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How long have you been watching?

How long have you been watching Glee?

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    [1]Nov 7, 2011
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    Not sure if anybody created this thread yet, but I thought it would be fun.

    I personally started watching a few days after Hell-O premiered, but I didn't start watching regularly until the beginning of season 2.

    I remember seeing the promos for this show back in early 2009 and half-considering watching it, but deciding not to because of new FOX shows being a let-down in the past. When the show started to hit its popularity in mid-late 2009, it was all the kids at my school were talking about. I thought "Well, it's just another overhyped teen show," because it was mostly discussed by freshmen and sophomores (I was a senior at the time.) Then around Christmas that year, I heard their cover of Don't Stop Believein' on my dad's sattelite radio and thought "Hey, this Glee stuff is pretty good." You see, I was unaware that the show had musical numbers, so once I heard it was a musical (of which I am a fan), I thought "Maybe I will give it a shot."

    Then in April 2010, I decided to check out this "Glee" thing after all. I went on Hulu and watched Hell-O and I was amazed by what I had been missing. It was one of the most well-written TV shows I had ever seen in my life and I was hooked ever since. I started watching the premieresat the beginning of season 2 and haven't missed one since. I'll admit it isn't as good at it was in the first season, but it still has a way of introducing well-written storylines and gripping social commentary. I wish this show a good stay at FOX.

    So, when did you start watching? You don't have to introduce a long story like I did if you don't want to. Wink

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    [2]Nov 7, 2011
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    I have watched glee since the very beginning. I acatually watched the first episode when they aired it as a preview. I fell in love with glee right away. I watch it every week it is on!
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    [3]Nov 8, 2011
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    Found the Pilot episode by accident while channel hoping and have watched ever since. It has been frustrating having to wait several weeks before it has aired in the UK (series 1&2) but for the current series I have only had to wait two days so not so bad. I have even bought series 1&2 on Bluray and will get the next one when it is out next year - not yet tired of watching it. Not sure about watching another series as Santana will be leaving (boo hoo!) as will most of the main cast but will reserve final judgement when series three has finished. Hopefully the replacement characters will fill the empty places without losing the character chemistry that has developed over the three series. I will wait and see what happens but will enjoy the rest of the episodes until then.

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    [4]Nov 8, 2011
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    I started watching in early January '10, after the first 13 episodes had already aired in the US. I loved those episodes!

    I still watch regularly, but usually forget to keep up. It was Thursday already last week when I remembered that a new episode had already aired. It wasn't so great, by the way, kinda crappy.

    I have to disagree with the writing of the show being great, it's really not. But I still love "Glee" and its cast of characters.
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    [5]Nov 8, 2011
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    I watched the whole first and half of the second season on DVD the first episode that I saw on Fox was the Episode with the drinking and because of rerun's the only episode I missed was the one after the Valatine episode but I've been hooked since then.
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    [6]Nov 8, 2011
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    i've been watching since the Maddona episode and have been in love with it ever since!

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