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This week's episode of Glee is called "The End of Twerk." Much to MaryAnn's delight, it will involve a Miley Cyrus cover or three. It will also involve—if the promotional clips and photos are to be believed—a storyline in which Kurt Hummel gets a tattoo. 

And hoo boy, that tattoo may even be of the "tramp stamp" variety? Supposedly the idea will originate with Rachel, and she and Kurt appear to be setting out together on this (probably ill-advised) adventure. So I think we should help our boy out with regard to picking out some meaningful ink for that pristine skin. Here are a few suggestions courtesy moi; post your own in the comments!

"Porcelain," in an Old English-style font:

Kind of as a reminder of where he came from, you know? Calling back to Coach Sylvester's initial nickname for Kurt with a bold, tough-guy font could serve as a nice encapsulation of everything he's overcome to get where he is now—proof of how strong he really is behind all those delicate features. It would totally work as a symbol of empowerment; sure, it's been used as an insult against him in the past, but screw those guys, because Kurt's skin is PERF and haters gonna hate. 

A song lyric of his choosing:


Or even...

Because Glee. Because Kurt. A Broadway reference seems about right, doesn't it? Although, given that "The End of Twerk" will presumably be Miley-centric, maybe "Only God can judge ya" would be more appropriate.

PLUS, then Rachel could get "Funny Girl" or whatever and she and Kurt could still embark on this ink-stained journey together without getting the exact same thing. 

Some variation of the classic "red heart and scroll" design, as a tribute to his dad:

No, not "Blaine," not "Finn," but "Dad." It's not that Blaine and Finn aren't worthy, but it's Mr. Hummel who's been Kurt's true rock all these years. Plus, the familiar image is simultaneously kitschy and timeless—a good complement for Kurt's personal fashion sense. 

A creepy morphed portrait of Pamela Anderson and Angela Lansbury:

I'm only partially kidding. What better way to show his commitment to the new band he's starting? Starchild would probably think it was totally punk-rock.

Alright, your turn: What should Kurt permanently emblazon onto his torso? Bonus points for including pictures!

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