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Costumes and Choices (People .vs. Corporations)

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    This is my first Glee forum posting (at least first I remember), so Hi to everyone! :-)

    Anyway, I'm wondering about costume choices on Glee. After watching several episodes I know in many scenes the scene dictates the clothing, but there are also others where any high-school or college clothes will work without harming the episode. In those cases (the last one), I'm wondering how much input the actors - themselves - have in the clothing choices.

    There's a couple of reasons, but one is simple: I'm interest in clothing choices by people and not companies. So, does Chord Overstreet (Sam) really like Chucks (as he wears them almost all the time). Does Chris Colfer influence the attire worn by Kurt? So on and so forth . . .



    P.S. Before posting I tried to see this this topic already came up, but honestly, when I tried to use "SEARCH" I got hits on other series and not this forum or even Glee. QUESTION: Is there a way to search JUST the forum you reading? Again thanks to everyone for your participation here or where ever!

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