Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • Sue's sister dies and the Glee Club puts on a funeral.

    For the penultimate episode of Season 2, this was a pretty tame episode with some very emotional moments, some big revelations and changes, and for the most part, a lousy collection of songs being sung. Usually, I look forward to seeing what Glee will do for songs, but this week was just boring, especially during the auditions.

    I did think it was interesting to see Sue in a vulnerable place. Her sister was the one good thing in her life and the one thing that made her somewhat normal to the rest of us, and her death is something of a surprise for us, but also a deeper look into Sue's psyche. I can only assume that the show will submit this as Jane Lynch's Emmy tape, and it's definitely a good mix of humor and drama.

    I also enjoyed the fact that we're finally getting some changes. The whole Finn and Quinn relationship/romance between Rachel and Finn has gone on WAY longer than it should've. I would've liked to see that crap ended at the beginning of Season 2 and focus on different things. But kudos to the writers for forward momentum. I'm a fan of that.

    I was NOT a fan of the songs sung tonight. It just seemed super lazy, and while I like the singers themselves and the actors playing them, the songs just bored me to death. I haven't even mentioned Jesse St. James, who's appearance here and his subsequent dismantling of the group's confidence, is so stupid and pointless that it makes me wonder what anybody was thinking with the show. As if anybody would deal with a traitor of his sort sticking around and letting him kick them around. Lame.

    Definitely not a bad episode, but boy, this show has a ton of stuff it could work on to make it way better.