Season 3 Episode 8

Hold on to Sixteen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • This is why we watch Glee


    (Spoilers ahead)>

    That was a damn good episode of Glee. Like I wish they weren;t having a Christmas ep so they could close 2011 with this episode, it was that good.

    First and foremost: Sam Evans is back baby!!! I couldn't have been happier when Rachel and Finn tracked him down where he was man-stripping. And the scene with his parents was really cute and their big blonde group hug. Red Solo Cup was kinda lame but after Sam gave us the reason we all love him; Santana strides in with a notebook of trouty mouth jokes and he simply replies "I missed you too, Santana" and hugs her! And telling Mercedes he'll fight for her was awesome because let;s be honest, no one cares about her footbball BF.

    Blaine pissed off! We rarely see the cool-as-a-cucumber Blaine get mad but he cracks in this episode when Finn recognizes Sam's good ideas over his. He finally asks Finn why he;s so mean to him and Finn admits he was jealous and rightfully so, cause honestly what guy who performs wouldn;t be jealous of Darren Criss? But they worked it out with fist-bumps (I would;ve preferred they man-hugged but baby steps).

    The end of crazy Quinn (hopefully) As we all suspected, Puck told Quinn about him and Shelby, even though on the list of top ten people never to tell a secret that could be used vindictively to, Quinn is number one with a bullet. She fully intends to spill the secret but after talking to Rachel, Sam and finally Shelby herself she realizes if she loves Beth not to screw up her life. About freaking time, I just hope it sticks. Also Quinn and Puck hugged after their number, so I really hope they become a couple soonish.

    FABERRY!!!! Understand I don't say this in the romantic way lots of people intend it, but in the way these two could be besties if they tried. Rachel tells Quinn at the beginning of the ep if she tells on Shelby she;d be hitting rock bottom. At the end of the ep, Quinn tells Rachel she's thinking of going to Yale for drama. I thought this was cute cause again, these two could be great friends if they tried.

    New Directions winning Sectionals. This made me happy for a number of reasons; not just because Tina and Mike(who knew?!) took the lead vocals in a song but also Troubletones really needed to be knocked down a peg. They're the worst kind of sore winners because they're jerks before they;ve even won! They stride into the choir room and instead of wishing their competition luck like New Directions, they tell ND that when they lose, Troubletones will deign to let them sing one song with them at Regionals. Call me a bitch but I felt a victory when we saw their stunned faces that they had lost.

    And they may be coming back, because Quinn corners them all in the bathroom to tell them they;re all being babies and this is their last year together. And New Directions is singing a song and Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Sugar all join them evantually in the song. My guess is they;ll be back in New Directions soon enough because honestly what can they do now that they cant compete in competitions?

    This episode was so great it makes me wish there wasn't a Christmas eppy next week, because the year deserves to go out on this one.

  • All I can say is finally!!!


    The New Direction's Sectionals performance in this episode is definitely one of my all-time favorite Glee moments! Why? For the first time, it was a true collaboration, not just the Rachel Berry hour. Since Rachel got suspended at the end of the last episode and was barred from competing, the New Directions were forced to finally look outside Rachel and Finn to draw on all the other talent. Tina was great, and all the boys got a chance to shine. The Jackson medley they chose was wonderful and I was thrilled to see everyone get a moment in the spotlight.

    On a side note, I've never understood why when the show does competitions they show the other teams perform one song when New Directions does two or three. The Unitards (the future drama school hopefuls Rachel and Curt met at the beginning of the season) definitely underperformed, as did the Trouble Tones. Although, I did like seeing how well Mercedes danced in their number. Take that Mr. Schuester!

  • i literally have no words!!!!

    this is simply one of the best episodes though the whole show. it has everything, and i really enjoyed every minuet of it. i also really liked their song selection, and the way the preformed it, as much as i LOVE "i will survive" singing it alone would've been a BAD idea, they couldn't have done it better!!