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All Or Nothing (Episode 4X22)

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    This episode should be the Regionals episode, but I don't understand why they scheduled the Regionals in this episode, which is the season 4 finale, for no reason at all?

    I really hope the Nationals is on the beginning of Season 5 of this show. I know Sugar and Joe are back into this episode, but I think we should give more lead solos and publicity to Tina. So far, she is catching up and gaining more publicity so far, but we have to terminate this anti-Tina situation right now!

    There are rules in any type of performances:

    - No drugs

    - No distractions

    - No kissing

    - No fights

    - No collapsings

    - More flexible chemistry

    I don't know what the ending of this episode would result?

    Anyhow, please discuss this episode.

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