Season 3 Episode 8

Hold on to Sixteen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Rachel offers Quinn some vocal coaching in order to ensure New Directions' strength against the Trouble Tones. Quinn says she's ok especially since the Trouble Tones won't be a threat once they lose Shelby as their coach. She tells Rachel about Shelby's relationship with Puck but warns Quinn to be careful about spreading the information. Even though Shelby is a teacher, Puck is 18 which means that their sleeping together is legal but if Shelby is fired she won't be able to provide for Beth. What Rachel doesn't know is that this is all part of Quinn's plan. If Shelby is seen as an unfit mother it will make the custody battle much easier for Quinn.

Finn continues to be a leader at New Directions and helps Mr. Schue plan for Sectionals. Finn thinks that the New Directions need a little extra star power in order to win and he goes to track down Sam Evans in the hopes that he'll come back to the club. Blaine confides to Kurt over coffee that he thinks Finn disapproves of everything he says. While out, they run into Sebastian. When they have a moment alone, Kurt makes it clear that he doesn't want Sebastian anywhere near Blaine. He counters back to Kurt saying he expects to win Nationals and Blaine's heart by year's end.

Finn and Rachel find Sam working as a dancer in a male strip club in Kentucky. When they talk to him he admits that he's not proud and his parents don't know that he's working there but the money he earns helps pay for things that his siblings need. After asking for his father's approval, Sam returns to Lima with Rachel and Finn. When he returns, Quinn wants to rekindle her relationship with Sam. She says that she didn't really appreciate him when he was there. Ultimately, she wants him to be with her to improve her image in the quest for Beth. He turns her down saying that he doesn't want to be a part of her rich girl problems. Mike shocks Tina when he tells her he applied to medical school in the hopes of keeping his family happy. She tells him he doesn't need to make everyone happy and that he should follow his dreams. If he's not committed to following them then she thinks he should just go ahead and become a doctor. He counters by telling her that perhaps his father was right after all and that they shouldn't be together.

At practice, Sam thinks that Blaine's dance moves are too boy band and he throws in some moves from his strip club routines. Everyone likes the results but Blaine thinks that the tactic is cheap. Sam thinks they need to do whatever it is they need to do to win. Blaine then confronts Finn about their constant butting heads ever since he transferred to McKinley high. Finn admits to being jealous and threatened but apologizes to Blaine. Sam tells Mercedes that he doesn't care how big her new boyfriend is. He will fight to win her back even if she's not interested in rekindling their brief romance.

Tina visits Dr. Chang's office with a tape of Mike's performance from the musical. She says that he needs to drop the honor and help his son reach his dreams. He tells her that he is only trying to protect his son from the hardships of rejection he may face. Mike later tells Tina that things with his dad are now worse.

At Sectionals, the Trouble Tones approach the New Direction with an offer – should the Trouble Tone win Sectionals, anyone from New Direction will be allowed to join the club. Will and the New Directions decline the offer. Quinn confronts Shelby and tells her that she plans to expose her relationship with Puck. She continues to blast Shelby for returning to Lima. Shelby tells Quinn that she should value her youth while it lasts. During the competition, Kurt is shocked to see Sebastian in the audience but no one is as shocked as Mike who sees his father sitting in the crowd. The New Directions' performance brings the entire audience to their feet – including Mr. Chang. He goes backstage to tell his son that he'll support his dancing dreams and help him get into the best dance school. Ultimately, the New Directions win Sectionals with Trouble Tones coming in second. Now that Rachel's suspension is over, Quinn tells her that she decided not to expose Shelby and Puck. She thanks Rachel for preventing her from doing something she will regret. Quinn also asks the girls from Trouble Tones to return to the New Directions for the remainder of the season – they'll need some strong female voices for Nationals.