Season 4 Episode 10

Glee, Actually

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on FOX

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    I just really dont like brittany as a character and it had a bt of her, i has never explained y shes so dumb and they need to, anyway it was alright glad irish id was in it and it comes ack on 24 january
  • A Charming Effort But Sill Very Muddled

    I liked this Christmas themed Glee episode it was a heck of a lot better than the previous episode.

    However the many storylines throughout it were a bit annoying.

    I loved Kurt's storyline, seeing Burt back into the fold and watching their amazing chemistry is always a treat for me! However his 'shocking' news came a bit out of left field for me and it left me sad one second and annoyed the next.

    Blaine and Kurt's reunion was the perfect mix of awkwardness and friendship, Before Klaine was a couple they were best friends first, and I like how both Chris and Darren played it, it was very subtle, you can feel that even if they don't get back together you can still see them being very dear friends.

    I thought Sam/Brittany's storyline was just stupid, but oddly it was kinda perfect seeing as they are both stupid, still I mainly thought it was dumb.

    Marley's storyline was sweet and not too irritating,

    Jake and Puck's bit was cute and adorable too.

    However I still don't think that Glee was able to balance out these many odd and interweaving storylines very well, that is my only qualm and the reason why this episode isn't getting a higher score.
  • Glee, Actually can add "homage" episodes to things it doesn;t quite understand...

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Y'know, glee christmas episodes are a funny thing. There wasn't one the first (and best) year of glee, the second year it helped to move the plot along and still had its awkward/uncomfortable bits, and last year;s was just plain stupid, partly because the episode before it was so great they really didn't need a christmas episode and the two jewish kids participated in a christmas special and made no mention of chanakuh.

    This year, glee allegedly tried to do a homage to the movie "love, actually" but the only things from that movie that made it to the screen were different storylines and sue inexplicably writing about the movie in her journal. First off, Love, Actually did not invent the "vignettes" way of of storytelling, nor are they the only ones to ever do it. If there had been a little boy crushing on a classmatr after the death of his mother, or a horny twenty-something going to another country to pick up women, or a man telling his best friend;s wife how much he loved her with flashcards, that would;ve been homage territory (what;s that? you think i;ve seen that movie too many times? well shut up you life;s not perfect either).

    It might;ve had the slightest to do with love, actually if the story ever connected, but they didn;t. and five different stories that don;t connect or make a lick of sense? that;s called a glee episode, plain and simple. the only difference is that the stories were all told in a row, as opposed to starting one, then another, then getting back to the first, then starting another, and so on.

    Artie's Story:

    Artie hates his chair and wonders what life would be like if he didn;t need it. Rory (remember him? Miss him? yeah me neither) appears and shows him his life if he could walk, where glee doesn;t exist and kurt didn;t graduate and rachel;s the librarian and will is a drunk whose married to terri whose holding a doll pretending its their baby (even in a fantasy i found fault with this, how could a crazy bitch like terri not know the number one way to get out of a fake pregnancy is to fake miscarriage?) Rory explains this is because Artie is the glue that held the group together. The problem I had with this is it is. If you watch the show from the beginning, as much as people hate to admit it, the glue of the group was actually Finn. He brought Don't Stop Believing to the gorup when Will was leaving, he got new music for sectionals, with the expceiton of the wheelchair episode, Artie was always just kind of there. And if he hadn't, really the only thing it would've impacted was that Tina might still be faking a stutter, now matter how odd it was to see rory again (yes he won the glee project which is supposedly a big deal and there are still kids, aka joe and unique who are on the show, but rory;s character was as forgettable as his voice).

    Puck;s story:

    Puck helps Jake who is still being harrassed at school and suggests he come to LA with him. First, this is where Ryan Murphy seems to be projecting his high school experience onto the show, and while I can;t say it;s like this everywhere, as someone who went to a midwest high school in this age, kids really don;t get picked on for being biracial. And for that matter, being gay isn;t always the death sentence it;s portrayed as in the show, either. Those seem like they belong in the show if it took place in 1991. I get that it;s supposed to be that the glee kids take a lot of flack for whatever, but it;s always the same; the white jock and the black jock (played by cookie from ned;s declassified!) harass jake because of his skin color, he fights, them someone breaks it up. That;s happened almost every episode this year, and while it;s clear it;s because the glee writers doesn;t know how else to spin it, they could also drop it.

    Anyway, Puck takes Jake to LA and they have fun before Puck admits he;s lonely and sad and Jake convinces him to go back to Lima with him for Christmas (not going to rant about the non-proximity of LA and Lima, but seriously, writers!) and go to dinner with their moms. This is understandly awkward before the two pucks point out that their dad ran out on all of them and they can still be a family. the moms bond over how big of a jerk the dad puck is and this story gets a happy ending. this was the one i liked, because the puck brothers are adorbs and the stuff with their moms was somewhat believable!

    sam and brittany;s story:

    i;m sorry, i missed the checkered flag, when did glee decide to make sam as stupid as brittany? a few episodes ago, he was just a little simple, but clearly he needs to hang out with blaine some more, because damn, he dumb! he and brittany decide to get married because the world is about to end and beiste marries them. then the world doesn;t end, she tells them they;re not married, and that the world has two more years. my problem with this is the same problem I had two years ago when Beiste and Artie went to great lengths to make Brittany believe in Santa. It;s one thing to coddle little kids, but Brittany and Sam are both of legal age, and shouldn;t Beiste be helping them and I know this is a nutty idea grow up a little? I mean, I don;t like zooey deschanel's character on new girl either, but I can never understand what;s entertaining about watching grown women (and men apparently) act like five year olds).

    The Kurt/Blaine Story:

    So Kurt is spending the holidays solo while Rachel goes on a cruise with her dads when Burt shows up with a tree! Surprise! This is actually a sweet moment, but really, it;s hard for glee to mess things up when it comes to burt hummel. that is, until he tells kurt he has prostate cancer. this was just a really, glee? moment because burt is one of those characters on glee they love to just kick repeatedly and honestly, there are so many other characters more deserving (LIKE KITTY, for example. but more on that later). and burt has a better surprise for his son: blaine on an ice rink. cause if there;s one thing glee always does right in its wacky christmas episodes, it;s a flirty klaine duet. i thought their story this episode was good, because they;re talking again so millions of sobbing klaine fans can breathe easy, they;ll just probably take the rest of the year to get back together (and they were together almost two years, that;s saying something in a show about petty teenagers, especially cause nate and serena had a year;s worth of more buildup and were together seven damn episodes! (yes i know that;s an entirely different show, but it ends in seventy two hours and i;m running out of places to complain about it).

    Marley;s Story:

    Holy basic level competency, Batman! Glee actually dealt with Marley's eating disorder they way they didn;t after it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. if there;s one... of the many things glee doesn;t do well, it's timing. Last week immediately after Marley;s collapse, it was all about "boo Marley you suck for making us lose sectionals! of course we don't care if you;re okay!" but this week marley;s mom told her they couldn;t do christmas because that money was going to an eating disorder therapist. sue hears this right before she draws marley;s mom for the faculty secret santa, which leads to my favorite sue line in a very long time (what do you get the woman who;s eaten everything?) and sue gives the roses' a tree and money for marley;s therapy. the only problem i had with this was sue comparing herself to marley;'s mom, saying they;re "both single working sue, who shouldn't be allowed within fifty feet of children, let alone to raise one, isn;t really in the same league as mama rose, whose life clearly hasn;t gone how she planned and marley is the only good thing, but sue still did better by them this week then beiste did by sam and brittany. and mama rose, like burt hummel, serves as a great parent in a sea full of idiots.

    One of the things that bothered me about this episode was FREAKING KITTY. Granted, she wasn;t featured in any of the stories, just in the final song, but the fact that she was there still irks me. Yes Marley admitted she needed help, but did she admit who was by her side, doing everything short of forcing her own fingers down marley;s throat to make sure she kept purging? it;s one thing that glee always let santana get away with everything, but hers wasn;t even in the same league, yes she broke couples up for fun but the worst thing she actually did was giving finn and quinn mono for a reason i don;t remember, she never tried to destroy someone;s health. i can;t believe kitty is just going to get away with everything, and more importantly, does marley know at the very least that kitty is NOT her friend?

    also i was impressed at the few details glee managed to remember. in the artie black and white fantasy, terri mentioned that emma was with coach tenaka in hawaii. i was surprised glee actually remembered that was once a plot point. another was that puck was telling jake if they went back to lima his mom would take him to breadsticx while his sister was out with her christian friends. this isn;t very big, but the only other time we saw puck;s mom way back in season 1, he was having dinner with his mom and his sister. being that they can;t remember characterization from three episodes prior, that they can remember minor details from season 1.

    that;s it for glee 2012. in 2013, they still haven;t given kitty the boot and rachel is going topless (and there;s a sadie hawkins day dance, and if they don;t perform the song sadie hawkins dance by relient k it;s time to go all lima heights on those dumbass glee writers.

  • comparing

    Loved this season's Christmas episode better then the one last year. It was more heart warming. Sue made my heart melt with the secret santa moment. Sometimes just using your ears and hearing what others really need instead of just getting really made a great moment. The song in the end made it truly something to watch!!

    Did like the Brittany and sam thing with tell the group things that really didn't need to know

  • a decent episode of Glee in this weird season

    I really liked this episode of Glee. I love to watch Puck perform, and his brother is good too. The other performances were nice too, there are some great voices in this show. Sam and Brittany were , well, a little weird, but ok. Sue was human and heartwarming. And Kurt's dream at the beginning was nice to watch too. And seeing Burt, Blaine and Kurt together was heartwarming too.