Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Glee isn't the word I'd use...

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This episode was like a swirling whirlpool of confusion and backstabbery. Some parts actually surprised me and others were just... glee.

    First off, Sue is back to her season 1 evil villain self. This just proves my theory that they have no idea what to do with her character anymore, thus it's back to the beginning for her. This episode she attempts to derail the musical by telling Unique's parents that their son is... well, unique (and his dad is BIG MIKE! Love seeing Chuck alums in shows). So basically Sue is going to wreak havoc on Finn as the glee club director and he probably won;t handle it as well as Will.

    Speaking of which, watching him tell the club was kind of funny because the seniors were reacting angrily while Unique whispered to Jake "Well, we really don't know him that well anyway." I think that it would be interesting that if they actually lost Sectionals under Finn's leadership, not because I want to see him fail (I think I'm the only person left who wants to see some good will happen for his character) but because it would be interesting to see what they would do if the show didn't revolve around a competition.

    The other actual surprise this episode was Kitty. Before this, they painted her as the terrifying amalgam made up of the looks/religious zealoty ways of Quinn, the insults of Santana, and the physical violence of Sue. But this episode they decided to take the plunge and turn her a bit more psychotic. While Santana was awful (which most people won't admit, I don't know why) she tore people down and broke up relationships with her words, which was still terrible, but she never committed any gossip girl/90210-worthy heinousness. It surprised Glee actually crossed the line of making her tightening Marley's costumes. Hopefully after the sleepover Marley knows that Kitty will never be her friend but I wonder if they;re going to bring her eating disorder story back, even by glee standards, they don't seem done with that one yet.

    That being said, why does it have to be Ryder? It was good someone talked Marley down but why did it have to be him? I guess because Ryder would never date Kitty, but I want my Jarley! Now it looks like since Marley will most likely choose Ryder that Jake will angrily get back with Kitty, who everyone need tread lightly around.

    Then there's the Kurt/Rachel/ her dance teacher thing. Kate Hudson is so wonderfully evil, though I'm surprised she showed her hand so early. When she was offering her miles to Rachel, it was clear she was trying to get rid of her, but it seemed a little premature for her to reveal her whole plan. She might've felt she had to teach Rachel her lesson but Rachel was just trying to help her and Brody was chasing after Rachel just as much as she was chasing after him.

    And it looks like there won't be a Finchel reunion anytime soon, because Finn realized Rachel wasn't upset over seeing him, and you could see their what was left of their relationship flatlining.

    It also looks like there won't be a Klaine reunion anytime soon which I'm okay with (I see you sharpening that pitchfork, mister) but thats because there's a rumor Sebastian will make an appearance soon, and what will he say that now Blaine is single!

    In this week;s entry of "ignoring all logic, it actually worked" was Santana as Rizzo. As stated by Santana, she is Rizzo, and the obvious choice. And Tina would be the most awkward Rizzo ever, and it was humorous that even when she;s the one who still goes to the school, she;s still irrelevant.

    I have to say, Glee still managed to surprise me. Not sure that;s a good thing, but we;ll see.
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