Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on FOX

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  • sparks

    Surely this episode has problems. Indeed, there are several quirky things going on that almost spoil everything. However, I had a lot of fun watching this very pleasurable episode, that almost made me forget the obvious drawbacks.

    This is not one of these "emotional" episodes, and there is little psychological development (even if there are nice moments here and there, especially regarding Santana and Tina), but it is definitely entertaining. Glee does one of the things that does better: creating conflict and resolving that conflict in music.

    The best part is the NYC storyline, with the quarrel between Kurt and Rachel. The story sounds for once well justified (it can only be expected that the victory at the showcase goes to Rachel's head), it has the right amount of tension, with no useless extra moments and is well built. The Diva Off is the climax of the episode and brings levels of tension long forgotten.

    I just would like to see more of Adam: are him and Kurt boyfriends already? there are already rumors of it, but we just saw an innocent request to go for a cup of coffee, in comparison with the tedious courting between Rachel and Brody of the first half of the season.

    On the other side, not everything works in Lima. Compared with the Rachel-Kurt confrontation, the Diva competition in the Glee club seems to be its very diluted version. It is basically just an excuse to make the awful Tina-Blaine storyline go forward. This plot is really pretty stupid, not to mention the sudden change in behavior of Tina which is absolutely not motivated and way over the top with respect to what we watched (as Blaine's apologies at the end). I agree Tina deserved a more leading storyline, but this one is ludicrous.

    Also the Santana-Sam-Brittany love complications come out as rushed and pretty uninteresting. At least I'm happy Santana is back to stay! But in New York, where she belongs.

    finally there is the weird Finn-Emma stuff. I don't know where the authors want to aim with this bizarre development. In that particular moment, considering the fragile state of mind and soul of both of them, the event at the end could make some sense, but I'm afraid they are going to blow it out of proportion. Very pessimistic about it.

    Musical review: really good music and performances this week.. Of course the highlight was the Kurt-Rachel showoff, but Blaine also was pretty good faced with the impossible Freddy Mercury comparison.