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Britney 2.0 (Episode 4X02)

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    [1]Sep 7, 2012
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    I am not sure if this is correct, but this episode should talk about the former teen pop queen of America, Britney Spears. I don't listen to her music anymore, but what else?

    Discuss this episode topic, anyhow.

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    [2]Sep 21, 2012
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    After one very fine season premiere (in my opinion) I felt like this was one of the worst glee episodes ever.

    Rachel's story was the only one that actually made sense. On the other side (in McKinley High) there just seemed songs were bursting out all over the place. I felt I wasn't even finished hearing to one song and the next one had already started. Usually they choose songs to fit inside the story, but in here, it just seemed they picked up a bunch of Britney songs and squeezed some dialogue in between just so it would seem like we're watching a TV show and not one of those "Disney Sing Along Songs" video tapes. Didn't like it at all.

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    [3]Sep 25, 2012
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    I know it's 5 days late, but I wasn't anywhere where I could watch TV or use the Internet for a while.

    Alas, this season finally delivers alegitimatelygood episode. I actually felt bad for Brittany dealing with her and Santana being so distant from each other. Plus, the new characters actually had some life and didn't feel soulless on screen this time alone. I found myself rooting for Marley and Jake and for the first time in a while, they didn't go down the extremely predictable route of having them become a couple at the end. Nice job, writers! Pairing him up with Kitty actually made me do a double take and made me sympathize with Marley. As an added bonus, they had an emotional showstopper number at the end that I would pair up there with "Keep Holding On" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart." And those are both from the first season!

    Was it perfect? Far from it. There were still some glaring flaws that I've accepted are never going to go away. Brittany was one again portrayed as a supertard, like she's been since late season 1/early season 2. I miss the days when she was just the daffy cheerleader who just had weird sayings. Also, even if they finally did decide to develop Cassandra July, that didn't make me like her more. Seriously, she's always brought the show down and I just don't think there's a way to improve that character. Then again, they may surprise me on that.

    Still... impressive...

    Grade: B

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    [4]Sep 26, 2012
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    I agree with Mr Cellophane 1..... not perfect, but a good episode.

    First, the good: The whole Britney Spears lampooning by Brittany, I thought was well done. I was laughing a lot during these parts, especially during the cheeto eating lip synched assembly. I was wondering if Ms. Spears would make a guest appearance like she did last time, but after they made fun of her hair cutting, over-eating, lip-synching misfortunes, I thought "Gee, Glee better bleed the bottom of the Britney Spears music catalog this time, 'cause they're never going to get permission to use any of her future songs!". Also loved the return of the Brittany S. Pierce one liners. Favorite of the night: identifying George Washington as Glenn Close! Of the musical numbers I especially liked the "Crazy/(You Drive Me) Crazy" mash-up sung by Marley & Jake.

    The Bad: First, the "Boys/Boyfriend" mash-up sung by Artie & Blaine had waaayy too much auto-tune. During the chorus, it didn't sound anything like Blaine or Artie. If the Glee members are doing one of their fantasy or dream sequence singing numbers, I can accept some auto-tuning. But if they're singing in the practice room, with no microphones in sight, it drives me crazy when it's used as much as in this number, but still trying to make us believe they're singing "live". And the ironic thing is that it came in an episode where Mr. Schu chews out the Glee club for lip-synching...... he should have added auto-tuning to his lecture.

    Second, why would Rachel's classmates help her perform "Womanizer"? We were shown this episode one boy turning her away for the Tango practice. And we're told that NYADA is a very competitive school. So why help one of your competition get into the good graces of their teacher, especially a student you haven't befriended? I'm worried that the NYADA student body will become like Mckinley High...... the students will be mean to Rachel & Kurt when the writers want our sympathy for the characters, but then the students will be there cheering them on when a different writer wants us to feel good about them. I hope I'm wrong about this.

    Finally, I was happy to see Santana & Puck again, BUT: It sounds like Santana is cheerleading at university now, but wasn't Santana going to give up her cheerleader scholarship at the end of last season, and use her mother's money to go to New York to "be a star"? I realize she could have changed her mind during the summer, but wouldn't it have been nice if the writers had maybe.....oh, I don't know.....wrote a line or two to explain what happened? As for Puck, when he said "I have to go back to LA", I laughed....but not in a good way. Are we to assume he drove 2-3 days from LA to Ohio (I'm assuming his pool cleaning business hasn't been such a success that he can pay for a round-trip ticket at this time), stop by McKinley to spend 3 minutes to introduce himself to his half-brother for the first time, then turn around and drive 2-3 days back to LA? As much as I think he likes Mr. Schu, would Puck really do that? Really?

    But like the first episode of the season, there were enough positives to make me think that this season can keep my interest and turn out to be a pretty good season.

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