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Bash (Official Episode 5X15 Discussion [04/08/2014])

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    I know I have to do this again for the another week in row, but I have another conflict going on this Tuesday. But this title is considered another offensive and violent word, what's going on there again?

    It has been revealed that this show will have 20 episodes this season rather than 22 due to the emergency of Corey Montieth's death. But we know that not only he has family and drug problems, he also has erratic love technique problems at the same time. Next and final season will have two additional episodes for the makeup.

    Also, Jayma Mays, who plays Emma, was turned down in the wrong time when some stupid idiot put her under contract with "The Millers" too strongly. This is not a good time for her Emma character to get axed right away because Emma is about to give birth right away.

    I can still predict that Marley and Unique are too talented to get axed right away, so they might move into New York by next season. Marley is a pretty 16-year-old girl and Unique is a hard-working 17-year-old girl.

    But this FOX Tuesday Night is big again because after this show is another double Mindy Project again. But both shows are badly turned down for no reason because of bad adjustments that they encountered of losing both many men critics and many older critics.

    Anyhow please discuss this episode anyhow.

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