Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Irritating feuds

    This episode has the big problem of developing two of the most irritating storylines of this season for me: Rachel's pregnancy scare (and relative Brody problem) and the Emma-Finn kiss, that as expected blew out of proportion and as expected saw mr. Shue as an immature douchebag.

    This feeling of irritation didn't leave me throughout the whole episode and, after the last "feud" scene, the clash between Brody and Finn, left me wondering if Finn has ever been so creepy (I mean, what Brody does for a living is morally questionable, but at least he doesn't go around playing the unrequested knight saving a damsel in distress that does not want to be saved calling her "his future .

    I hate this episode also because it spoils one of my favorite characters, Santana: since when she has become such a judgmental prude? I'm happy that Kurt does not almost appear in this episode, otherwise it would have spoiled him too!

    I'm saving the episode only for the minor storylines. For once, the new kinds of the New directions prove to be much more mature than the world around them. The Ryder-Jake-Marley kiss is resolved in a much more believable and reasonable way than the Emma-Finn-Shue mess, and the Ryder-Unique confrontation, even if sounds a bit forced, is not too bad. I like how at the end they finally appear as a group.

    The Blaine-Sue storyline is minor but quite a funny one.

    Musically the episode is not terrific but it's pretty fine. I liked the Minaj-Carey mashup and the "dance of seduction" coreography of the first musical number.
  • What. Happened.

    I will post my own thoughts and not repeat the ones already shared here.

    - No explanation for the absence of Brit, Joe or Suga. In fact, Suga left the group yet pops in and out. WTF?

    - Will acts like a snot all of a sudden? Not like his character at all.

    - Robin Sylvester ... where art thou? What a useless storyline.

    - Sue's performance was horrific, as was the BSB/NSYNC mash-up.

    - Ryder's catfish storyline is lame and such a reach for relevance.

    - Did Coach Beiste get shot and die off camera? Where the hell did she go?

    - Finn can't afford to go to NYC. He's a poor beeetch. And the "future wife" line was beyond lame. Who says that?

    - What happened to the fun opening where the voice-over catches us up? "And that's what you missed on --

  • This is getting more terrible every week...

    I'm rating this 6 only because of Santana and Ryder <3

    This show never made any sense but now is getting so worse. There are too many characters, the plot is inconsistent and the characters that are supposed to be turning their life around are getting so pathetic: Will, Finn, Tina...

    And then the juniors saying that next year the seniors aren't going to be there... but if I recall correctly, Marley, Unique and Jake are singing almost everything, so that's not a real issue now, isn't it?

    Why can't some coherence be on this show?
  • I'm officially DONE with Glee

    I'm officially DONE with Glee. For a while i've tried to keep up with the character inconsistances. its completely contrived and never resolved storylines, their on the surface looks into real social issues, and really cheesy musical performances . Enough is Enough.

    There was a time when Glee actually had a message. It attacked social issues in a very funny but honestly true way. It appealed to us because we could relate to the problems of the characters, and most importantly they were real. Now it just Makes SHIT up and they don't care.

    All of sudden they care about the Unique storyline??. They didn't give a shit about it since they introduced the character. That entire Ryder hate came from No where!!, that's not even Ryder's character. And again an on the surface look at Unique transgender storyline, because they are too busy with the love triangles that make no sense. As usual the minority characters take a back seat on Glee.

    Finn and Mr Shoe, that was laughable!!!, you can't even have a grounded discussion about what happened?, then all of sudden Finn is OFF to New York to fight Brody like OMG. and by the way, don't buy that Brody storyline at all!!! He's so hot he could work as a bartender in any gay club, its New York for crying out loud.

    That Sue, Blaine thing was nonsence!!!. Whats with the ryder's SMS girl??. LIKE they don't already have enough underdeveloped characters on glee? So many characters now who we still don't understand, So many unfinished storylines . what ever happened to ;

    1) Kitty(hate her) she needs to be punished for what she did to Marley. That's not cool

    2) Ryder, Sam and Brittney's school issues?

    3) Emma and Mr Shoe, Are they ever gonna get married or have a baby or have SEX????

    4) Rachel and her teacher!!!! Kate Hudson WTF

    5) The warblers doing drugs storyline?, Kurt's JOB storyline?

    The list goes on, SCREW YOU GLEE I'm done!!!!!

  • Glee has lost its way

    This episode of Glee was more than a little ridiculous. Why they can't possibly use songs from this century is beyond me - i mean come on Backstreet Boys and Nsync? Also why can't they give Finn a real direction in this season. Like othe reviews have noted this episode had potential for him when Marley suggests Finn gets his teaching degree. But then he ruins this potential story line by reverting to form, running to New York and fighting Brody for his "future wife". Also i just wasn't feeling this feuds storyline. It might be because i have a big hate on for both Mariah Carey and Nicky Minaj but that feud between Sue and Blaine was 5 minutes of my life i will never get back.

    The only good thing about this whole episode was Santana uncovering Brody's misdeeds. Her character was the strongest and her actions the only reasonable plot point in this whole show. This season is just getting worse and worse. Writers - please think about your characters properly and give them some real development!
  • This episode just made me mad.

    I'm sick of so much that is happening on Glee! They are just doing these extreme new things to try & be hip. Schue being pissed @ Fin is Bull Sh!t. Schue needs to grow the F up. He has no adult friends & is pissed at an 18 year old for giving a quick kiss to his would-have-been wife, that he'd been ignoring. Then acts super childish about the WHOLE thing. It's not like they ever had, or have romantic feelings for each other. Nothing was EVER going to come of it, and like I said, Schue has been a crappy boyfriend.

    The He/She thing has gotten old FAST. Why's the blond a D-bag for calling Wade out on it? Pick a gender & stick to it. He was born a male, and still dresses like one whenever he wants, then pulls a bull shit equality card when he decided to be feminism. I'm also sick of Puck Jr. standing up for people's rights. So he was a dick this whole time, but now he's reformed b/c he's been dating a nice girl for a couple months? And their relationship friendship is SOOO strong now? Who were these ppl friends w b4 this year??

    I was also going to be mad @ "Gay Clark Kent" but then I realized it was all a plan. I would NOT do an extra activity my last year @ high school b/c my signature was on a fake document.

    This show needs to shape the F up. The only good thing about it was Santana calling BS on what's been going on, & Fin kicking that guys a$$. I knew he was tall in real life, but it really showed here when we walked out of the bathroom. I'm not A finachael fan, but Rachael needs to shape up too!
  • A feud requires 2 warring parties, not one victim and 1 childish jerk

    Dear moderator: grab a pair and get the hell away from my review!

    For a so-called Hollywood writer, Mister Murphy has no clue what the notion of a "feud"; is. Thus far I can see a Schuster character acting like a spoiled little child who won't share his toys throwing a temper tantrum and a Finn character taking all the abuse heaped upon him without saying "boo"; about it. Did I get that wrong? Isn't that known as "BULLYING!?" Here in Canada we have passed anti-bullying legislation for which a professional teacher like the schuster character would be currently on suspension without pay and in front of a tribunal about to lose his job over. Guess you yanks need to pick it up a bit and get with the times.

    Temper tantrum about a coffee order for an entire class (that Finn probably had to pay out of his own pocket which Schuster made him re-order twice - even though Finn is unemployed, NOT a paid teacher and didn't say "no" to).

    Temper tantrum about choir vests that were somehow lacking in Hollywood A-Lister sparkle that Finn also probably had to pay to clean TWICE out of his own unemployed wallet.

    Temper tantrum in front of school kids berating the professionalism of another educator (albeit not a paid one, but one doing an educator's job none the less) - and no teacher's union had Schuster fired for defamation or even called to the office about his mouth in front of impressionable kids? Clearly the Lima Ohio school board depicted here which also put up with the bullying antics of Sue Sylvester is the epitome of the absolute worst school system ever to be created, where the children don't count for spit, but where its all about just how childishly bad the would-be college grad teachers behave. There's surely a message Murphy sends loud and clear, huh.

    A feud takes 2 parties fighting. This is an old, dried up never-was, who should have been written off the show TWO seasons ago, but who can't get a real job on Broadway anymore because nobody thinks he can actually sing or dance in the real world enough to hire him... .(but whom Ryan seems to really like - perhaps more than a writer should), and a character with all the self esteem of a wet mop who doesn't stand up for himself, has been written to hold such a huge inferiority complex (could it be because Corey Monteith is Canadian and Yanks have always claimed we have a huge inferiority complex when it comes to the USA - or just that Ryan can't write to save his life, much less to entertain for 42 minutes anymore)? Sure Finn kicks a musaic stand... quite frankly I'm shocked and more than a little amazed he hasn't wiped the floor with Will Schuster's face already. It was a kiss... it wasn't like he bedded her.... or inapropriately touched her, or heaven forbid like they had an affair like Shelby and Puckerman or like Shelby and Schuster did. We never saw Rachel want to castrate Schuster for _cking her mother did we? (though that would have been REALLY GOOD TV!) It wasn't like Emma left him at the altar to go support some extra curricular Finn was heading like she did her first Husband Coach Tanaka when she left him at the altar to go lead Will's Choir at a competition. There was a kiss... it wasn't even like she killed herself over it like the Karavsky story arch.... he kissed her... get the hell over it.

    "You're a whore Will.... you're a whore!" (I believe that's one of the most infamous EMMA lines e-v-e-r) How soon we forget.... who'se the real whore here, huh?

    "My pastor will pray for you Will" - a Figgins line about the whorishness of Schuster.

    This was a kiss... same thing Marley and Ryder shared... a kiss. Don't see junior Puckerman going all boys-in-tha-hood on Ryder and being as lame as the 30-something teacher do we?

    That is not a feud... if Schuster were a 10 yr old boy the best solution would have been if his mom had taken him behind the building, pulled his pants down and spanked him so all his friends could hear it (and see it) and then even if it didn't actually hurt the little Napoleon complexed idiot, the embarrassment factor would have been so huge that he would NEVER have acted like a spoiled self-absorbed, socially despicable brat towards Finn ever again. Oh yes, we can't say "spanked" anymore, we can't even imply that parents should be anything but their children's "besties" can we... my bad! LOL

    In any event, this was not a Feud. Just a professional adult teacher being a spoiled brat in dire need of a public spanking to shame him into better behaviour.


    Love songs - in an episode supposedly all about war paint and hatred of one's fellow man?!?!?!

    Backstreet boys and Timberlake? REALLY!!?!?! Atr least there could have been BETTER boy band choices.... like perhaps "Backstreet's Back" or given Schuster's small minded sticking to hating Finn no matter what anyone would say or do, "Don't want you back". Brad needs to retake the reigns of this show. He needs to stop being the "forever at-beck-and-call" piano player and retake the show he created. Murphy is killing it, if its not already dead and past the point of DNR!

    The ONLY... and I do mean ONLY watchable content was the final 7 minutes where the Glee kids hatch their plan to destroy Sue from within and when the HOOKER gets his ass handed to him.

    How dare ANYONE side with the hooker... I mean.... I know MANY of you are Craig's List ho's but still... how dare you. This is a family show, not a show about what your dad would beat your ass for you doing if they actually paid more attention to what you did on the computer at night. Wooops, yes there I go again, assuming that parents have any right watsoever to watch their teeneage children's activities on the computer and have any say in raising these soon-to-be voting adults... how backwards of me... this is the time of "no child left behind" and "freedom for everyone - even if they are too stupid to handle it... a time where everyone is right and nobody is wrong... no matter how wrong they really are. My bad. LOL

    Feud.... only feud here is the one between cable consumers who pay monthly bills for content they can enjoy and the garbage that this pathetic writer spews in its place.

    BTW: Ryder's online chick is probably going to be either Sue incognito, or Kittie (aka Katie) - Hmm.... rocket scientists.... anyone? Though I am glad Ryan Murphy has Ryder using the computers in a Public Secondary school for students to send pornographic pictures of each other back and forth. Nothing wrong there, huh? Just so long as all kids feel involved, accepted, free to express themselves and do what it is they wish to do whenever and however they wish to do right? (Guess that's why so many of them grab guns and bring them to school - or to Batman movies,

    A few more spankings and a tightened grip on computer access and perhaps we wouldn't end up with such hellishly bad future-adults, huh? LOL

    As the Schuster character quiped to Emma last season "I suppose you have a pamphlet for THAT too"!

    Will Schuster is a character entirely devoid of meaning, feeling or purpose anymore and it NEEDS to be REMOVED like a cancerous tumor before the entire show dies a slow, painful and bloody death!!!!!

    Nobody gives a rat's ass about it... other than Ryan Murphy.

    Emma could do MUCH WORSE than Finn .. in fact she is settling for an absentee fiancee, who is a smart mouthed, unappreciative, unfeeling and self absorbed package of more damaged goods than any one person should ever have to be saddled with and she's doing it under Ryan Murphy's somewhat anemic watch. Glad his other show is doing so well.... perhaps he should concentrate on that and not spread his marginal talent so thin by attempting to write 2 shows at the same time. He's no Joss Whedon! (and thank GOD for that or Buffy and Angel may never have achieved the cult followings they enjoy today if Ryan Murphy had been involved!)

  • Some Feuds Can't Be Resolved

    Despite the fact that this episode featured some of my favorite Boy-band songs I gotta say I was disappointed.

    I loved Santana's exploits in New York and I hope we get more of them.

    I didn't like Will/Finn's feud it was so overwrought that I couldn't connect to either of them.

    Apart from Santana I did love the younger glee kids trying to carve out their niche in Glee club and at McKinley I really liked them coming together and forming a bond, although I still loathe Kitty.

    Blaine's plan was really good, I really was fooled up until he revealed his true intentions.

    For some odd reason I am intrigued by Ryder's cyber friend.

    All in all this episode had its moments yet it still failed to grab me.