Season 4 Episode 7

Dynamic Duets

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2012 on FOX

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  • Forgot what that was like!

    (Spoilers ahead).

    By that I mean, I forgot what a funny-cheesy-in-the-greatest-way, leave-you-with-a-big-smile-at-the-end, remind-why-you-bother-watching-this-show-in-the-first-place episode glee could pop out. Certainly this is the best of season four since the pilot, and was for the first time in a long time actually fun to watch.

    The superhero thing could've been really lame but was actually really fun. So was watching Blaine return to Dalton. Not just for the added bonus of getting to see Sebastian again, and while he;s claimed to turn over a new leaf, you can still see the devilish smirk lurking underneath. New leader Hunter isn;t as fun as Sebastian but he;s here, he;s evil, we;ll take him. And he made some good points as to why Blaine would return to Dalton, those being that he transfferred for kurt, kurt no longer wants anything to do with him, and he remains a god at dalton. and he;s still got it with the warblers backing him up that switching back would make sense (in the glee universe only). But here;s where this season;s cutest bestieship comes into play (so much better than sam and brittany) sam convinces blaine that he;s not a bad guy, he just did a bad thing. and them stealing the trophy together was nothing short of spectauclar. Slaine shippers, assemble!

    Next, the Marley and Kitty thing. This was one of the few moments this episode that got the confused-dog head tip, because how can Marley not see through her smoke? It's slightly believable she would still be listening to her about the weight thing (even though all her regular clothes fit when the costume didnt, again only in the gleeverse) but after hearing kitty trash her mom, not to mention marley at the sleepover and just kitty;s overall unpleasantness, why would marley be so quick to listen to her? one theory could be that marley hasn;t really had friends and its nice to feel like she does, but thats what the glee club is for! after being at so many schools, you would think marley would be a little smarter about mean girls. speaking of which, why is kitty pretending to be marley;s friend? friends close, enemies closer, but what does kitty hope to accomplish by being marley;s friend? she did tell her she would buy her clothes, so is she going to buy her things she knows marley can;t fit into? the only thing i can think of is that kitty wants to destroy marley to get jake. this would be acceptable by tv mean girls standards if she just wanted to destroy marley;s repuation, but kitty is the first girl i;ve ever seen on tv who;s actually trying to destroy her victim's body. it's devious and.... incredibly terrifying.

    speaking of jake, i enjoyed the time he got this episode!! he really didn;t do anything last week except watch ryder kiss marley and make a frowny face. But this week, Jake and Ryder start fighting twice but evantually come to an understanding. Again, this is where its a problem to know how the world works and have gone to a high school in the midwest, which biracial kids do not get relentlessly teased. This is one of those things that yes, probably does still exist somewhere, but is for the most part a little outdated. Also, Jake calling Puck was adorable, because it's always great to check on the elder puckerman and it;s nice to see they;ve become brothers. Because this is glee and season 4 in general, we didn;t get to see their breakthrough moment, but you can;t have everything.

    Last up is Finn. I get that he would struggle to find his footing as head of glee and that it would be hard for the club to look at him as their "leader" (can't call him teacher, glee has been VERY clear on that) but can;t things work out for Finn just once? It's very clear they;re going to lose sectionals next week (which i;d like to see, because it;s never happened to them and it;ll be interesting to see what else they do) but i wish glee could find another punching bag than finn.

    in other news, rachel and kurt were once again not in this episode. Again, while I am one of the few gleeks who loves rachel, and kurt to some extent (since the second year, he;s become really whiny and annoying) the show really works better and is more enjoyable when it;s all set in one place, or one state at the very least. Rachel and Kurt should be like everyone else, where they lead lives and we see them now and again. Like this week we saw Puck, it was great, next we;ll get to see Quinnm which I'm looking forward to (but i;m glad they didn;t bring her back till now, because that means she was actually going to college and coming home for a plausible reason) so they should really thin out Rachel and Kurt like everybody else.

    Next week takes us to sectionals, where New Directions will most likely lose for the first time ever. should be something to see!
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