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Untitled Rachel Berry Project (Official Episode 5X20 Discussion [05/13/2014])

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    Well, I have one more conflict going on this Tuesday, but this it, people! This is the season five finale of this show and we hope Rachel can hang on and not get distracted very badly at the same time.

    We now know that FOX was under a bad full recession this season after spending too much money for both Super Bowl, airing on FOX, and not getting paid during the Winter Olympics, airing on NBC, both occurring on February 2014.

    No wonder:

    1.) After Corey Montieth, who played Finn Hudson, was badly overlooked, then sent into rehab to be locked and finally died, the show had to move to New York immediately.

    2.) FOX under a bad full recession forced this show to move to New York in a hurry!

    3.) New Directions were badly overlooked by Sue Sylvester.

    4.) Jayma Mays, who played Emma Pillsbury, was badly turned down and rushed to transfer officially to "The Millers".

    This show is not the only under pressure, New Girl and The Mindy Project are also having the same problems, especially on broadening too much on the situation of both all men and all older people, rather than all women and all younger people, which really destroys the realities of romantic comedy types. More likely FOX will be returning in good shape by next season and FOX shows will be back into relief. But the next season that FOX will be under a bad full recession, will be in 2025-2026 season, that's a long time, by then.

    We hope Rachel finds a new boyfriend with these important requirements:

    1.) Broadway type with both singing and acting experience.

    2.) No drug nor alcohol substance.

    3.) No rudeness nor meanness.

    4.) Just in case, if it is too hard for Rachel to move on from Finn, then this new boyfriend will mention that he used to have a high school girlfriend, who is like Finn, died after their own high school graduation and he too is having a hard time moving on from his girlfriend.

    We have now revealed that the younger McKinley High School student characters, including Emma and Figgins, are not yet officially axed. They will all appear in the second half of next season.

    Also, Santana is not yet axed, but she is continuing to get turned down.

    We also hope that Sue gets caught in the act red-handed for resuming the sabotaging and finally let's see if Throat Explosion will get caught in the act at the same time.

    I know this is too complicated to analyze, but this reasonable, so just hang on checking it out. Anyhow, please discuss this episode topic and I will return next season.

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