Season 4 Episode 15

Girls (and Boys) On Film

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on FOX

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  • Unique

    They really need to write out Wade/Unique. He is ruining my Glee experience. I hate him so much and he is disgusting looking. Any high schoolers out there who have cross dressers in there school? Come on Ryan Murphy. You don't have to go over the top. Dump him and bring in Aylin from TGP.
  • Well, it wasn;t as awful as it could;ve been...

    (Spoilers ahead).

    The first new glee episode in almost a month and it was shockingly not terrible, or at the very least, better than the not-wedding episode and the sadie hawkins episode and that creepy episode where tina assaulted blaine with vapor rub. Yes the plot was as always moronic but this week the musicals numbers were actually really fun and entertaining as hell. Turns out movies are something even glee can;t screw up (although enough with the mash-ups. seriously. they;re not even mash ups anymore, just performing two different songs at the same time and seeing who gets more attention).

    first off, in the faraway enchanted land of new york city, three of the eclectic roommate foursome of rachel, kurt, brody, and santana, are snowed in with kurt;s british bf. santana is being her usual self when rachel tells her she;ll have to move out if she doesn;t stop ragging on them. while this was supposed to be rachel being hormonal she had a valid point; even by glee standards, i find it hard to swallow rachel would allow her high school tormentor to move in with them. yes, santana said "i'm your friend" about ten times this episode, but they were really only friends the last two months of high school. before that, santana never missed an opportunity to point out what a loooser she felt rachel was, rubbed it in her face that she took her boyfriend;s virginity, and not just once, but a year later, when rachel was actually coming to her for advice about sex (SOME FRIEND, EH?!) and because she;s santana, she went through all their stuff and found brody had a large sum of cash and a pager (my favorite line of the episode, rachel;s clueless "is that a garage door opener?") drawing her to the conclusion that he deals drugs. while rachel felt calling brody and him revealing absolutely nothing solved things and kurt telling santana he agreed with her, i feel that with his hands up high and his feet down low, that boy is a giggolo. But that will have to wait for next week, because santana also found the knock-up test rachel took last time we saw her. And I would like to point out she never actually said she was pregnant, and santana didn;t ask her and rachel didn;t say yes or nod or anything, so i could still have it being that she;s not pregnant. rachel did break down in tears and santana hugged her and told her it would be alright, which makes this the second or third time i;ve liked santana.

    back in lima, finn has made it his mission to find emma to make it up to will that he planted one on her. and while it was disturbing to see artie and finn pretend to be gingers to talk to emma;s parents, will;s serenade of her was sweet (and sending all the high school kids home was a good idea). and then finn dropped the bomb, and will walked away devastated. i feel for will, but at the same time, i want to see the boy band episode it leads to.

    And because you can;t write a glee post without it these days, I HATE KITTY. SHE SCARES ME. because apparently marley didn;t have enough proof kitty is fit for the whacky shack, she actually told kitty about kissing ryder. and this why kitty scares me, more than santana ever did: while santana was a cold ruthless bully (someone PLEASE explain to me why her character was so beloved again? she treated people terribly before they established she was a lesbian) everyone knew santana was mean and no one except for brittany was stupid enough to trust her, and santana would never hurt brittany anyway. but kitty is actually worse, because she is a sheep in quinn;s clothing and marley still doesn't know kitty has only been masquerading as her friend and in true irony sense, the only person who did notice was santana.

    but before kitty can let the bomb drop, marley tells jake and off he storms, devastated. there was a lot of devastated storming off this episode.

    it sounds bad, but this episode is the best in a while, and both the "shout" number and the ill-fated mashup put a smile on my face (and glee owns a huge debt to darren criss for keeping the show alive this long). and hey, if feuding means the long-awaited boy band episode then i am all for it.
  • A Marvelous Movie Mash-Up!

    While this episode had a few surprises I was really charmed by it.

    It was great seeing the Glee Club do their annual Mash-up, the songs were of course really well performed.

    Santana's presence in New York is really great and I love her rooming with Kurt/Rachel. Her 'theory' about Brody seems right but it was kinda hard to lean one way or other without Brody being there to defend himself. Rachel's reveal to Santana was very heartfelt to me and one of the more genuine moments in this episode.

    The Jake/Marley/Ryder triangle is heating up and I really like it!

    Finn's obsessive search 4 Emma was kinda weird, I liked Will's song 2 Emma it was really sweet!

    Finally Finn's revelation to Will was heartbreaking and also another lovely genuine moment in this episode.

    All in all while the character development was slow I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I am really looking 4ward to next week

  • What go on

    The girls and boys go head to head, singing movie classics. Will goes on a hunt with the club to find his beloved run away bride! However, in the Big Apple, Santana gets suspicious of brody and his 'side job. Rachel tells santana her deep secret .that she's knocked up!