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Frenemies (Official Episode 5X09 Discussion [02/25/2014])

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    I have returned to this topic right now, but this title seems very mutual-exclusively combined due to enemies pretending to be friends or friends pretending to be enemies. I don't know about this.

    Tina and Artie were in the Glee club for a long while because Tina was not given a chance ahead of time and Artie cannot stand up properly like the others. They are both wanted to become valedictorian at the same time, but which one?

    Now we know that Brittany might come back soon to graduate with the other glee club members, because we understand she went to MIT but this should have been proven that she would have worn a red cap, worn a red gown and holding a high school scholar to prove that she officially written out.

    Sugar and Joe are 17-year-old juniors, but the actress, who played Sugar, is transferring to a new mid-season sitcom, which starts tomorrow night, at the same time.

    Marley, Kitty, Unique, Jake and Ryder are 16-year-old sophomores, but Marley got more sweet talent than everyone else.

    Emma and Will officially tied the knot, but they promised not to divorce this time. But here's the problem, the actress, who played Emma, entered the cast of "The Millers" recently and it is going to be very hard for Emma and Will to divorce still. But as you noticed that Will got a new job offer in Washington DC. So right after this upcoming graduation, Emma and Will will both be reduced as guest characters when they both transfer to Washington DC at the same time. No we noticed that Emma is pregnant, I hope its gotta be twin siblings.

    But we now noticed that the Nationals are taking place in LA this time, right where Mercedes is. But we just want to make sure that there will be no problems at all and they will follow the same rules, like they did in Chicago nationals.

    If this works, then, right after this upcoming graduation, there will be no more Lima scenes after all. That means, not only Brittany, Tina, Artie, Blaine and Sam are going to graduate, I'm afraid that Sugar, Joe, Marley, Kitty, Unique, Jake and Ryder might be forced to graduate at the same time. So all of these twelve total will graduate.

    There are 3 episodes to go until the 100th, so please discuss this episode topic anyhow.

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    It's funny how my interest in this show declined so rapidly during the break.

    Coming back to an episode full of obnoxious attitudes and stupid fights hasn't helped.

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