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It's true. Word on the street is that Glee's sixth season will be its swan song, and with the death knell doing its death knell thing, the entire series, in all its neon-leopard-print-sequined entirety, miiiiiight relocate to New York City full-time before the curtain finally falls. Or maybe Kurt will move to Russia? Either way, now that Fox's musical masterpiece/travesty—it depends on who you ask, really—has an expiration date, it's time to take part in that mucho-beloved interwebs tradition: making a list of our hopes demands. 

After mourning Cory Monteith and then taking a few weeks off, the show returns on Thursday with "A Katy or a Gaga"—and with over a season-and-a-half left, pretty much anything goes. No, really, because this is Glee we're talking about. What songs do you want to see covered in the next 40 or so episodes? What current (or seemingly long-forgotten) storylines would you like to see resolved? Artist tributes? Pop-culture parodies?

Leave your ideas in the comments! But first, here are some freebies from moi: 

– Unique and Ryder get over themselves and become BFFs despite the catfishing thing. OR, Ryder wises up and makes his parents move to a different school district to get away from the WTF CRAZYPANTS kids in New Directions.

– A FREAKING BETTE MIDLER TRIBUTE. The Divine Miss M needs some love. "Wind Beneath my Wings," "The Rose." Personally, I'd sell my firstborn for an "Otto Titsling" cover. 

– Marley's mom wins the Ohio state lottery. 

– Marley's mom unionizes the lunch ladies in a glorious "Lunchlady Land" meets Newsies crossover. 

– An American Psycho parody starring Mr. Schue as Patrick Bateman. 

– Some Avenue Q awesomeness... and actually, that one might already be in the works. How else would you interpret this promise of puppets?

– How is Sue's daughter, Robin, turning out? Does she ever get to see her father, Michael Bolton? 

– Can we get a good and non-half-assed resolution to Coach Beiste's domestic abuse story?

– ZIGGY STARDUST. Or whatever this creepy-ass puppet shit is: 

– Is Finn's mom, like, okay? She didn't seem okay a few weeks ago. And that's okay. But I'd like to see her being okay by the end of the series, you know?

– Hedwig and the Angry Inch. "Wig in a Box" is tame enough for network TV, right? Maybe?

– How's Brittany doing at MIT? What's Quinn up to at Yale?

– Will Becky ever get actual help, or will everyone just continue to overlook the underlying reasons that led to her bringing a gun to school in the first place because Glee gets a migraine when it thinks too hard?

– Sure, Glee's had a few boy-band songs covered here and there, but what about an all-out war-of-the-greats? NKOTB vs. BSB vs. N'Sync? Maybe even with a One Direction tune thrown in, for the young'uns?

– Whatever happened to Dave Karofsky?

– I want a "Talk Dirty to Me" cover. I just do.I know it'll be horrible. But I want it.

– VH1 Behind the Music: Rachel Berry. 

 Robin Thicke/Miley Cyrus VMA performance homage? Too soon? I mean, you don't want to be too late. Think of how awkward "Gangnam Style" was, after the fact (among so many other reasons).

Okay, YOUR TURN! Lay 'em on me. What do you need to see on Glee before the show takes its final bow?

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