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Who cares that Glee's New Directions lost their funding and had their choir room turned into a computer lab in Season 5? McKinley High is preparing to welcome an influx of singing students. 

According to TVLine, the Fox drama is adding five new recurring characters to its shortened final season, which will shift the series' focus away from the recent New York storylines and back to Lima, Ohio, where it all began. 

Ready to "meet" the new kids (who are all sophomores)? Here are their character descriptions:

Roderick: "A true goober," no one would guess this chubby, shy kid has a voice like Otis Redding.

Spencer: McKinley's new football star with a excellent voice who's described as "post-Glee gay," which apparently means that one bullies him over his sexuality because he isn't afraid to kick their butts. Progress?

Jane: Excluded from the Warblers due to her gender, the "unconventionally pretty" and "ambitious" Jane leaves Dalton Academy and heads straight for the New Directions. Per TVLine, she's also funny in a "doesn't have much of a sense of humor" way, whatever that means.

Mason and Madison: The latest addition to the Cheerios, this pair of twins (Mason's a he, Madison's a she) are "overly positive and super weird." And while Mason's cheer habit and general "gay vibe" lead many people to make assumptions about his sexuality, he's actually straight.

Let's hear your first impressions in the comments! Do these folks sound like people you want to meet? 

Glee returns midseason on Fox.

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