Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 22, 2012 on FOX

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  • Overblown Karaoke

    I've seen a handful of episodes due to the company I keept that night. Seems like I have some deal breakers when it comes to women. Anyways, this was one of them and I really lost interest. As a whole I just found it to be boring and not worth watching. If I want to hear music then I will hear the original song by the original artist.

    As for a bunch of grown adults playing students while singing and dancing, just silly. At the end of the show the girl turned to me and asked "I wonder what will happen next season", I told her the students will sing their resume out at a street corner. I'm no longer with that girl either. That reality was funnier then this fiction.
  • Pathetic Sad Not Sad Sad

    Begining was good, I think everyone agrees on that. It than veered off into 'well these are our loose ends, lets quickly tie them'. Puck and Quinn, never liked them as a couple Puck had more chemistry with Berry, really didn't like them this episode. NYADA, Kurt didn't fail at the audition Rachel did, both of them should of gotten in or just Kurt, based on that fact alone, but oh no Princess Rachel has to get her way, while Kurt gets nothing, seriously in the last episode she was singing a love song to herself. Then there was that disturbing Goodbye in the car, and that really really disturbing Graduation song. I love Puck I really do but the writers haven't done him justice this season and they bowed him out on a really low note. Quinn should of gotten a solo, she's also incredibly under-appreciated in honour of the Rachel Berry show, All in all really badly done, the only true highlight is that Rachel is gone! And now some other people can shine. Sad, pathetically sad.
  • Ending exactly how it all began....

    If you watched this show since season 1, show 1 then you'll understand exactly why the ending was how it was. It was/always has been the "Rachael/Mr. Shue show" from day 1. Mr. Shue starting the Glee Club from just a small group of 5 unpopular kids & Rachael was always there supporting him & the Glee Club even when there were 5 kids & slushies thrown in their faces. Her finally going to New York summed up like all 3 seasons from day 1. How her "real mom"made it famous there in NY, Jesse St. James & all that when they were dating & how he brought out her singing best, proving that after starting at the bottom she finally made it to the top. But, now she's got to do it all over again-in New York this time. Hence her song..."you have to have roots before branch's." WMH was/is her roots...all of their roots. It's sad that Kurt didn't get in or Finn. I thought @least Kurt. Glad about Mike Chang, Mercedes, Naya & Quinn & Puck though. Although next yr's going to be "the Tina, Blaine, Sam show." I do hope they @least tie up loose ends sometime before the show ends on what happens to Rachael/Finn/Kurt/Puck/Quinn & that they have Jessie St. James, Rachael's real mom come back in somehow. I've had a feeling since the Nationals episode when they kept flashing back to Jessie that he & Rachael will have "more screentime together." Always loved Blaine singing so let's hope he gets lots more screentime too. Sad we won't hear Finn singing again or Puck though.
  • So so...

    I had high hopes for this episode based on the first song- Mr. Shue's version of "Forever Young" was great! I also really liked Kurt's "I'll Remember." They added some realism with Britney not graduating, because, let's face it- as funny as she is, she's not the brightest crayon in the box! :-) The rest of the episode was only so so. When this show first started, they gave a lot of the Glee Club chances to sing and interesting story lines; towards the end of season 1 and for most of season 2, it became the Rachel show. Season 3 didn't have the best plots, but they started giving everyone else chances to shine on stage. How do they end the season? All about Rachel again. I'm glad Finn finally got smart about the wedding. I wanted to throw something at Santana though- you have a full scholarship, and you throw it away to go to New York with no plan, no school, and no job? And how did Rachel get in to NYADA after choking at her audition? What performing arts school accepts people that crack under pressure? My only hope is that Rachel's appearances next season are minimal and the show can get back to what made it great!
  • A wise ending

    I enjoyed the finale because it shows that you need to fight for your dreams and that sometimes you may be forced to give up what (or someone) you really care about to get there. In this way, this episode reflects the reality we live in perfectly. And the fact that somebody is fed up with some of the characters, say Rachael, doesn't change the fact this epi had a great message. Life's tough and only a lucky few get the chance to fulfill their dreams.

    I also think it ended on a positive note. Take Kurt, he didn't get to NYADA but seemed pretty happy for Rachael as did the rest of the characters in the railway station scene. So, to my mind, people should learn to be happy for other peoples' successes.
  • Likeee


  • Goodbye? More like "See 'ya next Fall"

    I REALLY wanted to like this episode more than I did. I appreciate that the writers didn't go totally over-the-top sappy, trying to get the audience weepy the whole episode. I also liked a few of the twists: "Ousting" Figgins? Finchel not getting married! (Not that I thought they really should). Kurt and Finn not getting into their respective schools (though I kinda saw that one coming).

    Musically the episode was okay - Rachel's "Roots Before Branches" was well sung (of course) and well acted, although I do agree that the Marlo Thomas "That Girl" look with the knee highs and Barbie pink roller suitcase was a little much. Kurt's "I Remember" was terrific. I usually don't like his voice, but it really worked. LOVED Burt's "Single Ladies" - so great! HATED the "Glory Days" number - as Figgins is calling out the graduates like a curtain call. Why was Emma giving out the diplomas and Figgins calling the names, btw? Shouldn't it have been the other way around?

    So next season? Finn off to boot camp (won't happen). Kurt, Santana, and Puck stuck in Lima (Community College, perhaps?). Unique joins ND (given). Sue goes out on maternity (does she come back? Does JL have a new contract?). Roz and Sue try to oust Figgins (outside of sexual harassment how's THAT gonna happen?). Glee gets some new blood (I better watch the Glee Project this season!). Sorry, but I'm not feelin' it.
  • Bittersweet

    (Spoilers ahead).

    If there's one thing that Glee can do (and the list of things they can;t, shouldn;t, and try and fail miserably is very long) one thing Glee can do is deliver a kickass season (series?) finale. This episode, while it had those few moments that every Glee episode has that make absolutely no sense, tied almost everything together and served as not only a season finale, but a good series finale as well.

    I know that glee is having a season 4 but to say the least, it won't be the same. First off, this episode had all the earmarks of a season finale; namely, they recreated things they did the pilot/first few episodes. First, Will sees Rachel, Mercedes, Tina, Kurt and Artie singing "Sit Down, you're Rocking the Boat." The first song the glee club ever sang together. He flashes back to the pilot when they sang it, after which Rachel declared "we suck" and buried her face in her hands, but this time, they sang it to the rest of the club who applauded them. Then the big kahuna, Burt Hummel tells his son to come to the auditorium for his graduation present. And instead of delivering another tear-inducing speech, what does the greatest TV dad since Alan Matthews do? He does the single ladies dance with Tina and Brittany, just like he caught Kurt doing three years ago. If nothing else, Glee gave us Burt Hummel, and even though he's a background charatcer and a dad, he's something special.

    Next, secrets were revealed. It's not a big deal, but something that never cam out before was that Will used pot that he bought to blackmail Finn into joining glee. And in this episode, Will tells him this. I honestly thought Finn was going to flip out, but he responded with "You're even cooler than I thought!"

    Lastly, they tied up (mostly) loose ends. I don't think anyone is surprised that Brittany isn;t graduating (I mean, seriously? It would've been harder to believe if she had). And fully able bodied-Quinn is off to Yale, Mercedes miraculously got a job in LA as a back-up singer, Santana got her mom's blessing to do whatever she wants to do, Rachel got into NYADA, and Kurt.. didn't. That is honestly the biggest surprise in this episode and possibly in the history of Glee. How did Kurt not get in? Carmen whatsherface told him she was impressed, whereas she told Rachel to stop stalking her. The biggest blow Glee delivered is the fact that Kurt didn't get in.

    And neither did Finn at the actor's studio. Although that wasn't such a big surprise. Devastating, but not a big surprise.

    Now we get into the murky territory of Glee. After Finn doesn't get in, he decides to join the army. But wouldn't his mom have a problem with this? I mean six months ago when Finn wanted to join the army she called intervention and now, when he knows the truth about his dad and is going, nothing?

    And then there's the big one, the last few minutes of Glee. Rachel thinks she and Finn are going...somewhere, its not clear. But instead he takes her to the train station and lays this on her in the course of two minutes: you're to new york, early, by yourself, and I'm joining the army. And we're breaking up. I understand what Glee was trying to do but I think it was awful for him to lay that all on her in so little time. I mean, she didn't get to say goodbye to her parents or house or anything! the glee kids were all there and I know theyre each other's "family" but still, shouldn't she say goodbye to her parents?

    So she gets on the train and goes to New York and thats where it ends. And I'm happy that she got there. A little confused by how it ended with Finn, but I'm glad she got to New York. I'm glad they didnt get married I did think they would still stay together. Rachel and Finn's relationship for the most part was a good one during season 3, which was good considering that reputed prick Ryan Murphy said he was going to leave Rachel and Finn together "for most of season 2" then promptly broke them up in the seventh episode and treated us to another whole year of "we love each other, but we can;t be together! oh, the humanity!" But they thrived throughout season 3.

    Another reason why I'm looking at this like a series finale is that everyone is being scattered. Rachel and Santana will be in New York, Quinn will be in Connecticut, Mercedes in La, Finn in Georgia. I hope Puck goes to start his pool cleaning business in L.A. (I'm so glad they had him graduate! If they didnt, I might've put my foot through the TV) and we don't know where Kurt is headed. But they're all going different places. And in shows like this, like gossip girl or 90210 or gilmore girls, even if the characters have dreams of going elsewhere at the beginning of the show, through gambits and bamboozles and flimflams they all end up going somewhere where they can be close enough the show can continue. So it is an unusual approach that Glee had most everyone's dreams come true so they can leave Lima. But what does that mean for the show?

    I've said it before on numerous occasions, but glee is not degrassi. They can't just bring in a new crop of kids and expect the show to still work. Yes half of the old kids will be there but it still won't be the same. Even in degrassi the originals were there for like seven years before they went to college, and even then, they were still together so we still saw them. But in glee I just can't fathom how it will work.

    I don't know if I will watch next year, I might take Finn's advice and "surrender" so that Glee could go out like this. Because if it did, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world; some characters got what they wanted, some didn't, some don't know where they;re headed. All the things a series finale should be.
  • A great way to end the season

    It's hard not to like how this season finally worked out. Even if it were a series finally, it couldn't have been better. The songs were great, the acting was top notch and heart felt. Even the moment with Sue and Quin was touching! I enjoyed Kurt's graduation present from his dad. While most of the show was pretty predictable, I have to admit, I was surprised Kurt didn't get in. I figured Fin wouldn't but Kurt's was a surprise. Also, the scene at the train station was excellent!! Also, I like the scene of Rachel entering New York, had a "That Girl", "Mary Tyler Moore" feel to it. Though more "That Girl" since she's going into acting and not news.

    Overall, a great ending to a great season! Can't wait till next year.
  • "Goodbye"

    wow.... the beginning was amazing with the teacher singing Rod Stewart's 'forever young" after that it was a little slow until Finn surprised Rachel with going to New York! that i was not expecting that.. i knew right after Quinn had her accident they weren't gunna get married but damn what a way to end the finale... put her on a train and peace literally... anyway what an episode i loved the coach helped Noah study that was amazing and Quinn helping him was also nice but her trying to make out with him was kinda akward and strange lol but overalll good finale
  • A Delightful Ending To A Lackluster Season

    Okay, so this has got to be one of the most simplistic endings to a season of television I've seen a long time.

    When Glee does things simple which is hardly ever they do it amazingly well.

    I've got to say that this is one of the time's where less is more really paid off!

    At the beginning seeing the original members sing "Sit down you're rocking the boat" was a incredible throw back to the pilot.

    It was a great parallel to see how much the kids have grown not just as people but as performers.

    It was so cool to see all of the Seniors have there moment.

    I loved watching the Seniors sing to the Juniors and vice versa, it was really sweet.

    Burt's graduation present was fantastic, it was funny and really heartfelt at the same time.

    So wished that there was more Klaine but the scene we got to see between them was super adorable.

    The scene with Finn, Kurt and Rachel towards the end really threw me through a loop.

    I really had hoped they would of done a additional Klaine scene with Kurt but they didn't.

    The only thing I didn't like was the ending I didn't like how it focused on Rachel.

    While this finale defiantly had irritating moments the sheer simplicity of it and the rousing emotions it brought out of me made me truly love it.

    I'm really excited to see where all of my favorite Gleeks are going to be in the fall!