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Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • an average episode

    well in this episode the Gleeks are getting closer to going to new york and still an evil Sue is still wants to reavege on the Gleeks and later that little girl Becky the one the downs wants to be apart of the New Directions and whats up with her saying that the members of club can't sing? and we learn that Sue fired her becaues Becky remains her of her now dead sister sad :(. and them a crazy thing that happens is that The Direction sing "Pure Imagation" from the Wonka movie tottaly unexpection and latet Finn dumps Quinn and I'm tried of her always saying that she and finn are gonna be Prom King and Queen get over it Quinn! and oh yeah I hate how Jessie judges Santannta,Meraeces and Kurt, kurt is right "jessie st SUCKS"
  • Sue's sister dies and the Glee Club puts on a funeral.

    For the penultimate episode of Season 2, this was a pretty tame episode with some very emotional moments, some big revelations and changes, and for the most part, a lousy collection of songs being sung. Usually, I look forward to seeing what Glee will do for songs, but this week was just boring, especially during the auditions.

    I did think it was interesting to see Sue in a vulnerable place. Her sister was the one good thing in her life and the one thing that made her somewhat normal to the rest of us, and her death is something of a surprise for us, but also a deeper look into Sue's psyche. I can only assume that the show will submit this as Jane Lynch's Emmy tape, and it's definitely a good mix of humor and drama.

    I also enjoyed the fact that we're finally getting some changes. The whole Finn and Quinn relationship/romance between Rachel and Finn has gone on WAY longer than it should've. I would've liked to see that crap ended at the beginning of Season 2 and focus on different things. But kudos to the writers for forward momentum. I'm a fan of that.

    I was NOT a fan of the songs sung tonight. It just seemed super lazy, and while I like the singers themselves and the actors playing them, the songs just bored me to death. I haven't even mentioned Jesse St. James, who's appearance here and his subsequent dismantling of the group's confidence, is so stupid and pointless that it makes me wonder what anybody was thinking with the show. As if anybody would deal with a traitor of his sort sticking around and letting him kick them around. Lame.

    Definitely not a bad episode, but boy, this show has a ton of stuff it could work on to make it way better.
  • Really touching in some areas, not so great in others this was a pretty decent set up for the season finale. There was some stuff I loved, and other stuff that I hated.

    Hated: Quinn- One of the things that I don't like about season 2 is what they have done to Quin's character. She was alright when she was with Sam, but ever since they started this prom queen obsession she's gone downhill. The auditions: Like a fourth of the episode was just watching audition after audition with uninteresting songs. Not to mention Jesse being a jerk. Loved: Sue- Although many argue that this plot was too human for her, I thought it was really sweet. And even though she wasn't as cruel, she was still herself, just hurting. Finn and Quinn FINALLY breaking up: Pair Quinn up with Sam or Puck, but her and Finn are not a good match. I also liked the foreshadowing of her getting some revenge in New York, it makes me even more interested for the season finale.
  • Funeral...

    Okay, so it took almost an entire season, but Glee finally delivered a good episode. Well, mostly good. "Funeral" focuses on the Glee club's involvement in the funeral of coach Sylvester's sister Jean (the good part) and the soloists trying out for the lead spot at nationals (the bad part).

    When I heard about the funeral story line I was worried for the show to say the least. Save for the scenes between Kurt and his father when they are coming to terms with how Kurt's homosexuality affected their relationship, the show has failed almost uniformly to really deliver on emotional plot points. Amazingly, they actually pulled this one off. I will never forget the ridiculousness of everything that Sue has done this year, but Jane Lynch absolutely blew me away in this episode. The changes in the character that we get to see over the course of the piece were just about the best character moments that the show has ever delivered and I pray that it is a change that will stay. Sue's redemption and desire to become a more positive person because it is what her sister would want has come at just about a perfect time for the show. Sue was probably what made the show the success that it was in the early stages, but season two has turned her into nothing but a series of poorly placed one-liners. Having her be able to command more screen time without being totally ridiculous is only going to help the show in its third season and may even prompt the lovely people at Fox to remember that there is a story behind all of those iTunes downloads.

    Sadly for those viewers interested in the characters and not the songs, the writers couldn't help but drag down the tone of what was set up to be a perfect episode by having ten minutes of completely unrelated to the plot songs. Actively seeking to poorly parody American Idol is a terrible idea as it is, but to have characters simply walk on stage one after the other and sing just felt so pointless. If the audition story had actually been followed through on then one could argue that the songs served a purpose, but in the end, Mr. Schuester decides that there will be no lead and further makes the whole process redundant. Due to the colossal waste of screen time on singing, there was only some short lived scenes between Emma and Will - the only two characters who's interactions have consistently worked throughout the season. As Will prepares to leave for Broadway after nationals, the two of them pack up his clothes and the chemistry between them almost hemorrhages out of the television screen. Given how long it would take - with Emma's condition - for the two of them to form a real relationship, I'm not quite sure what the writers are going for in keeping the two of them apart. Emma is clearly in love with Will and Will is clearly in love with Emma and yet they remain completely separate from one another for absolutely no reason. You can't really argue that having them just get together this early on in the show would take away from future plots as the two of them do so little together anymore on screen. If anything, you'd have to say that watching them form a relationship would be far more compelling television than show tunes!

    I didn't really think that it was possible to be thoroughly disappointed with and at the same time very happy with one episode of television. "Funeral" excelled past my expectations in some regards and fell totally flat in others. I know that I'm watching the wrong show for forty consecutive minutes without a song, but I still tune in every time hoping that this week will be different. There are some really great characters played by some really great actors in this show. Won't someone let them act?
  • An excellent episode tainted with bad musical numbers

    I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline in Funeral, it was great to see a different side to Sue Sylvester, while being distraught over her sisters death, she still managed to maintain her true self and made her usual insulting remarks. The inclusion of Jesse St. James was a highlight, I really liked his take of judging the auditions, each comment he gave and the reaction from the auditioner in particular the look on Mercedes' face as she dragged the microphone stand behind her had me laughing. What I didn't like about this episode were the extremely horrible song choices. Yes the styles of songs were true to the characters but the songs themselves were very painful to listen to with the exception of the group number during the funeral. It wasn't helped by the fact that music was too loud and their voices were hard to hear.

    I would have preferred to listen to some songs that were a little more recognizable.

    Overall I give this episode a 7/10
  • Holds the distinction of having the most number of characters cry in a single episode...

    It's the week before Nationals and it wouldn't be a proper send-off if Sue didn't try to have the Glee Club transported to a different country where they would possibly be kidnapped & killed. Despite an over-the-top beginning, "Funeral" turned out to be one of Glee's more tightly written installments in some time.

    The bright lights of New York City are starting to shine on New Directions and the club is in deep preparation for the upcoming competition. Schue has enlisted Jesse St. James as a "show choir consultant" (is there such a thing?) in an effort to give the group the edge at Nationals. While this was a paper thin way for the show to reincorporate Jonathan Groff, I felt he was much better utilized here than he was as Rachel's menstrual prom date from the last episode. I thought his "American Idol"-lite bits with Schuester were pretty comical and I always support anyone who joins me in the fight to get Finn out of the club once and for all.

    Becky took my advice from a couple reviews back and asked to join the club. Hells yeah! It didn't take very long for me to figure out why she was kicked off the Cheerios – Becky reminded Sue of her sister Jeanne who suffered from Down's Syndrome and had recently passed away. All I can say is I can't wait for Becky's audition when the show comes back in the fall – maybe she could be another driving force in Finn's departure and take his place behind the drums.

    On another note, I'm so glad that this episode was dedicated to someone else other than Karofsky. This isn't to say I wanted Sue's sister to kick the bucket - that would make me a bigger monster than Hitler – but I was grateful we weren't subjected to another hour with a character most of us don't want to invest any more time with (that last part was directed at Karofsky, not Jeanne. I just wanted to clarify to avoid the start of hate mail in my inbox).

    Television shows that take on the issue of death usually have to walk a fine line between pulling at viewers' heartstrings and reeling in the moments that don't warrant it. There were a couple times throughout the episode where I questioned the appropriateness of some situations (Finn breaking up with Quinn immediately after the funeral – now there's a monster) but I suppose they were necessary in order to advance the plot. Jane Lynch is a very capable actress and I felt like she was robbed of delivering fully in the eulogy scene. While I can understand why they had Will come in and finish the speech due to Sue not being able to continue on, I wish they would've allowed Lynch a slightly longer scene to truly allow her to display her acting versatility.

    The music numbers took a bit of a back seat in this episode and, aside from one performed at the funeral, were sung as auditions for lead at Nationals. Santana's "Back In Black" had her reaching back to her R&B roots with pretty solid results while Kurt took on "Some People", one of the many "originally sung by girls" songs he's perfected and stored in his designer jean's back pocket. Mercedes' wail was put on full throttle during "Try A Little Tenderness", so I didn't really agree with Jesse's critique that she was phoning it in halfheartedly. Even though Rachel's "My Man" was filled with enough pain faces to make you believe she swallowed a lemon whole prior to the performance, it did seem like a relevant selection since Jesse was in attendance and asked if her song was more than just an ode to her idol Barbara Streisand. And while I suspected Finn would take lead on "Pure Imagination" to prove himself as a singer, I was satisfied that the voices of Tina and Kurt were utilized in the song as well.

    Probably one of the most noticeable aspects in this episode - besides Lauren's over-bronzed chest towards the beginning - was the sharper writing and heightened attention to detail. There were some very memorable quotes throughout the hour (Sue: (to Finn & Kurt) "I'm allergic to pansies and I don't mean that as a swipe to either of you") and some fun callbacks as well (Santana threatening to go all Lima Heights, Kurt correcting Rachel's assessment of her relationship with Jesse). There was even some continuity with Brittany and her "Fondue for Two" video blog. Hopefully this level of quality writing carries over to next week's finale.

    Episode Highlights:

    The Return of Howard – Honey Badger/Terri's greatest contribution to bring down the Glee Club ultimately ended up being her clueless assistant to her assistant. If the show follows her to Miami I can only pray Panda Express is in tow.

    Figgins E-Mail Address – GettinFiggywithit may possibly be the best user name in the history of the world. I would expand more on this, but I need to wrap this review up so I can go change my own account's password.

    Only one episode left to go! The New York setting should be a nice change of scenery, though I don't approve of Quinn's shortened 'do in the preview. I hope this isn't her misguided plan to win Finn back, because Felicity lost her man and viewers when she botched her hair (ironically done in that show's second season too).
  • Thank God they didn't kill off Burt Hummel

    Warning: spoilers ahead.

    When I first heard that this episode was going to kill somebody off, my instant thought was please PLEASE dont kill off Burt Hummel. Not only is he the best TV dad since Tim Taylor, but that would've killed Kurt. That being said, they handled the death of Sue's sister Jean amazingly.

    Kurt and Finn volunteer to help Sue plan the funeral because they've both lost a close family member. Sue is her usual self but tells Will she agreed for Kurt and Finn to plan the funeral because she was worried no one would come. But come the day of the funeral, there is a full house from all the people whose lives were touched by Jean. At the funeral the gleeks perform a beautiful rendition of "Pure Imagination" during which Sue squeezes Will's hand.

    Finn breaks up with Quinn. And she refuses to accept it and blathers on how they need to stay together and become prom court (yes, she really said this.) Anyone else starting to hate Quinn? She never bugged as much as she does now. I mean for the girl who goes to church and is allegedly so wholesome she is a controlling status-obsessed witch and ever since she slapped Rachel last week, I've been waiting for someone to slap her. And apparently next week she's going to do something big in New York (from what i can tell she gets her hair cut) and i'm relieved Finn broke up with her.

    Jesse St. James is back and wreaking havoc on everyone's lives. He tells Will they need to do a solo to win at Nationals and Kurt, Santana, Mercedes and Rachel all come in and perform breathtaking solos and Jesse rips them all apart except for Rachel. At the end of the episode they kiss, in full view of Finn who wants Rachel back. Sue and Becky. Sue threw Becky off the squad early in the episode because she reminded her of her sister, but by the end she made Becky captain for next year and even gave her a hug.

    This was a great episode of Glee, except for Jesse. I really really hope this season doesn't end with him and Rachel together, but anything if better than Finn and Quinn together. Guess we'll find out in New York next week!
  • The Glee club is having competitions for who gets the solo at Nationals. Sue's sister dies. Mr. Schu and the crew all try to help with the funeral. Jesse St. James is causing mischief.

    Okay, so I am really not sure where Glee is going. The thing that made me the most irritated was Sue. She is supposed to be evil! The one you love to hate. The funeral was extremely well-done. I even started crying. But she is so nice now. She even held Mr. Schuesters freaking hand! She couldn't get through the eulogy because of her tears. I never liked the mentally-disabled sister storyline. It seemed to human for the person who was so supposedly mean. The ending was cute, though, when she asked Becky to hug her. But I was jarred, when she said she was leaving to be a congresswoman or something to help disabled people wth healthcare. Is this the end of Sue Sylvester? She said she and Schu were friends, so the world has obviously ended. The funeral was very well-done with the Kurt and Finn decorating it like Willy Wonka would, because that was Jean's favorite movie. And it made me break-down when she asked Mr. Schu if anyone came, and it was a full house. But still. Grrrrr.

    So, the solo auditions. It was between Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel. Jesse St. James and Schu were judging. Jesse was mean to everyone except for Rachel (Santana=emotionally uninvolved or something, Kurt= shouldn't sing girl songs, Mercedes=Lazy bones, Rachel=You were so amazing!!) They were all sooo good, and I liked how Kurt was wiping away tears of awe when Rachel sang, then gave her a standing ovation. it was so cute! Everyone was really mean to each other, until Mr. Schu got mad and said that everyone had to write original songs again so he could choose, then they were all friends again. Santana and Rachel were all tight! :) Quinn and Finn broke up. Quinn is extremely beautiful, but I hate her, she is manipulative and social-climbing. Finn was taking Rachel a flower, until he saw her peck Jesse St. James. It was soooo sad. I like the Finn/Rachel combo, although I think she and Puck were better. So yeah. A great effort, very entertaining, but just not thought through very well.