Season 3 Episode 9

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2011 on FOX

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  • Christmas episode: cheesy much?

    Let's say it out front: I LOVE Christmas. I like the cold and the snow, I like decorating my place, I like making presents, I like seeing my annoying family, I like (a lot of) Christmas songs... Christmas is probably my favorite holiday!

    However, this season's Christmas Episode of Glee was almost unbearable!

    At first it started out not so badly, with Sue getting a grip and involved in helping the poor. It's sweet, it's consistent with her character and I'm fine with her I-lost-my-sister-and-it's-my-first-Christmas-alone justification. So the glee club was going to help, OK.

    But then it went ALL wrong.

    OK the glee club was offered to shoot a Christmas special for local TV. But A) WHY did it turn Artie into a senseless jerk? "Oh! No! Christmas should not be sad AT ALL! It should be ALL joy, and cheese! And there should be Chewbacca!" ... *sighs* Then B) WHY did they had this OBVIOUS conflict:" Both events (feeding homeless people / shooting the episode) had to take place at the SAME TIME. This was SO obvious, and SO bad, that when Sue comes to their auditorium to merrily remind them of their engagement, their faces are... expressionless! Really! The actors weren't even able to do anything! There simply was NO logic in that, so they just didn't act. Their faces remained blank. So we don't know how they end up like this. Did they even KNOW they were supposed to sing for the homeless? Had they thought about it before, and made their decision already? Not only do they choose to shoot the episode instead of helping people (VERY like them, good job, writers!), but they don't even look like they are THINKING about it! This only was shocking and out of character.

    Then there's Rachel, who turns into a bitch, which gives Finn the supposed-to-be-funny line "OMG! I'm dating a Kardashian!" ... hem... Again. Why would sweet Rachel become so greedy? I mean, to make a list if OK, it can help people find ideas for Christmas when they don't, and I'm all for it. But to stay deaf to your boyfriend when he says "Hey! I'm broke! I can't possibly buy you any of these things" and insist on having FIVE of the items of your list? Some bitch needs a good slap in the face! And what's worse: he gives her a present that she REFUSES!!! and then in the end, when she comes to her senses and accepts it, he suddenly has the money to buy her TWO OTHER PRESENTS! Once of them being JEWELERY!

    And then there is the Christmas special inside the Christmas special... Well... given the ideas for the episode came to a teenage boy in a DREAM, we could not expect much, but here... Yuck! Since the first seconds I was thinking: "Oh! This is bad! This is so bad!". I like "let it snow", I LOVE Blaine, and their duet on "Baby it's cold outside" last year was almost perfect! But here I was just waiting for it to end. And then the episode went, LOOONG (too long for an episode-inside-the-episode, if you ask me) and CHEESY. It was supposed to mock the cheesy, corny Christmas specials (I guess), but it's Rory reading about JESUS that got them to their senses and change their minds about going or not to the homeless shelter... I LOVE Rory. Damian McGinty has an amazing voice, a great acting talent, and it's a shame he's not given more lines that actually make sense! But here it was just too much... His reading was SWEET, but what it did to the characters was so predictable, so sudden, so illogical, that it even clouded the fact that it was sweet and well done. It was almost like Murphy was ONCE AGAIN reminding us that he was GAY (I mean... the whole black and white thing... so... well...) and a CHRISTIAN. This episode had Gay and Christianity written all over it!

    Then, to end our pain and misery, they went to the homeless shelter (with a Turkey!) and sang "Do they know it's Christmas"... Oh Boy... was there a WORSE song to sing here? This song was written t to make rich European/American people feel guilty about the poor/hungry African people so that they'd give money... what a HORRIBLE song to sing to poor people on Christmas! Weren't they supposed to cheer them up? It was almost as if they were saying "Hey! You're poor and miserable, but at least you're in America! What are you ranting about?"...

    This episode was terrible terrible terrible... The only thing that MAY save it a little is Mercedes' first performance (obvious but well executed) and the presence and performances of Rory, who's almost magical. So my 3 points go to Damian McGinty, who I hope will stay in the show, and have more sensible lines in the future.
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