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100 (Official Episode 5X12 Discussion [03/18/2014])

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    Sorry to be four days early, but I have another conflict going on this Tuesday.

    Well, this is it, we just arrived here already, the 100th episode of this show.

    I know the New Directions got robbed and overlooked in the previous episode, but now the high school glee club is disbanding, but I would rather say, the disbandment would not last long.

    From the last episode, the Throat Explosion were considered strongly experience, but there are bad things going on during their performance.

    - They were dependent too much on their lead singer Jean Baptist.

    - Their moves are like the Warblers and there could be a case that they may have taken drugs just like the Warblers.

    Also, I know Sue wants the high school glee club disbanded, but I'm afraid, she will get expelled from McKinley High school and thrown into jail immediately for these reasons:

    - She will get framed for bringing a gun into the high school.

    - She will be caught for sending an illegal gossip letter to LA about the New Directions' weaknesses to the public.

    After the Throat Explosion gets disqualified, their first place will be given to the new Directions instead and after Sue gets removed from McKinley High, the glee club will reunite and put into a private hiatus for a medium-length of time, IMO.

    I really hope Jayma Mays, who plays Emma, appears in this episode, besides continuing appearing in the "Millers" at the same time. I also hope that Brittany, Sugar and Joe return for these final three episodes.

    They will try and remember what songs they sang in the past, I know Finn is the only one never appearing in this episode.

    I will finish watching this show up to its series finale and I will never rewatch all of the episodes of this show ever again.

    Please discuss this anyhow.

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    You shouldn't be creating and posting under the new episode title if you're not actually talking or posting about the new episode.

    You had nothing to say about this episode, because it hadn't even aired yet, you just wanted to mark your territory.


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