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New New York (Official Episode 5X14 Discussion [04/01/2014])

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    I know this is again four days early, but I have one more conflict to attend on myself this Tuesday.

    This better not be a joke at all.

    First of all, I'm glad Brittany joined in with Tina, Artie, Blaine and Sam for the graduation, even if Becky joined in also.

    Tina is going to Brown, but I have a feeling that she will be reduced as a guest character in some remaining episodes of this show. It is time for Santana to take a break.

    Both short April and tall Holly are going to help transfer the Glee Club from Lima to the Big Apple. But I have a feeling that the New Directions disbandment will never last.

    1.) We still hope that Throat Explosion will get framed for drug addiction, get their first place trophy takened back and that first place trophy will be given to the New Directions.

    2.) I know Becky threw the gun into the lake, but we want to make sure that some fisherman finds a gun after fishing it out, report it to the police, identify the fingerprints on the gun, and get to Sue Sylvester, and make get arrested, expelled and jailed for the rest of her life. You thought Sue is too popular to get removed, not for long! Sue will become overrated in the next few months, please don't get me wrong about this, people!

    Marley and Unique will be also reduced as guest characters, but hoping that they will also move to New York later on. But Sugar, Joe, Kitty, Jake, Ryder, and the nemesis Bree will get axed.

    Finally, I know that Emma is considered a hatred character of this show, but unfortunately, she cannot get axed yet because she is about to give birth. This episode should have Emma in it as a guest to talk about her child.

    This FOX Tuesday Night should be big because right after this show, by then, it's a double Mindy Project, but anyhow, please discuss this topic.

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