Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Glee...The world where anything goes

    This season may kill Glee. Used to love the show, but everything seems to be falling apart, especially with confusing episodes like this one. Glee covers hard issues but they are starting to cross boundaries. I think what is killing it, is the heavy usage of old characters. They should have just wrote them off and been done with it.

    Kitty as Quinn 2.0 seemed ok in the beginning but now she is just too extreme. Im starting to loathe her character. As for Wade, I am so confused as to why his parents hate the idea of him as unique now that they are in Lima. If i remember correctly in Season 3, wade wanted to come to lima so that he wasn't being pressured and could be whoever he/she wanted. Now all of sudden the parents think its a bad idea. So confused on that issue.

    What is up with the rules being bent? It is annoying though it has some good outcomes. I mean I love Naya, but coming back to high school to play in the school musical. I doubt that would ever happen. And obviously Finn leading the Glee club. It wouldn't happen but I guess hes getting his confidence back.

    The relationships are still on the fritz for the 3 old couples. Tina and Mike are thinking of getting back, though i dont really know why they broke up in the first place. Marley/Ryder is an ok choice, kind of quick to start the relation but we shall see what drama comes from it.

    Cassandra and Brody = WTF? I mean i understand cassy is trying to give "tough love" to Rachel, but sleeping with brody. In what universe is that allowed. Im sure cassy will keep her job, which would never happen. Its just really weird.


    - Grease

    - Naya Rivera, She is just too amazing

    - Kate Hudsons awesome character

    - Vanessa's booty shake on a headstand, hot; I had to rewind just confirm what I just saw

    - Marley, except while throwing up. Marley/Melissa is just so adorable

    - Limited Wade time, I personally don't like his character or voice

    - BigMike! I miss Chuck....
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