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FOX (ended 2015)
So apparently TV.com has decided to stop reviewing the Glee episodes after they air. Maybe it's because of the lower ratings, maybe because they think it's not worthwhile anymore or maybe because they just no longer give a damn.

I looked forward every week to see what Maryann had to say about the latest episode of my, still, favorite show, but alas apparently that will not happen anymore. A heads up, notification or warning would have been appreciated.

Anyways, about the next-to-last episode for this rollercoaster of a season (mostly because of the varying quality of the episodes), written by none other than Chris Colfer, I think I can say... good job.

The characters were all in funny form for this episode: Rachel in damage control diva mode; Santana in Snix mode; Kurt in insecure mode and Samcedes in adjusting to each other mode.

Chris did a very good job in several scenes: the initial scenes at the retirement home, when the lady playing Peter Pan dropped...out; the dog walking scene with Rachel: FUNNY!!!; the scene with Mercedes, Sam, Artie and the dog... Mercedes face when the dog came down with her weave on its mouth... priceless!!!

The storylines were good, all three of them. My only complaint is that Tim Conway was severely underused in this episode, but I think this had to do more with editing than with his actual participation; I understand that during filming, he kept adlibbing and had everyone in stitches. Mr. Conway is an extremely funny actor and more screen time from him would have made this episode funnier.

No complaints with the music: Melt for You, Memory and Take Me Home Tonight were excellent; Lucky Star was OK, but I can honestly say it was my least favorite number of the episode.

So, one more episode to go for this season, and then onto the final season 6.

Thank you to any and all who took the time to read this.
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