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There ain't nothin' like a rumor to get the internet all fired up over potentially nothing, but this one has such dramatic show-changing potential that hey, I'll bite. According to TVLineGlee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan are discussing the possibility of "moving" the show to New York on a full-time basis. As anyone who's still watching Glee can attest, the show has struggled to balance its two-location setup since the moment it launched its two-location setup in Season 4, following the graduation and NYC transplanting of Rachel and Kurt. 

Naturally, this raises tons of questions. Would a move to the Big Apple truly mean no more McKinley, no more books, no more Will Schuester creepy looks? Would it mean no more choir room sing-cry sessions? Would it mean we can finally sever ties with Sue Sylvester (who, to be honest, wore out her welcome awhile ago)? Would it mean no more big iTunes-friendly theme episodes that revolve around a weekly "assignment"? What would happen to the guy who plays the piano? And most importantly, would it mean losing half the current cast? Who would make the move to New York? Which characters have storylines that could actually qualify a move? 

I personally think the series would have been better off if it had called it quits in the wake of Cory Monteith's death, but Ryan Murphy quit taking my phone calls after that one time I suggested he has a tendency to ruin everything he touches. Talk about holding grudges. Whatever. Moving Glee to New York might seem crazy, but it could actually be a turning point for the series. If done properly, it would be an easy way to jettison the crap that's not working—which is roughly 75 percent of every episode, give or take a few percents—and act as sort of a reboot. Essentially, Glee could start over like American Horror Story does every season. 

The only question left is: Who's the dead weight? Who do the producers leave behind in Lima to steer a riding lawn mower to a drive-thru liquor store at 4pm? (That's a true story. Stay classy, Lima.) Who do you want to see join Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in New York? I'll start us off: Blaine is probably a given considering his relationship with Kurt, and I have a soft spot for Sam, so those are my first two choices. Who are yours?

What do you think of this New York idea? Who would you keep around? Who would you cut? What's Mike O'Malley doing right now?

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