Season 3 Episode 9

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2011 on FOX

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  • Well that was odd

    (Spoilers ahead)

    Last week's episode Glee really knocked outta the park, so much I thought they didn;t need to have a Christmas episode. And I was right.

    This episode was really confusing with them running around going every which way providing many inconsistencies as only glee can. The plot of this week is that Sue asks Artie, Kurt and Blaine if glee would perform at a homeless shelter for christmas and they say yes. But then Will is asked if the glee kids will do some local cable Christmas special and they agree to do that over helping the homeless. It's not even that, it's that they made it seem like Artie and Kurt hadn;t told everyone about the homeless shelter, otherwise it would seem weird they turned it down.

    Artie goes crazy directing insisting that it has all be all happy and fun and Sam walks out. Then we get to the christmas special which is black and white, choking on saccharine and features blaine, kurt, mercedes and rachel singing a very drawn out version of my favorite things, finn and puck dressed as stars wars characters ("purely coincidental" for copyright reasons) and the cheerios dressed as slutty carolers. Then Rory comes in to read them the true meaning of Christmas.

    That's when the episode's agenda becomes clear, they;re trying to make it the charlie brown christmas special. this was hinted at with rachel having a very specific and expensive list of what finn should get her for christmas and she tells him "i just want whats coming to me. all i wants my fair share" (sally says this exact line in a charlie brown christmas) and then during their weirdo christmas special rory comes in and reads from the bible. linus would be proud.

    then they go to the homeless shelter and find quinn and sam already there (when quinn, who has been first class on the crazy train this whole year, is doing the right thing you know all is not right in whoville). The episode ends with Rachel and Finn trading their gifts for each other to give the money to charity and collecting wiith Sam and Rory.

    While this episode proves Glee is in a much better place than it was at this time last year (Kurt was at a different school, Rachel and Finn were broken up, general unhappiness) and this episode the glee family is newly back together again, but it was just all over the place and a tad off. But it was in good cheer nonetheless and makes us look forward to the new year on glee.
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