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Weakest Season Yet

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    We can't deny glee just finished it's weakest season yet. The show in my opinion screwed up adding Unique as a regular guest star, getting Darren Criss to carry the Mckinley storylines and bringing every graduated character to the Mckinley set for dumb reasons. I don't know what the future of this show will be, but after what we just saw, we can't be very exited for a fifth season.

    The new characters brought to Mckinley just didn't prove to be as likeable and make a solid cast as the one in seasosn 1-3 (not counting Ashley Fink). The role of the awesome highschool teacher that takes over glee club was too big for Corey Monteith, and Matthew Morrison's character was just left for filling, which was a horrible idea since he was the one who carried the show in the first seasons (along with Lea Michele). Also giving Rachel and Kurt such a solid storyline outside of Mckinley while the other's had to settle with fitting in in either the Mckinley or the New York storyline just took away all the charm from the rest of the characters, while main storylines were being given to less likeable characters like Kitty or Jake.

    Kitty, Jake, Marley and ryder are very talented, but they just don't seem to be able to carry a TV show like Lea Michele and Corey Monteith once did.

    Would you like a 6th season of Glee after all they've done to the show or will you settle for a fifth one?

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