good! The plot was fun. The return of Emma was perfect, and John Stamos as her rich, overly-confident, dentist boyfriend was scrumptiously perfect (love his teeth). His character's arrogance was hilarious!

    Also Brittnay's bad teeth story with 68 cavities was beyond funny!

    "Can I have a blue toothbrush?"
    "I'll give you a hundred of them." HAHA!

    I was a huge fan of Rachel and Jesse, due to the intense chemistry those two had, but Rachel's pronounced insecurities surrounding Finn were quite touching, and very close to home to many of us who dated someone who we thought was out of our league.So for the first time I am actually seeing some truth in their relationship. The best Britney performances in this show was Stronger by Artie, who totally nailed that song better than Britney ever did. Also the reinterpretation of Toxic was AMAZING and the choreography was mind-blowing. It was definitely nice to see Mr. Schue join in on the party! Also these songs were so successful, in my humble opinion, because they had their own original choreography. Finally, I was so happy they ended the show with a song by a different artist, because by the end I was losing my patience with all the Britney-fiesta. Also it was a great opportunity for Lea to regain her singing dignity.
  • Stop doing theme shows.

    If I wanted to watch 43 minutes of Britney Spears music videos rehashed, I'd just go on Youtube for the evening. Tonight's episode of Glee elicited the same response that the Madonna episode did when it aired. I could've cared less about the theme of the episode, and the way they pigeonholed Britney Spears' cameo into the episode (via a dream under anesthetic) was extremely weak and made it very clear that the show tends to do these theme episodes for ratings rather than quality. For all the Britney Spears fans out there, I'm sure this was a dream come true. For me, it was long, boring and filled with only a few memorable moments.

    Basically, Emma's new boyfriend played by John Stamos comes to give the Glee club a lecture on teeth health (why would a Glee club need this information in the first place?) At the same time, the Glee club wants to do a Britney Spears theme for the homecoming at McKinley High. Mr. Shue refuses to do this. Stamos' character tells them they should all come in for a check-up. Brittany, the loopy girl with the strange one-liners, goes in and, while under anasthetic, has a hallucination of dancing with Britney Spears. It's a lame gimmick and an excuse to perform a few of Spears' hits. There's also a minor and sort of lame plot about Rachel and Finn having issues, but I found it less than interesting.

    There was still some funny moments. Jane Lynch has one stellar quote about the 1968 Democrat convention and uses the few scenes she has to sell her usual off-the-wall, tough guy attitude. I also enjoyed a lot of Brittany's lines.. and despite my criticisms, the choreography in the episode was superb. They did a good job of capturing the essence of Spears' videos. But the cameos with her were lame, nothing but blatant stunt casting, and the episode as a whole didn't work nearly as well as last week.