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Glee S05E04: "A Katy or a Gaga"

OMG Glee hasn't been this cracked-out crazypants amusing in so long, I didn't know what to do with myself at first except Google "Katy Perry Lady Gaga Feud" because I live under a rock/ literally could not care any less about which pop stars are "fighting" with each other. I just had to make sure that it was a thing, because I don't know, Katy Perry just never came off as all that wholesome and innocent to me. Like, wouldn't this contrast have worked better if the matchup was, say, Taylor Swift vs. Lady Gaga? Last time I checked, "wholesome" didn't include shooting fireworks out of your ta-tas. 

Whatevs. Katy vs. Gaga is an actual thing but not really, so let's roll with it because I wasn't expecting to enjoy this episode nearly as much as I did, even with the usual Glee laundry list of WTFery that just plain doesn't make sense. Like Marley getting suspended from New Directions because she didn't want to wear a clamshell bikini. Can we say "sexual harassment," Schue? *coughCREEPcough*

Also: Puck Jr. So gross. 

Competition time is fast approaching at McKinley and Schue nabbed a list of the clubs that New Directions will soon be competing against, including the Rust-belters from Pittsburgh (REPRESENT!) and Throat Explosion, which I initially thought I misheard because it's so un-catchy and actually kind of repulsive if you think about it. Then again, "New Directions" is so generic is hurts a little, so I guess naming things just isn't in your average glee club's list of strengths. 

Throat Explosion is apparently the "Lady Gaga" of show choir in that they're, idk, weird or something. The revelation that New Directions would be pitted against the Explosion had Tina shaking in her little platform booties and Schue pulled this week's theme out of his ass (Kitty is RIGHT) because someone mentioned a musician who makes mad bank on iTunes and an executive over at Fox saw dollar signs. 

You'd think that Schue's twist—that the "Katys" would perform their own interpretation of a Gaga song and the "Gagas" would take a candy-coated Katy song and give it the monster treatment—would've resulted in some real bursts of creativity, buuuuut in actuality, New Directions literally just remade the original music videos to "Applause" and "Roar," right down to the rope swings and the clown make-up. I think I'll just go watch the originals, kthnx. 

In New York, Kurt decided to start a band because he hasn't been the center of attention for, like, ten whole seconds. Adam Lambert auditioned because Adam Lambert and Kurt rejected him because he lives for the (watered-down, widely appealing) applause. Rachel bestowed her Rachel-flavored benevolence on Kurt's (and Santana's and Demi Lovato's) venture—I give it four episodes before they have a hit single and a record deal—by christening the band "Pamela Lansbury," which is actually kind of awesome, and by joining it, guaranteeing insta-success because Rachel. She also told Kurt to just be himself because Glee.

Also, more rope swings.


Despite being "the most annoying thing they've ever done" (IDK, Sue, I bet if we really thought about it, we could come up with something way more annoying), "A Katy or a Gaga" was a genuinely fun episode with a Glee PSA that wasn't completely lost in translation for once. It's not hard to make assumptions about people and/or their abilities, beliefs, so on and so forth, based on surface details like music taste, clothes, accents, hometowns. You like Blake Shelton? DUMB REDNECK. One Direction? TWEEN/CREEPY SOCCER MOM. Grateful Dead? POTHEAD. Eminem? ANGRY WHITE BOY CIRCA 1999. See? Stereotypes are easy. Yet I don't think it would be very hard to find at least one iPod out there that houses at least one song from each of those artists. (Psst. It's mine.)

Appearances are often deceiving. Individuals are unique, surprising, and complicated. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga aren't all that different from one another. This is some Glee 101 stuff and it's not exactly world-shattering in its profoundness, nor is it anything that Glee hasn't already done in some form, but after the trauma of "The Quarterback," I think easing audiences into the rest of the season with a little bit of Glee at its most basic was just what we needed. 


– Playlist time: Ehhh... "Wide Awake" was pretty?

– "PENIS FLYTRAP." Yes. Adding it to my vocabulary now.


– Robin update! Sue was breastfeeding her at Starbucks. Okay, then. 

– Looks like Nurse Penny and Fishlips are a thing now. Sort of. Almost. #StillCreepy

– "Why must we always choose between female musical archetypes?" No, really, I don't see where Gaga and Katy Perry are all that different. Someone help. 

– Soooo... if you had to pick, are you a Katy or a Gaga?

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