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Blaine's role in season four...(No, this isn't spoilers)

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    Blaine – Running solo this year.

    Anyone else really looking forward to seeing Blaine in a more central role this season? As much as I love Blaine/Kurt, I've always wanted to see him be the focus of an episode. 'Brothers' was a flawed episode curiously underdeveloped in it's ideas, but I did enjoy it for seeing Blaine take central stage (something which I expected to happen more in season three then it did) With his talent, dedication and morale boosting abbilities - I'm expecting Blaine to take up a leadership position in the group of some kind with Tina.

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    Season 4 is going to be weird, It's just basically going to transition period from the old characters to the new ones. So Blaine will get some attention at first but little attention towards the end of the season. As for Blane, I kinda think he plays too big of a role sometimes.
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