Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • sue and rachael

    did anyone notice, when sue is talking to rachael while walking down the hallway, right at the begin, she calls her michelle,,,,,,,,, her real name as we all know is michelle lea........
  • Too much douchebaggery.

    So the theme of this episode was supposed to be anthems. I can only hope that by choosing Justin Bieber songs, they were being extremely tongue in cheek. The whole Finn/Quinn thing is dull and should have ended a long time ago. Thank god for Puck/Lauren, Brittany and of course, Sue's amazing insults, without which this would have been one dire episode. Is it just me or are Finn and Mr Shue becoming douchier as each episode passes?

    Seriously must try harder Glee, I can only hope this was a minor blip and not an indication of a serious dip in quality.

    P.S. No Blaine or Kurt? Seriously?!
  • Sue joins the Glee club for a week.

    I don't know if it's because I hate Justin Bieber so much or because the show seems unable to make Sue consistently act a certain way, but I was really frustrated with this episode. After the last two episodes, which were anywhere from decent to great, this episode felt like a huge step-down, proof that Season 2 is starting to lose some of its focus. They're making little mistakes that are making the show less enjoyable for people like me who aren't a huge fan of musicals in the first place but like the blend of quirky comedy and singing that this show does better than other musical movies or shows (a.k.a High School Musical).

    Right from the beginning, Will says that the Regionals theme for this year is "anthems," and Sue quickly announces she needs to find a way to cure her depression upon losing so much funding and being labeled "loser of the year." Emma suggests that she join the Glee club and find comfort in the power of song. First of all, the ease in which Sue agrees and the fun that she has with the Glee club continues to represent everything I have wrong with her character. I think she's easily the funniest character with the best lines but she's also among the most inconsistent. Is she good or bad or are we going to be given a ridiculous amount of flip-flopping on her part. The moment at the end where she announces she's the vocal coach for Oral Intensity just seems so stupid that I grabbed my head and yelled at the TV screen. How can Ryan Murphy get away with the same pattern over and over with this show?

    That being said, as much as I hate Bieber, I like what Sam did with the song, and it was kind of funny to watch the guys all become infected with Bieber-Fever (Puck with fake hair was great). And while I didn't like his attempted courtship of Lauren at first, it's becoming pretty funny. It's like a personal goal that he can't reach, and each attempt is funnier than the last.

    The song selection for this episode was pretty lame for the most part, and the anthem they chose could've been way better, but the MCR song was actually sung really well (what in the world is up with those outfits though? They were really weird.) Overall, the episode felt like it was just shoved in the middle to take up space. There was a lot of breaking up and going out with new people between characters, but it's happened so much, it's starting to lose its shock value. Who in the world cares if Sam breaks up with Quinn? I never bought their relationship in the first place. It's not good when a show can't make you believe in the relationships. That being said, the two characters who I've liked consistently throughout and who coincidentally don't have lovelives that change every two seconds is Kurt and Will, and they both have been missing in action a lot more than some of the other less interesting characters. Why not show more Kurt/Blaine and Will/Emma instead of Artie/Tina/Mike all the time? I don't understand it.
  • Pretty Good Episode

    Episode pretty average after two very good episodes that we had. I loved the scenes with Sue, especially that we see the side a bit more humane of Sue. My part that I least like of the episode is the story about Justin Bieber. I thought it was too exaggerated. For songs, I have loved all, especially Sing and Take Me or Leave Me. I also found Baby and Somebody to Love better than the orginals. I also love the couple formed by Puck and Lauren. Finally, I thought it was a good episode, but not up to the last two episodes.
  • 2/16

    Not my favorite episode at all. I was expecting a lot of funny situations around the guys and the Bieber fever after viewing some trailers and ads but at the end it wasn't so funny (except Sue of course!. I was expecting that the writers went more into the cliche around the teenage girls and how they can be into a singer or an actor (and the craziness around Justin Bieber is the perfect example) but I was kind of relieve that it was not a tribute to Justin Bieber.
    Sue joining the Glee club= good idea.... and the ending was kind of unexpected but promising for the future with all her spying and tricks... It was nice to have Emma back but she was there without being really necessary for the plot... We need more Emma's stories!
    Then the glee club love stories
    Bad point for Quinn trying to trick Sam with her rescuing Finn as an excuse.... and the worse is that Sam first believed her... ok teenage boy are not really clever when it comes to girl but it's the second time that we can see Q. tricks Enough.
    Santana gets the boy in the end... In fact she wants whatever Quinn is having??? Puck, Finn and now Sam. The couple Sam/Santana is kind of weird...
    The Rachel story was uninteresting but brings a good, a marvelous duet between her and Mercedes. And the end brings some hope for the Finnchel's fans!
  • They underestimated the power of the Biebs. :DD

    I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! Such a good episode! At first sight it may seem like nothing special but it was so good! At least for me. :D I loved all the plots. Everything was so original, especially sue-icide and everything about Sue in this episode. :D She was purely amazing! The Bieber fever and all that was sooo funny! The diva-off was excelent as always. That performance really brought Mercedes' and Rachel's voices together like a house on fire. :PP Overall I love their new friendship, especially when together with Kurt, like in the last episode. :) I guess why I didn't like Sam's voice was because he really does sound like Justin Bieber, he's original him! And I don't like his voice very much. But the Bieber experience is a perfect band for Sam, I enjoyed watching him perform those songs. :D Sue was so hilarious this whole episode that I just don't know which quote would be my favourite! Probably this one: "Will, you have more grease in your hair than the guy behind Wikileaks". :DDD The ending was so nice too. Perfect. And oh, I almost forgot, I can't believe we finaaaly got to see Lauren Zizes sing. She was quite good. :D Also, about the Sue's reveal at the end... Just unbelievable, I really didn't see that coming. Like I said, Glee's getting better and better, can't wait next week!
  • Rather a good episode, though not great. Probably won't make it on my favourites list, but still a good watch.

    Rather a good episode, though not great. Probably won't make it on my favourites list, but still a good watch.
    The use of suicide by Sue, was rather uncomfortable. Especially her use of 'depression' to get attention. Nothing surprising from Sue, but it was rather insensitive. Though the show does seem to try and touch on all the difficult issues such as teen pregnancy, I'm used to a more thoughtful approach.
    The Bieber tribute band was rather fun, especially the wig Puck sported. I was rather disappointed that there was no Kurt or Blaine in this episode. After the previous episode, I was rather hoping that we would get a glimpse of the relationship developing.
  • Sam starts a Bieber tribute band (better than expected). Puckerman continues to pursue Lauren (continues to be awesome). The rest kinda fell flat for me. Here's my crazy long recap/review. WARNING: very detailed recap included so lots of episode spoilers.

    When I read that this week's episode of Glee was going to feature not just one, but two Justin Bieber songs, I both rolled my eyes and gave a begrudging nod of acceptance to the producers of the show. Justin Bieber has millions upon millions of fans who are the perfect demographic to become regular Glee viewers. So while my own personal expectations for the show weren't high, at least I felt that I understood why it was happening and figured I'd just try to enjoy the other storylines of the evening.

    Much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying the Bieber storyline but feeling really non-plussed with pretty much everything else except for the Puck/Lauren arc. Granted, that's because there was an undertone of mocking to all things Justin Bieber in the episode was at times barely veiled and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. So at least that was a pleasant surprise.

    The rest of this recap/review is posted on my blog since I think it's too long for this review section to handle! Hopefully the link won't get deleted since it's a link. (Oops... I guess I have to figure out how to be more succinct.);title