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So apparently TV.com has decided to stop reviewing the Glee episodes after they air. Maybe it's because of the lower ratings, maybe because they think it's not worthwhile anymore or maybe because they just no longer give a damn.

I looked forward every week to see what Maryann had to say about the latest episode of my, still, favorite show, but alas apparently that will not happen anymore. A heads up, notification or warning would have been appreciated.

Anyways, about the next-to-last episode for this rollercoaster of a season (mostly because of the varying quality of the episodes), written by none other than Chris Colfer, I think I can say... good job.

The characters were all in funny form for this episode: Rachel in damage control diva mode; Santana in Snix mode; Kurt in insecure mode and Samcedes in adjusting to each other mode.

Chris did a very good job in several scenes: the initial scenes at the retirement home, when the lady playing Peter Pan dropped...out; the dog walking scene with Rachel: FUNNY!!!; the scene with Mercedes, Sam, Artie and the dog... Mercedes face when the dog came down with her weave on its mouth... priceless!!!

The storylines were good, all three of them. My only complaint is that Tim Conway was severely underused in this episode, but I think this had to do more with editing than with his actual participation; I understand that during filming, he kept adlibbing and had everyone in stitches. Mr. Conway is an extremely funny actor and more screen time from him would have made this episode funnier.

No complaints with the music: Melt for You, Memory and Take Me Home Tonight were excellent; Lucky Star was OK, but I can honestly say it was my least favorite number of the episode.

So, one more episode to go for this season, and then onto the final season 6.

Thank you to any and all who took the time to read this.
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May 11, 2014
Only one thing to say about this episode:

Lando effin' Calrissian
May 10, 2014
Hey Luis, thanks for taking the time to write a review, I was just as shocked as you that Maryann's reviews have vanished.

This episode was definitely an improvement on the recent ones, certainly last week's which was very difficult to sit through. Kurt's story stood out as being pretty good and although Rachel has become a megalomaniacal monster at least this week they tried to humanise her a little and make her more self aware. It didn't work but at least they tried.

I hadn't heard Colfer wrote the episode, thanks for that. I'm not sure how I feel about stars writing episodes revolving around their character, that seems like a feedback loop. I remember in Stargate: SG1 Teal'c's actor wrote an episode about him playing a fireman or something so I'm skeptical about other shows trying it.

I do have issues with Glee at the moment but they're more big picture stuff than focused on the last episode. There was so much promise after the relocation that we'd have enlightening stories about all these characters trying to make it in the city, with each having to work hard to overcome obstacles and setbacks, and having time for them to just hang out as friends. Well that hasn't really happened. Instead we've been stuck with some pretty contrived stories while professional obstacles have all but been removed.

Sam and Mercedes' relationship has just been weird. It started almost with any reason, then suddenly she's singing Foreigner(!) in a church (!), trying to decide whether to let him have her virginity. At least they had an actual adult discussion about their relationship towards the end of this episode. Kurt and Blaine seemed to be maturing and going along okay but then Kurt bulks up and gets popular, Blaine gets jealous and starts over-eating, then almost straightaway Blaine becomes a breakout success (due to an embarrassing song where Kurt even sang the backup lower part to Blaine when Kurt was supposedly being showcased to Shirley Maclaine) and Kurt starts feeling insecure and lonely. Come on Glee, why do you have to completely reinvent these characters each episode, consistency is GOOD.

Rachel has been awful and may only be getting worse. Even when she supposedly learned something this episode about not neglecting her friends and respecting the elderly even that became a part of Rachel's stupid dog thing. Invited the Pan production to her thing just made even their work all about her, and her supposed acceptance of the importance of team work was more about improving her image than anyone else. Meanwhile Santana's character has been forced through so many dissociative identities these last few episodes that she's no longer recognisable as any part Santana, she could well be an imposter. By all means let her and Rachel treat each other respectfully but don't make Santana join team living-to-serve-Rachel like everyone else, she's supposed to have dignity.

But the biggest problem for me is the career-centric stuff. Rachel's dreamed her entire life about broadway but despite this being a musical show our glimpses of her Broadway performances have been just that. Plus what about her rehearsals for the show, what about creating stories about the production of Funny Girl, surely the whole point of moving Glee to NYC was to add a Smash flavour. Rachel working hard in her dream job is exactly what we should be seeing on Glee, instead we get her singing occasionally in her band, having plenty of time for a social life. I want the show to feature the realities (even if they are heightened) of being a young, modern Broadway star. Why did we spend so much time on Rachel at NYADA to then ignore her development on the stage.

And that brings us to the Rachel's next phase. It seems beyond dispute that some Broadway stars are lured to Hollywood by money and fame and Rachel would be more susceptible than most. But did we have to do this one episode after the show opened? Is Glee really that disinterested in Broadway? And even if it is conceivable, it's a terrible move for the show. I can't think of anything I'd like less than watching Rachel get her own TV show. Not just because it came to her ridiculously easily like everything of late, but because she's meant to be a Broadway star now, it's the ultimate dream of all New Directions members. Plus I've nervous because there's a point in some shows where the cast decide they should tell their story in some medium, and I groan because it's such a tacky thing to do. If Rachel on ends up starring in a show that's like Glee I may gouge my eyes out. It may not come to that but the truth will probably not much better. What was so wrong with taking the rest of the show to establish her as a genuine, respected Broadway star. It really is baffling just how uninterested in Broadway Glee seems to be. Mercedes' sudden rise to pop super stardom is just as frustrating. In high school people can be over achievers but in the real world instantaneous success without hard work (and without showing the audience how/why that success occurred) is a fantasy.

I've been an avid Glee watcher and despite the consistent and steep drop in quality I always figured being around till the end. However if next season is about Rachel on a TV show then I'll almost certainly give it up. There's only so much I can take.
May 10, 2014
Wow, that was a good write up! Thanks! How about you write the review for this Tuesday's season finale? You up for it?
May 11, 2014
Thanks but I'm not usually this coherent and I much preferred your style - less doom and gloom. I think the unofficial Glee reviewing is much better in your hands.
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