Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on FOX

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  • Great in some spots and borderline weird in others...

    This episode was definitely fun to watch. The whole cat fight between Kurt and Rachel was EPIC, and their second Diva Off was fantastic, they put tears in my eyes. Not sure if I'm into Kurt's new guy, yet again, he had little to do in the show. Hopefully more of the Adam Apples will cover the screen in future episodes. I like it when they introduce new choirs with different styles. My favorite so far are obviously the Warblers. Another good subplot was the Blaine and Tina. It was so sad, and heartbreaking seeing Tina give in to unrequited love. Wait did I say sad? Actually its kind of embarassing. Yet again things like that happen ALL the time. I'm sure many straight girls fell in love with gay men before. What girl wouldn't? They are much cleaner, they dress better, absolutely in touch with their feminine side. Well, at least the ones they fall in love with. I know if I met Kurt, I would be in love with him in a heartbeat. Ok that's the good stuff.

    The weird stuff. Santana? I guess it is realistic that she dropped out from a floozy cheer leading School. But coming back and trying to get back with Britney? That was a bit rich. Also, the whole move with Kurt and Rachel is a bad idea. 3 Divas in one apartment = death race. Rachel and Kurt are already biting at each other! Tina's weird blow out on Blaine was so unwaranted, and poor Blaine is so broken he apologizes anyways! For what I have no idea. No girl should demand love from Gay boy, its unfair and mean. The last weirdest mind boggling move on the show was Finn kissing Emma. I bet everyone reenacted CeCe's reaction in New Girl. I know i did cut to credits. I also gagged just a bit. I hope Emma never mentions it. Or I hope the whole world can forget it happened, because it was the cheapest and lousiest episode writing ever done on Glee. I mean Come on!

    Over all though, I was entertained.