Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • Glease: Better than last week, still has improvements to make (*potential spoilers)

    So that episode got progressively worse as time went on. The only really great thing that I took from it is that Brittana still loves each other and I really want them to get back together. The moment when Finn walked into the choir room in the beginning was priceless (sorry). I'm glad that the other characters pointed out the flaws in Will's plan and reasons why Finn shouldn't be taking over for him.

    Kitty was pretty vicious and her nonchalance is annoying. I can't believe she not only tampered with Marley's costume, but then also tried to get her become bullemic. I can't wait for her to figure out what her effect on other people is. In regards to Glee addressing eating disorders, I was really hoping they would give a meaningful message to all teenagers. For the past 3 years, disorders have been treated like a joke, especially with Santana. They sped through the storyline and still promoted mixed messages. 'Skinny forever' or 'I don't want to kiss a girl with puke on her breath'? So which one, Glee? (The latter is better if you ignore the off-putting possessiveness. Marley's decision to stop (in the moment) should have been about her and not her crush/bf.) The story was too rushed but I think Glee will return to the storyline soon so we'll have to see.

    The Cassandra/Brody storyline was stupid. First off, the whole point of a Brody character is a plot device to make Finn/Finchel look good, and don't pretend it's not true. It's really stupid for a teacher to actively attempt to make her student jealous by sleeping with said student's kinda-sorta boyfriend/friend. I know Cassie hates/is jealous of Rachel but that's really low. Loved seeing Kurt, Rachel, and Santana again. I'm not even going to talk about Finn and Rachel at the end. Yeah the 'no contact' is great for someone like me who doesn't even like Finchel, but once again it's him calling the shots for them both. I'll be disappointed if they go through with the Blaine depression storyline, and I feel like it will inevitably end up like the Marley one in this episode: rushed and based on a double standard of giving a positive view on an issue previously joked about.

    This whole season seems to be the recycling of old storylines and parallel characters and it's frustrating. These new characters should get to develop on their own, without having to be the "new so-and-so." The show has to stop with addressing an issue because it's a controversial or difficult topic. And whenever they do, they need to handle topics with more dignity and respect because there are people who are affected by the issue. Putting out a message of "You'll be skinny forever" isn't a good way to introduce an anti-bulimia storyline. Ugh- this show.
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