Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2010 on FOX

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  • Terrible episode

    This was a pretty bad episode...

    Kurt and Finn's parents were newly engaged and then married in one episode? A bit quick to be realistic. And why did it seem the entire wedding was focused on Kurt? During the speeches..nobody spoke to the newlyweds. They were all about Kurt, and the song/dance was a tribute to Kurt. The dad's vows/speech went toward Kurt rather than his wife. It didn't fit at all. I love Kurt, and I understand what he's going through, but it was a terrible way to make the episode about him.

    And the Sue marrying herself thing was stupid. It made no sense. Sue was totally out of character this episode, not one funny line from her...
  • Another touching episode of Glee

    Glee has done a good job with the drama this year.. I still haven't quite felt the comedy the way it was last year, but the dramatic moments have been very well done, and this was just another example of it. Kurt's dad and Finn's mom announce they're getting married and that Kurt is the wedding planner. If you take away the fact that it's impossible they'd be able to play a wedding that fast, the episode was done very well.

    I think Kurt's stolen the season so far. I like the other characters for the most part, but most of them are stupid and fit the cliche of high school students in movies and TV shows to the T. Kurt is a character who fits the times. As a gay high school student struggling to find his place, he's always been an intriguing character, but the bullying that he's going through, mixed with the concept of moving to a new school and having a sick father, has lead to some incredible moments, and I fully expect him to take home the Best Supporting Actor Emmy next year. I've never thought the show deserved many of the Emmy's it was nominated for, but there are certainly some acting Emmy's worth getting.

    We also saw Finn growing up a little bit here, and I'm glad they gave him something meaningful to do. The relationship between Kurt and Finn has always been interesting, and they focused a little more here instead of the Finn/Rachel plot, which is usually filled with drama and lameness. The songs they chose for this episode was pretty good too..

    According for the commercial for next week, it appears we'll be getting some Sectionals focus. I'm looking forward to this, as it gives the characters a chance to compete and flex their chops, something this season hasn't done much. And if this episode has anything to prove, it's that Glee is still a strong show.
  • FURT

    Fantastic episode! I love the beginning of episode with Burt and Carole announcing their engagement to Kurt and Finn. I love how Sue announces that she's going to marry herself. Sam trying to give Quinn that promise ring was really cheesy and lame. Dave Karofsky was so creepy in this episode. It's so intense how Kurt is very scared of him. I love how Rachel, Brittany, Mercedes, and Tina get Artie, Sam, and Mike to stand up for Kurt and try to get Dave Karofsky to leave Kurt alone. Burt and Carole's wedding was awesome. I love how Finn sang that song for Kurt. The ending was so sad with Kurt saying he's transferring to Dalton Academy. Sue's mother was funny. I liked all the songs besides the "Ohio" song. Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett voices do not go together.
  • I'm mad at the writers . . .

    I now officially have a love/hate relationship with Glee. I loved the first season, for the most part, but it's gotten to the point where I'm not really buying the characters anymore. This show is over-the-top by nature, which is part of why I love it, but it's still possible to have realistic characters with depth on such a show. Unfortunately, that's just not happening on the whole. Most of the female characters are completely one-dimensional and not true to life. What's more, they are totally inconsistent! Their motivations change from second to second in order to suit whatever plot the writers have contrived, making them all seem like they have personality disorders. (Sue, of course, is also this way, but I think the writing is so funny and Jane Lynch is so awesome that it manages to work.) I would say that Mercedes and Emma are the two most "real" female Glee characters, and so there is evidence that the writers are capable of writing female characters. I just wish they would put more effort into not making the other girls so cartoonish and phony. I mean, are there any female writers on this show? I seriously doubt it!

    What's also ticking me off this season is what the writers have done to poor Mr. Schue. He's become so pathetic in his pursuit of Emma, which would be okay if it didn't seem so contrary to his character to do some of the things he's done. Matthew Morrison deserves better writing.

    But let me get to the point and the focus of this episode. Kurt is one of the few well-written characters, which is great, but I think it does show the writers' gay male bias. This whole episode was funny at times and moving at times (I cried), but it all seemed to be about making Kurt's dreams come true, as if a gay man was vicariously acting out the way his high school experience should have been (minus the closeted homophobic bully) through writing the episode. If only life were fair . . . So though I like Kurt's story lines most of the time and the character himself, I just don't get why so much of this season is focused on him. Why does it seem like in order for one Glee character to be fully fleshed out, the rest have to be caricatures?

    That said, Burt and Carole's wedding vows were very touching, and Chris Colfer's acting was superb. The idea that Kurt could pull together a wedding that quickly was preposterous, but I'm willing to let that go. I was expecting a lot from Carol Burnett, who's one of my heroes, and I have to admit I felt a little let down. I'm not sure it was her fault, but something was missing in her performance. I'm not sure who should take the blame for it--her or the writers--but it just wasn't as funny as it could have been. My final complaint was that the end struck me as super cheesy and over the top in a bad way. The idea that Finn would do something nice for his new brother to make up for not standing up for him was sweet, but dancing with each other just seemed awkward and silly. I get the point, but I just don't really like how the point was made.
  • OMG Furt was great

    I don't know how but Ryan Murphy and the crew got this episode just right. Not only did they wrap things up pretty nicely for the epsiode in sectionals but they brought in the character I was looking for. Someone to put Sue in her place. Her mother. Pure genius and a great move.
    Also in this episode Sue sang!!!!! My prayers were answered even if she did only sing a couple of lines with her mother. It was enough for me and truly stood out for all the right reasons. I know some people may have thought this episode was too lovey duvey but I thought it was just what the show needed after an upbeat episode with Gwenyth Paltrow. Both weddings were great. Sue's more funnier but the proper wedding between Burt and Carol was more emotional as well has having a song in there to keep me interested.
    Overall a great, near perfect episode and I cannot wait to see how sectionals pan out.
  • Absolutely amazing. I just HAD to review this one :)

    (Wipes tear from eye) It's very rare for a TV show to get me to the point where I literally have to fight back tears. But this episode moved me like no other. What am I trying to say? I'm saying this is the best episode of Glee yet.

    Everything in this episode was so...perfect. I actually liked Rachel in this one (gasps!). She was totally adorable, and I actually really like seeing her happy and in love like she was in this episode. I guess that's understandable. Nearly the entire glee club was happy and love. Finn/Rachel, Quinn/Sam (his proposal was surprisingly touching and they look great together), Artie/Brittany, Tina/Mike, and Puck/Santana. (Here's hoping Kurt and Mercedes find their loves.) And that's a great thing. Because this show is called "glee" and the show should have a lot of it :)

    Standout moments:
    -The wedding was so beautiful. The cast did a great job singing "Marry You", it was such a fun and happy song. Burt's speech was probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard come out of a man's mouth. -Finn singing "Just the Way You Are" and finally truly accepting Kurt as a brother. It definitely stands out as one my favorite moments in the series.
    -Carol Burnett! She did an awesome job as Sue's mom (how funny was that wedding?!?). And she still got pipes. Why oh why oh why oh? Did I ever leave Ohio? Oh great she's got me singing it...

    Overall, a powerful hour of television. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. The best episode of Glee ever. Next week is Sectionals, and if it's as good as last year's "Sectionals" episode, I can't wait. After a few gimmicky attempts, the Glee I loved last year is finally back.
  • Sue Sylvester is marrying herself. :D

    This episode was so great!! Finally. All the scenes were perfect!
    Sam was so sweet and touchy proposing to Quinn. Obviously he really does like her very much, although I don't see that in his acting. I don't know why, maybe because the more I watch him the less likeable he is to me. :D I really don't know why, maybe there's something about his face or acting... However, that's not important right now.
    At the very beginning I was excited about this episode as I heard there will be a Glee wedding! :)
    It seems like in this season Kurt is the main character. Karofsky was sooo scary, he even scared me to hell and I was only watching him on my computer! I can't believe how Sue as a headmaster protected Kurt and the her nicknames for him were funny. I just have to mention that. :D Porcelain. :DD
    The wedding was the best!!!! So adorable and so special. I loved it so much. :) Glee sung perfectly. :) And Burt's dancing was funny. :D Later after the ceremony everything was even better. Finn's speech and the song "Just the way you are" was so nicely done I got tears in my eyes. :)
    Seeing the background of Sue's behaviour was also very interesting. The relationship with her mother is sad. And how she treated her is even more sad.
    But oh my god the ending... I was so shocked. :(
    Like I said, an episode and a half! I can't wait the next one when Sectionals are finally here and Kurt actually is competing against Glee club!!!

    Oh my God! I used to watch Glee only for the songs that I thought were amazing, but now it has a compelling storyline that keep us wanting more.
    Yesterday's episode was the very proof of that. With the announcement of Kurt's dad with Finn's mom, we have the theme for the episode: companionship and caring about each other. I loved the whole thing! The scene where the Glee club is entering the church is so cute, with all the dancing and singing. That was the exact moment where I started crying, from then on the crying just got worse. The wedding party was very touching and I loved the thing they did for Kurt, I just wish that Finn would've had a little more opinion on the matter with him at school.
    Highlights of the episode: I have two words for you Jane Lynch. She is getting ridiculously amazing with each episode and this one was just the pattern. I laughed through the whole wedding ordeal and I loved the singing with her mom, plus Sue's sister is so lovely. Kudos for Sue for standing up for Kurt and doing the right thing, only to be overruled by the school board. Shame. Fantastic episode.
    Can't wait for next week and the new dynamic with Kurt being in a new school and all.
  • My favourite ever Glee episode, with the perfect balance of anger, hapiness and fear. Had me in tears throughout.

    This is the peak of Season 2 for me so far, and is no doubt one of the best episodes of Glee to date. It wrapped up Finn's insecuity surrounding his friendship with Kurt, saw members of the club stick together to defend Kurt and ended on a really sad note.

    Sue's character was perfect in this episode. Being mean is what she is about, but they balanced it really well in this, going from her quirky nicknames of Kurt to her actually doing what is right by expelling that bully. And not only that, but Kurt actually taught Sue a lesson and helped her to stand up to her mother.

    Finn, a usually annoying character in my opinion, was brilliant in how he treated Kurt. Realising he was not stepping up to be man because of his own pride issues, and finally being able to protect his step-brother and see how important family is over high school status.

    The whole episode was just perfect. Some great humour from Sue's self-orientated wedding, some really uplifting scenes during the wedding, and the treatment of homophobia in schools which ended on a really abrupt and upsetting note with Kurt's leaving. I just don't want the same scenario with Kurt & Blaine as there was with Rachel & Jesse last year.

    One thing that stood out to me, was, not the 'lack of' songs so much, but how effective the episode was with only three songs. By the end of Season 1 they depended too much on the music, but three was the right amount for this episode, and it was perfect.
  • Furtilicious Glee Wedding!

    The episode was one of the best. I'm a fan of Kurt, so I love Kurt-centric episodes, but Furt is an episode that even the Kurt haters can't like. I mean, I knew this season was about teen homophobia, and it's really getting above my expectations. Ryan Murphy is doing a great job helping millions of kids to accept themselves no matter what their race or sexuality is. Kurt love in this episode may be a little exaggerated, but I'm not complaining.

    I'm sure lots of people would agree with me on this: Chris Colfer deserves at least one award this year. He's born for acting. Same for Mike O'Malley, too.

    The episode was about Carol and Burt's wedding, also Sue Sylvester's wedding with herself, (which was hilarious!)-(And I'd like to mention Jane Lynch deserves every award on this planet!) and Dave Karofsky, the guy who has been bullying Kurt for several weeks.

    The Glee kids tried to help Kurt in every way, (Sam even got punched in the eye) but Karofsky turned out to be a real psycho, so Burt and Carol gave away their honeymoon money for Kurt's transfer to Dalton Academy. I really hope that Kurt won't join to The Warblers. He doesn't have to compete against his friends. They already seem to be devastated about Kurt's transference to another school.

    Sue was so out of character in this episode. Normally, she wouldn't miss a chance to mock or insult Kurt, or any other student. But instead, she protected him 'til the end. And even gave him a new nickname: "Porcelain"

    And I really like where Sam and Quinn is going. But I really don't understand Sam. What's so special about him? Why did they create Sam Evans in the first place? He's so... normal. I mean, too normal. I'm secretly hoping he's a bisexual, and a possible future love interest for Kurt. Don't crucify me! :)

    I felt sorry for Santana. Because, even if she's so strong and bold outside, she's just a little girl inside, just like Beiste. And when Burt and Carol gave their speeches, I could read loneliness and desperation in Santana's eyes. I'm thinking that she'll want to taste love in the following episodes. And thumbs up for Rachel, for stopping being so selfish in this season, and arguing with her Finny because he wouldn't protect Kurt! But I kinda miss the old, selfish and controllist Rachel, though. Oh, "controllist" wasn't a word, right? Sorry. She's controlling.
  • A tear jerker ending

    I really enjoyed this episode, up until the ending. How could they transfer Kurt!?! I am going to be beyond upset if that is permanent. But they can't have him be at Dalton Academy permanently, could they? I mean, I know that just because he's there doesn't mean that he's off the show. I know that they are still going to follow him through Dalton Academy, but still!!! I hope that he comes back sooner than later.

    Other than that, the episode was great. I thought the whole wedding scene was absolutely beautiful and sweet. I love how Finn has finally stepped up and looks to Kurt has a brother. Him honoring Kurt like that was beyond sweet :) I love Kurt's relationship with his father. Burt rushing to his defence like that was amazing. It really touched me. I also loved Rachel in this episode! I thought that her character really showed some development in this episode. I was very proud of her. She really showed her leadership and friendship there. Her rounding everyone up to come to Kurt's defence was great. I was dissapointed in Finn up until the wedding scene. he should have been there for Kurt before that, but at least he came around in the end.

    Okay, I will admit, Karofsky was very creepy and I do not blame Kurt for getting terrified. I mean, it kind of reminded me of a serial killer when they keep souvenirs... I know that seems horrible and I am not saying that Karofsky's a serial killer, but it was very strange. A part of me wanted Kurt to out him, but I'm glad that he didn't. Karofsky is obviously not ready to come out and he obviously hates himself so he is reflecting that self hatred onto Kurt instead. it's really kind of sad actually...

    Anywho, I really hope that Kurt comes back to New Directions before the end of the season. I hope that this is only a temporary thing and that it'll only last a few episodes at most...