Season 3 Episode 17

Dance with Somebody

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2012 on FOX

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  • Much better than expected

    I approached this episode like I have much of the entire season: this could be great, but it has the potential to be a sugary sweet mess. It certainly tended toward the former, but I think more from the fact that it was less about the music and more about the impending end of the season (i.e graduation). The music was worked into the plot well - although I'm not sure why they chose to try to capture the look and feel of the "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" music video with Blaine when they didn't do that with any other one.

    There were elements that I didn't care for, especially the ending of the episode with the gradual group number on stage (since when were Glee rehearsals optional?). I understand RM's desire to add balance with Joe, to represent religious fans, but the dilemma with him and Quinn was a little much. Kurt and Blaine's relationship still puzzles me and the way it is portrayed (vis-a-vis Santana and Brittany) is bizarre: When they finally reconcile in Emma' office they just hug, no kiss. I guess America isn't ready to see two men kiss in prime time (but seeing two girls kiss is okay?).

    Overall though the episode had a lot going for it. Well done!
  • Beautiful, emotional, gleeful.

    I'm once again hardly gonna find words to describe this episode. :) I'm having these problems quite frequently for the previous couple of episodes... I was always wondering what else could happen in Glee after a bunch of wonderful episodes but I constantly get surprised.

    I'm finishing my highschool in 4 weeks - no kidding, I really am. And I'm exactly aware of the fact that I will have to say goodbye to all my friends and schoolmates, my class, my teachers too... But I don't know if without Glee I would be able to cope with these feelings the way I'm coping with them now. It's amazing how a TV show can change your view of the world. I'm really thankful for this episode and it was by far one of the most amazing episodes I have ever seen in my life. It had everything; it had life. Great job. :)
  • Glee ROCKED Whitney!

    Wow oh wow! I cannot begin to profess how much I truly loved this episode.

    It had everything, comedy, romance and of course plenty of drama.

    New Directions truly honored Whitney Houston this episode, all of the songs were amazing but I liked how that unlike the Micheal Jackson episode this one was much more subdued and serious.

    The Klaine discord and make up was totally amazing, what I loved about it was that it was totally realistic. Their "Couple's counseling" with Emma was pure Klaine heaven both Chris and Darren really nailed that scene!

    Blaine and Kurt's songs were both fantastic and were the highlights of this episode for me.

    One of the most amazing tv dad's in the history of television returned this episode, aka Congressman Burt Hummel his one scene with Kurt was absolutely breathtaking my only qualm was that I wish it was a bit longer.

    Brittany/Satana's rendition of "Dance With Somebody" was sexy and really cute.

    Santana/Rachel's duet was wonderful.

    Will/Emma's marriage drama was a bit much but I liked it.

    Quinn's tentative romance with Joe was super cute but a little forced.

    The end scene with all of the Glee club together singing on stage I loved how it was reminiscent to the Pilot so incredible and genuine.

    Through I will be completely saddened to see my favorite senior's go I will be defiantly watching the rest of this season to see how their journey's pan out.

    Way to go Glee you knocked this Tribute episode right out of the park!

  • Epic!

    If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. If you have, not much I can say beyond Epic but here goes. The opening sequence was amazing. For a moment I didn't even realize they were singing a Capella. "I wanna dance..." was probably my favorite but all the songs were excellent as the students expressed their feelings through her songs. I only wish they had sung "Greatest Love of All" but that's just me. The in betweens were outstanding. Everything from the lover's quarrel, to the dad not wanting his son to leave, to the rehab scenes. With that said one of my favorite lines had to be "no tattoos, Leviticus." And Shuster reveals the real reason for why he wants to move up the wedding: He, like the rest of us, will miss these guys when they're gone. It was well thought out, well sung, and well done. The best Glee episode to date. Epic.
  • Amber Riley....= ENOUGH SAID.....

    wow!!! im gunna miss these kids when they graduate.. they are so talented especially Kurt and Mercerades... but the night went to Kurt i'm sorry im a huge Amber Riley fan but it was a Kurt night for me... i loved all the songs it was amazing choices that they selected. just an incredible episode...