Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2012 on FOX

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  • Amber Riley, I Will Always Love You

    Last nights episode was for sure one of the best episodes of season three. In particular, Amber Riley made me cry. There aren't even words to express how beautiful "I Will Always Love You" was. Very good episode, loved it.
  • I Love Glee so much more now!

    Wow this episode was lovely!

    It wasn't the best not like the ones earlier in the season, such as Asian F or the The First Time

    All in all I thought it was a very balanced episode of Glee and it made me fall in love with the show once again!

    The Finchel drama was so funny and finally seeing Rachel's Dads were great!

    I loved how she called them "Dads" super cute!

    The "secret admirer" twist with Kurt was AMAZING! I truly didn't see it coming!

    The Sugar-Artie-Rory love triangle was just cute enough not to be overtly annoying

    The ending at the Sugar Shack was wonderful! It was great seeing all of the Glee couples

    It was especially amazing to FINALLY see Blaine back! Way 2 go Glee!
  • Glad that Damian McGinty ("Rory") is featured more

    I have been so disappointed with Glee after the Christmas break. I loved all the pre-Christmas episodes where Damian McGinty was talking and singing, but after Christmas he had almost no lines (or almost no screen time for that matter). I absolutely loved him in the Glee Project and couldn't wait till he started in Glee. Please-please-please, don't "send Rory back to Ireland". I love his accent and his character and I think he's got so much more to offer to the show. He is one of the reasons I still watch the show.

    I cannot express how much i loved this episode!!!! AMAZING!

    The songs, the acting, were best by far!

    Samuel Larsen FINALLY in it - his voice is amazing and i knew he'd be a natural with the acting ! Damien Mcginty giving a great performance hearing him sing on his own was great!

    i loved the entire storyline and just thought the song choices were brilliant. Espeically gym class heros - stereo. brilliant choice!

    LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Well done!
  • Thank You Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk!

    The Valentine's Day episode was perfect! For many reasons. First, thank you for bringing Chord Overstreet (Sam) back to the show. He is amazing and I love him! Also, thank you for adding Samuel Larsen (Joe) to the cast. I wanted him to win the Glee Project since the first time I saw him perform. He is also amazing and I also love him! We can only hope that these two characters remain a part of the regular cast, and that Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, Mr. Schue and Emma remain on the show.

    The show's music tonight made it one of the best episodes ever. Amber Riley singing Whitney's" I Will Always Love You" was inspired and inspiring. She has an exquisite voice and all the power of Whitney. Thank you again guys for a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! And if want me to cast the show for next year, just send me an email!!!!
  • Love the new guy!

    Amazing voice on the Joe-guy, really hope to hear more from him!

    Good episode with really nice songs. Especially liked Mike and Tinas performance, since they don't do that many numbers. Mercedes did an amazing job on Dolly Partons I will always love you in a fantastic performance very much like the one by the late and beloved Whitney Houston, who made the song famous in the movie "The Bodyguard".

    Also loved the dads!! Great choice of actors, but when do we get to here Brian Stokes-Mitchell sing?! His rendemption of Don Quixote in Man of la Mancha gives me chilles! He is too great of a performer to go through an entire episode without a real song-number!

    Oh, and I do miss Idina Menzel.. her voice is so amazing. Maybe she can visit? :)
  • Best episode ever!

    Brittana <3
  • KLAINE!!!!!

    LOve them soo much there cute moment at the end in love shack was amazing, Blaine coming back as a suprise to kurt and him singing with kurt and blaine pulling kurts tie, just some really cute moments
  • one of my favorites of this season

    one of my favorite episodes of the seasons besides the "Michael" episode loved it when Rorey sang "Home" by Michael Buble such a great song and Amber Riley shined when she sang "I Will Always Love You" it was just a great episode all together just loved it
  • mark salling

    i love him to death xxxxx
  • Amazing episode

    Why the people are calling Finchael Drama? Finn is such a nice guy and Rachael is so cute girl who stuck in two gay fathers and anonymous mother. They gonna get married in Episode 14 "On My Way" but unfortunately Quinn made an accident and rest of the story is still in a deadlock. You must watch this episode.
  • Can't play it

    Does anyone know how to play the show because it won't let me. I been trying all day. But I still have no idea how to work this thing.