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All you amazing people

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    So I'm Hannah I'm 19 and I'm working on an essay for one of my classes right now. My essay is on fandoms and most importantly, the Glee fandom. I would love it if you amazing people took some times out of your busy day drooling of the Glee cast and dancing around to the songs we have come to love, and answer a few questions for me...think you can do that? I'm just gunna act like you said yes, so here we go!

    1) What is your main fandom?
    2)Why did you join your fandom?
    3)Main OTP? (the couple you like 'ship' most)
    4)If a new person came into our fandom and they didn't really know anything, what would be the main thing you tell them?
    5)Have you ever partook in any fandom hate?
    6)Whats the main inner fandom fight/hate in your fandom?
    7)How do you feel about fandoms?
    How would you explain fandoms to an alien?


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