Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

Rachel's dads meet Rachel and her fiancée in the auditorium. They seem to be happy for the young couple, but they're faking it. Half of New Directions, lead by Quinn, is against the marriage. The other half is in a swoon. Both Finn's and Rachel's parents arrange a Valentine's Day family dinner and marriage intervention before those two crazy kids make the biggest mistake of their lives.

Their strategy to square their kids by suggesting they begin co-habitation immediately backfires when the two lovers resolve a fight over Rachel's bedtime routine with even more determination to wed. They move their wedding date up to a week after Nationals.

Mercedes breaks up with Shane over Sam, but then decides she isn't ready to be with Sam either. She feels like she can't be trusted. To make it even harder for Sam to take, she sings "I Will Always Love You." That the song is by Whitney Houston makes the situation feel even more tragic. Sam's furious at Mercedes for not getting back together with him, so the two are on the outs during their Christian Club meeting and sing-a-long.

When Joseph, of said Christian club, complains to Figgins that he was offended by Britana's hallway kiss, Figgins decides to ban kissing at the school. In the end they get Joseph to come along when Santana orders a singing Valentine's Day gram from the club for Brittany. Joseph is forced to sing the song the the girls, but seems okay with it in the end.

Kurt, who misses his hospital-bed-ridden boyfriend, is suddenly receiving secret admirer mail. He thinks it might be Blaine, or even Sebastian trying to come between them, but it turns out to be Karovsky. Eventually the football player admits he thinks he's in love with Kurt.

Artie sand Rory compete for Sugar's affections this week. She invites everyone to a party at Breadstix, now named Sugar Shack after her by her Dad, who apparently bought the place. They both serenade her and Artie chooses "Let Me Love You," while Rory plays to her sympathies by claiming he's going to be deported back to Ireland as soon as the semester over. That works on Sugar, but then it looks like Rory was lying because he seemed to forget all about it when she brings it up later.

The party and episode end with Blaine getting released from the hospital just in time to show up at the Sugar Shack and sing Love Shack with Kurt and the rest of New Directions.