Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 22, 2012 on FOX

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  • Ending exactly how it all began....

    If you watched this show since season 1, show 1 then you'll understand exactly why the ending was how it was. It was/always has been the "Rachael/Mr. Shue show" from day 1. Mr. Shue starting the Glee Club from just a small group of 5 unpopular kids & Rachael was always there supporting him & the Glee Club even when there were 5 kids & slushies thrown in their faces. Her finally going to New York summed up like all 3 seasons from day 1. How her "real mom"made it famous there in NY, Jesse St. James & all that when they were dating & how he brought out her singing best, proving that after starting at the bottom she finally made it to the top. But, now she's got to do it all over again-in New York this time. Hence her song..."you have to have roots before branch's." WMH was/is her roots...all of their roots. It's sad that Kurt didn't get in or Finn. I thought @least Kurt. Glad about Mike Chang, Mercedes, Naya & Quinn & Puck though. Although next yr's going to be "the Tina, Blaine, Sam show." I do hope they @least tie up loose ends sometime before the show ends on what happens to Rachael/Finn/Kurt/Puck/Quinn & that they have Jessie St. James, Rachael's real mom come back in somehow. I've had a feeling since the Nationals episode when they kept flashing back to Jessie that he & Rachael will have "more screentime together." Always loved Blaine singing so let's hope he gets lots more screentime too. Sad we won't hear Finn singing again or Puck though.