Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Glee is not the word, anymore.

    So...Glee. Once upon a time, this show was good. It brought to light a harsh truth about America that everyone already knew. It's tough being a teenager in high school these days. There is bullying, sexual identity crises, overwhelming sexual urges, and peer pressure to do more than you ever thought you could at such a young age. And Glee used to champion these without getting TOO over the top. But this season, something has changed, and I am honestly not a big fan.

    First of all, the introduction of Kitty, who is maybe supposed to be a cross between Santanna and Quinn, comes across as grating and a b!@ch. She really serves no purpose other than to insult and demean who I've come to call 'Rachel 2.0' in one horrifyingly overdone bout of bullying after the next. In this weeks episode, Kitty is making it impossible for Marley to fit into her 'Grease' costumes. Not only that, she begins bullying Marley about her weight, and then tries to convince Marley to embrace bulimia, and even has a very difficult scene to watch of Marley in a bathroom stall trying to force herself to throw up. Honestly, that was too much, for a supposedly family friendly show. While touching and bringing light to these topics is okay, in my opinion, showing an attempt of the act itself is over-the-top and serves as nothing more than shock value.

    Also this week, we get more of the ridiculous storyline of Finn taking over the Glee club while Mr. Schue is away on sabbatical. Not only is such a thing highly illogical, I doubt anywhere in the US would actually let such a thing happen. Firstly, Finn is not the most responsible person in the world, so what business does he have influencing students on an adult level? He's only graduated a year ago, so this makes no sense. While Sue is a horrible character in her actions and her continual bullying of everyone, she is also a voice or reason on a show that seems to throw reason out the window anymore.

    However, that said, Sue's actions would get her fired from most any school in the nation were she an actual teacher. The verbal bullying alone would be more than enough to get her fired, especially in the technological age we live in. All it would take would be one kid filming her antics with a cell phone and putting it online and she'd be gone. Then, when you get to the physical temper tantrums, like the one she pulled last night, and there is no reason she should still be employed at McKinely High. I get that this is a TV show and does not need to follow conventional rules, but come on.

    I'm pretty sure that after tonight's episode, I'm done with Glee. There is just too much over-the-top drama and I just can't seem to find this show fun, anymore.