Season 4 Episode 15

Girls (and Boys) On Film

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on FOX

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  • A Marvelous Movie Mash-Up!

    While this episode had a few surprises I was really charmed by it.

    It was great seeing the Glee Club do their annual Mash-up, the songs were of course really well performed.

    Santana's presence in New York is really great and I love her rooming with Kurt/Rachel. Her 'theory' about Brody seems right but it was kinda hard to lean one way or other without Brody being there to defend himself. Rachel's reveal to Santana was very heartfelt to me and one of the more genuine moments in this episode.

    The Jake/Marley/Ryder triangle is heating up and I really like it!

    Finn's obsessive search 4 Emma was kinda weird, I liked Will's song 2 Emma it was really sweet!

    Finally Finn's revelation to Will was heartbreaking and also another lovely genuine moment in this episode.

    All in all while the character development was slow I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I am really looking 4ward to next week