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    We know that this show has been going down frequently, but not yet completely. The new members are getting no good and Will had left and was succeeded by Finn. But the reason why it is not going down completely is because I want to focus more on Tina, Brittany, Artie, Blaine, Sam and Emma.

    I know that Tina is catching up and doing well and also she, Brittany, Artie and Blaine are all seniors and they will graduate by the end of this season. But Sam will probably graduate by the end of next season and Emma needs to continue appearing in more episodes next season also.

    Now that the Warblers are disqualified and the New Directions are back in the Nationals, I might predict that the Warblers may have played tricks on the new Directions, especially on Marley, since nobody blamed on Kitty!

    The Nationals are in Indianapolis, I don't know about that place! Why not try Los Angeles or Washington DC instead? The New Direction should better win like last year in Chicago, so please remember the rules!

    On the previous episode, there was a bad incident when Emma was forced by a kiss from Finn for no reason and, in this episode, I am afraid that this wedding might also be called off.

    Also, we know Santana moved to New York to live with Rachel, Kurt and Brody for no reason!

    This is it! So please discuss this episode anyhow!

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    Rachel pregnant? Looks like it but wouldn't that kill the plan? Maybe it's just a cliffhanger to keep us watching next week.

    So Brody and Rachel are in a modern open relationship but live together. So she goes off to have sex with Finn (whom she probably still loves) and has sex with him on valentines day. Coming back to Brody she didn't exactly tell him anything and he also didn't tell her what he did. So they lie to each other? Great way to keep the modern open relationship going.

    Kurt and Blaine fooling around but Kurt is seeing someone in New York.

    What is it about New York that makes you do these kind of things?! Feel free to explain that.

    Emma and Will...

    Not so sure how to feel about that.

    I'm more interested in all the old characters. Whether they live in NY or Lima or LA. I don't care about the new people. They're just replacements. And a Show about a High School Glee Club should end once the original cast is gone. Yeah Tina, Artie, Brittany still there but won't they be gone next season? They can't fail they're exams forever.

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    Is Rachel pregnant? Is Brody a 'manwhore' or perhaps 'gay for pay' even?

    Was the Santana/Quinn hookup just a one night stand?

    Can Kurt resist Blaines' charms? Are Will and Emma done?

    Is Finn destined to be a Lima loser forever? and Puck too?

    Are Mike and Mercedes just distant memories of glory days gone by?

    The answers to all these questions (and then some) is NO or at least it should be NO !!!

    Brody is way too cute to be a 'manwhore', he was in fact earning a few extra $$$ by serenading a wealthy couple over Valentines Day dinner. It was all very sweet and innocent. Really it was !!!!

    Do we really need another teen pregnancy drama? No ... Rachels' pregnancy test will be negative, but she will realize how close she came to losing her dream of being the next big thing on Broadway. She'll boot Brody out of the loft and rededicate herself to her art.

    Of course, we are going to need room in the loft for Quinn, because that hookup with Santana was not just a one night stand. It was destiny, the two queen bitches of glee (and I say that with love) were meant for each other, it just took Quinn a little longer to realize it than Santana.

    Come now ... who could resist Blaines' charms. Certainly not Kurt, he'll soon realize that English accents are a dime a dozen. Our two favourite gay boys will be happily together in NY by seasons end, no doubt about it !!!

    Well ... I like Emma and Will, so I am gonna say they're not done yet. I think we should all come back on Valentines Day next season and do it all over again.

    How could one man fall so fast, from being the hero keeping the Glee club together, to not being able to hold down a job in the army ... really it's just too cruel, even by Glee standards. No, Finn will hear that Brody has left stage right, and wing it straight to NY to fill his shoes. He'll drag Puck along with him, on the pretense of starting a pool cleaning business, but secretly they've be writing a (soon to be hit) Broadway musical with Arty while doing time in Lima !!!

    A hit Broadway musical you say??? Of course, of course, it's brilliant. A musical is gonna need singers and dancers, so where's Mike and Mercedes gonna be? New York, New York!!! And as this season draws to a close, we see our new grads, Arty, Brittany, Sam and Tina, like moths to a flame, being drawn to NYC on the promise of fame, fortune and roles in the new production

    So there you have it Mr Murphy, I got them all to NY, now give me some GLEE NYC please !!!

    P.S. I don't live in the US, so can someone tell me why we have to wait 3 weeks for the next new episode ??? LOL

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    Meh, it was an improvement over last week, but that doesn't mean it was good.'

    Quinn and Santana having sex was disgusting and weird.

    The wheelchair girl that Artie got set up with was an interesting character... until she turned nice.

    The only real exciting part was the cliffhanger with Rachel finding out she might be pregnant.

    GRADE: C+

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    The "We've Got Tonight" performance was too overwhelming for me!

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