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(Please overlook the writing mistakes, i'm dutch and my english writing isn't perfect)

Last year, at the end of the season, me and a friend had a discussion about Glee…
We both were quite disappointed in how Glee handled itself in season 4 and I started to wonder if the show would benefit a time jump, to start fresh.
The way I saw it, it would’ve been a reset button. The show would skip 3 years and make most characters more adults, than teens.

(please remember that these are my thoughts)

- Rachel would be an understudy on Broadway, struggling against a A-star diva and eventually would become the star.

-Santana would quit trying to become famous and entered law enforcement, while still be playing in a band with Kurt and Rachel.

- Kurt and Blaine would be living in a nice apartment and Kurt became a actor, while Blaine would still be studying.

- Finn and Puck would be seniors in college and Finn and Rach would’ve been together.

These were things we talked about back in May 2013, before Corey (rip) passed away and it was actually a bit longer than this, but I didn’t wanted to write everything down xD

Possible Spoiler ahead!J

Recently I read that Glee will actually make a time jump in episode 102 and now I wonder…. will the series benefit from it?
I hope it will…
From my point of view Glee will get a fresh start after everything that happened.
They will hopefully tie all loose ends and give the characters more growth.

What are your thoughts?

And how do you think the next 1.5 season will be for the characters?

And what are your wishes for their futures? Will they be big stars or just normal human beings with a normal job… you know like we have ;)
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Mar 19, 2014
Doing a time jump allows them to carry over some of the characters from teh currernt season that would still have been in high school. It's necessary to keep those that hadn't graduated on board with Glee Club being shut down.
Mar 18, 2014
Well, the show absolutely needs to make a time jump in order to put McKinley behind them. During the first season, they established that they need 12 members in order to compete, and that's simply not going to happen unless they bring in even more people. Despite how the club has supposedly gained acceptance at the school, no new kids seem to be joining.

The show might have worked better with a revolving cast of characters, but that would have meant letting Finn, Rachel, and all of the other kids drop off after graduation, except for maybe 1 or 2 cameos in following seasons. That ship has sailed though, and now the show is struggling with the split focus.

Of course, moving away from McKinley after a time skip would mean the show's title would no longer be applicable. Perhaps it would be better to end the show and then have a spin off start the following season, x years in the future, with a focus on a core group of the graduates. Maybe call it Verve, which can mean talent or energetic. That, or stop pretending, and just call it The Rachel Berry Show.
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